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I now have more fun fishing with my kids

My name is Steven and I am an avid lifelong fisherman, having caught over 25,000 fish over the years. I am a regional expert in freshwater fishing, shoreline fishing, multi-species angling, stained waters, and estuaries. When I was young, I was open to fishing when I was given a rod for the first time. My dad, my uncle, and I would often head to the nearest lake and spend our whole Sunday afternoon just reeling in trophy fish. On other occasions, they would take me out of town and have a relaxing fishing trip in places I have never been to. I have never stopped since. And to tell you the truth, the fun never stopped. It only got better as I developed.

Now, fishing has already become not only a passion but already a lifestyle. Throughout my years of experience, I have gained and developed enough skills by means of constant practice. I became particularly adept at bass fishing. I have become interested in the different technical aspects of fishing such as the types of rods and the lures when fishing. This is the primary reason why I created this site. So I could share what I already know about fishing.

The Mission

The mission is simple yet it transcends through a lot in the fishing industry. My mission is to help inspire people to become more skilled and knowledgeable in fishing. I believe that if we know the technicalities of fishing, and if we apply these things when in the field, we could improve our skills and become better anglers. We can develop a high regard for this lifestyle, and learn to live out this passion wherever we go.

On this website, you will find essential information about fishing. You will learn to understand the different gears and techniques in fishing. You will also discover certain facts in the fishing world that you do not normally encounter. Through my reviews of different tools, I aim to not make things difficult on your part as the readers. This way, you can hone your knowledge and skills more. So I hope you can spare your time and read what I have written for you.

The Content

For this site, I have written the articles in such a way that readers of all levels of expertise will understand them easily and conveniently. For most of the posts that I have written, I made sure that there are not complex or intricate so that they are easy to comprehend. I have discussed things in detail, especially the articles wherein I delved into fishing tips.

I create content based on my experiences as an angler. Through the years, I have learned a lot of things because of constant practice and exposure. I base my reviews on how I used the products. I even confer with fellow professional anglers as to how proper techniques and tips should be done.

Some of my particular species expertise include:

  • bass
  • crappie
  • catfish
  • yellow perch
  • striped bass
  • weakfish
  • sunfish species including bluegill and pumpkin seed
  • micro species – this is a HOT area of fishing right now!

I would love to learn even more, but feel ready to jump in with all sorts of engaging articles

How we test, review, and rate on LureMeFish

When reviewing fishing gear on our blog, we take testing very seriously. We want to ensure that we are providing our readers with the most accurate and helpful information possible, so they can make informed decisions about which gear to purchase. Here’s how we test fishing gear:

Field Testing: We take the gear out into the field and use it in real-world conditions. For example, if we’re testing a fishing rod, we’ll take it out on a lake or river and use it to catch fish. This allows us to see how the gear performs in actual fishing situations and gives us a better understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.

Controlled Testing: In addition to field testing, we also conduct controlled testing in a more controlled environment. For example, we may test the durability of a fishing reel by subjecting it to a series of tests that simulate years of use. This allows us to test the gear’s long-term durability and performance.

Comparative Testing: We compare the gear we’re testing to other similar products on the market. This allows us to see how it stacks up against the competition and gives us a better understanding of its value.

Expert Opinions: We consult with experts in the fishing industry to get their opinions on the gear we’re testing. This includes professional anglers, fishing guides, and other experts who have extensive experience with fishing gear. Their opinions help us provide a more well-rounded review of the gear.

User Feedback: We also take user feedback into account when testing fishing gear. We gather feedback from other anglers who have used the gear and incorporate their opinions into our review.

By using a combination of these testing methods, we are able to provide our readers with a comprehensive review of the fishing gear we are testing. We strive to be as thorough and accurate as possible in our testing, so our readers can trust our reviews and make informed decisions about their gear purchases.

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Bill Bernhardt

Contributing Author

Bill Bernhardt, is the owner of, and guide and instructor for, Harper Creek Fly Fishing Company (www.nc-flyfishing.com) located in Lenoir, North Carolina. As a fly fishing guide, Bill is somewhat unusual in that he specializes in small streams, wild trout, backcountry, remote access, and walk/wade trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In addition, he is also a professional freelance outdoor writer and an official contributor to Southern Trout online fly fishing magazine as well as the author of nine books that are published on Amazon Kindle. 

Kyle Johansen

Contributing Author

Kyle Johansen is a freelance writer and avid fisherman. Kyle most enjoys wading into an ice-cold stream with a fly rod in hand and a fresh hatch on the water. Follow Kyle on Twitter @kylejohansen.

David Linsmeyer

Contributing Author

David is a self-taught fly fisherman and an elementary school counselor who is passionate about writing about his fishing experiences. With years of experience working in a fly shop, he has become an expert in teaching beginners. He has written trout fishing articles for a Western Wisconsin newsletter and recently completed two articles for Freshwater Fishing Advice. David’s writing is honest and straightforward, and he is always open to feedback.

Richard Linton

Contributing Author

Richard Linton is an avid fisherman and writer with a passion for exploring different fishing techniques and destinations. Originally from Northern Ireland, Richard has spent a significant amount of time fishing throughout the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. Follow Richard on Youtube: @RickRackTravels