Are Tracker Boats Good or Bad for Bass Fishing?

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Bass is arguably one of the most popular fish among anglers throughout the world. People target them from the shore, rocks, pier, or boats. The latter is increasingly popular today, and there is plenty to choose from! Today, we will talk about tracker boats. 

Are tracker boats good or bad for bass fishing? Yes! Tracker boats are a great entry point for bass anglers, as they offer plenty of value for your money. 

Naturally, like all boats, they have their flaws, which could make them unsuitable for your needs. That’s why, today, we will dive deep into tracker boats, including their pros and cons.

Tracker Boats Good or Bad for Bass Fishing

What is a Tracker Boat?

Tracker boats first came to life back in 1978 when the founder of Bass Pro Shops wanted to deliver the ultimate and complete fishing package. 

They consist of an aluminum frame, seats, a console, and a trolling engine. Some models even come with a trailer and a built-in fish finder. In short, the whole fishing package, just as their creators intended. 

Naturally, it is much more expensive than a kayak or canoe. But you will have a lot of benefits for the price, as we will discuss shortly. 

How Durable Are Tracker Boats

Packing an aluminum frame means that durability won’t be an issue. You can hit the occasional underwater rock or tree, and you won’t even notice. In addition, the elements will do little to no damage to the frame. 

True, some anglers argue that their tracker boats start to leak after some years of service. This is due to a poor welding job, which is common among low-quality models. 

In my experience, the seats of the tracker boat will give in long before the frame does. But you can always replace them if need be.

Understanding the Models

There are three common tracker models: Modified V-shape hulls, deep hulls, and Jon boats. 

Jon boats are the cheapest and simplest of them all. Most times, the seat is molded directly into the frame. The deck is spacious, and there is plenty of storage space but no compartments for organization. As a result, they are suitable for fishing in calm waters, making them a great entry point for beginners. One drawback of these models is that sometimes they don’t come with a trolling motor. 

Modified V-shaped tracker boats sit in the middle in terms of price. These boats have a V-shaped hull that disappears into a flat stern. As a result, the boat is stable and highly maneuverable, making them perfect for a wide range of scenarios. 

Deep V boats, on the other hand, are the best option for rough waters. They offer all the bells and whistles. But this comes at a premium price point. That’s why it might not be the first option for some people. 

Are Tracker Boats Stable?

Aluminum tracker boats might not be the most stable boats available. But they are not the least stable either. So, if you are looking for a craft that offers comfort and space, then a tracker boat is a safe bet. It has more room than a kayak or canoe, with the added advantage of being more stable. 

Center console crafts are more stable than tracker boats. But they are much more expensive too, and between you and me, they are a little overkill for bass fishing

Portability: Can you Haul It?

Although tracker boats are good for bass fishing, there is no point in getting one if you can’t take it to the lake. Sure, you can pay to dock it in the local marina. But this only works for those who fish often. You will be losing money otherwise.

So, the chances are that you are like the average angler. In this case, you will need a trailer and a car strong enough to tow the boat to the river and back. 

On the other hand, you need to have enough storage space in your garage to keep the boat. You are better off with something smaller if neither of these applies. 

How Many People Can I Take on a Tracker Boat?

It depends on the length of the boat. But typically, up to three anglers can fish comfortably from the same boat at the same time. Ideally, you will be fishing with one partner or a furry friend. 

How Much Weight Can A Tracker Boat Handle?

Again, it depends on the size of the boats. But typically, capacities around 800 pounds are typical. In other words, you and your partner will have enough room to place your tackle and bring everything you need to make the most of your fishing trip. 

How Maneuverable Are Tracker Boats?

Tracker boats are not maneuverable or agile if you compare them to kayaks. But they are good enough for most situations. Sure, you might have a hard time cruising through narrow channels, but let’s face it, you are likely to stay clear of these side channels if you are getting one of these crafts anyway. 

Tracker Boats: Are They Any Good?

Tracker boats are a great addition to your fishing arsenal as they provide the comfort, stability, maneuverability, and durability you need to make the most out of any fishing trip. 

Sure, they are more expensive than the average kayak or canoe. But they offer great value to anyone looking to get a bigger craft to step up their bass fishing game. 

Make sure you have enough space in your house and a car to tow your boat first! 

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