What are Fishing Beads Used For?

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Not all anglers use fishing beads, especially new ones. This is because they look so simple that it is hard to see their purpose. That’s why so many anglers wonder what fishing beads are used for. 

You will be surprised to know that they have several uses, such as: 

  • Attract fish
  • Protecting the line and knots
  • Increase the weight of the rig
  • Keeping the terminal tackle in place
  • Increase visibility

As you can see, these simple devices offer much more than you can see at first glance. If you have time, we recommend sticking with us a little longer. We will explain why they help, as well as other odds and ends. 

What Are Fishing Beads Made of?

Most fishing beads are plastic. These are easier to find and cheaper. But you can also find glass models, which are heavier and more durable. Nevertheless, they are brittle and might break if they hit a hard surface.

There are other more uncommon materials like stone and coral. Like glass fishing beads, these are heavier than plastic and quite durable. 

Like a Fish Attractor

One of the main reasons anglers use fishing beads is to draw fish to the rig. You see. Placing several beads on the line will produce lots of noise and vibrations. Both of which travel fast underwater. 

Additionally, the flashing colors will make the bait stand up, making the fish more likely to hit it. This is especially useful when fishing on murky waters.

But it is not just the color that draws fish. As we said before, the vibrations and sounds are like a dining bell for some fish. 

As Shields

Fishing beads are typically attached near the hook. As a result, they sit around the knot, which is the weakest link on your fishing rig. 

The fishing bead will protect the knot from abrasion or sharp objects. It will offer the same protection to the rest of the line, as long as they cover it, of course. 

Fishing beads also keep the sinker away from the knot. The constant moving up and down of the weight might erode the knot, making it more likely to give in. By adding some fishing beads, you will keep the sinker as far away from the knot as possible. 

Secure Terminal Tackle

We already spoiled this one before. But if you are one of those that like to scroll aimlessly, then let me tell you that fishing beads help to fasten tackle in place. 

For example, sinkers and weights are free to move up and down in the line. Although this might not look like a problem for some, the constant friction might erode the line. Thus, making it more likely to snap under tension. 

Increase the Weight of the Rig

Sometimes, you want your rig to be heavy enough, so it sinks under the water. This is especially useful if you are fishing deep in the water column.

Sure, most people use sinkers for that. However, you can use glass beads to increase the weight of your rig and drive it down to the depths. 

Increase Visibility 

Visibility again? Yes. But this time, we are not talking about fish. We are referring to how easy it is to see the fishing rig once you attach the beads. This is especially useful if you have several lines in the water at the same time. By making the line easier to see, fishing beads also help you determine if the fish are biting.

On the other hand, if you have several rigs pre-armed, using colored beads will help you identify which rig is which. Naturally, this is not the main reason to use fishing beads. But it is a nice feature.  


Regardless of the material, fishing beads are available in four different sizes. Which size is the best for you depends on the type of line you are using. For example, there is no point in using an 8mm bead on a thin line. 

The same goes for thick lines. For instance, small beads are not suitable for them because they won’t even fit. 

Final thoughts

Despite being simple in construction, fishing beads are quite useful. For example, they increase the visibility of your line. It will also make it more appealing to fish since the color, sound, and vibration will surely draw their attention.

Similarly, they also act as shields for knots and the fishing line itself, while also keeping sinkers in place and increasing the overall weight of the rig. That’s why we highly recommend its usage, especially because they are extremely cheap. Naturally, the rig must be compatible with them, so you won’t enjoy their benefits. 

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