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I now have more fun to fish with my kids

My name is Steven and I am an avid life long fisherman, having caught over 25,000 fish over the years. I am a regional expert in freshwater fishing, shoreline fishing, multi-species angling, stained waters, and estuaries. When I was young, I was opened to fishing when I was given a rod for the first time. My dad, my uncle, and I would often head to the nearest lake and spend our whole Sunday afternoon just reeling in trophy fish. On other occasions, they would take me out of town and have a relaxing fishing trip in places I have never been to. I have never stopped since. And to tell you the truth, the fun never stopped. It only got better as I developed.

Now, fishing has already become not only a passion but already a lifestyle. Throughout my years of experience, I have gained and developed enough skills by means of constant practice. I became particularly adept at bass fishing more. I have become interested in the different technical aspects of fishing such as the types of rods and the lures when fishing. This is the primary reason why I created this site. So I could share what I already know about fishing.

The Mission

The mission is simple yet it transcends through a lot in the fishing industry. My mission is to help inspire people to become more skilled and knowledgeable in fishing. I believe that if we know the technicalities of fishing, and if we apply these things when in the field, we could improve our skills and become better anglers. We can develop a high regard for this lifestyle, and learn to live out this passion wherever you go.

On this website, you will find essential information about fishing. You will learn to understand the different gears and techniques in fishing. You will also discover certain facts in the fishing world that you do not normally encounter. Through my reviews of different tools, I aim to not make things difficult on your part as the readers. This way, you can hone your knowledge and skills more. So I hope you can spare your time and read what I have written for you.

The Content

For this site, I have written the articles in such a way that readers of all levels of expertise will understand them easily and conveniently. For most of the posts that I have written, I made sure that there are no complex or intricate so that they are easy to comprehend. I have discussed things in detail, especially the articles wherein I delved on fishing tips. For the reviews, I have divided them into several subsets so that reading and comparing them will become easier. I even added what I liked and what I don’t like on each of the products I have reviewed so that you will know what products are preferred and what products are not.

I create content based on my experiences as an angler. Through the years, I have learned a lot of things because of constant practice and exposure. I base my reviews on how I used the products. I even confer with fellow professional anglers as to how proper techniques and tips should be done.

Some of my particular species expertise include:

  • bass
  • crappie
  • catfish
  • yellow perch
  • striped bass
  • weakfish
  • sunfish species including bluegill and pumpkin seed
  • micro species – this is a HOT area of fishing right now!

I would love to learn even more, but feel ready to jump in with all sorts of engaging articles

For the different products, I do not recommend those that may harm the fishes. Instead, I firmly recommend cruelty-free products, especially if you are just going to release them much later. This way, you do not only save the animals but you also help yourself in keeping the balance of the environment.

And More…

Anglers need to realize that fishing is a lot more than just basically catching fish. There is actually more to fishing than just that. It gives all of us an opportunity to improve our skills, a haven of rest after a week-long work, and an opportunity to reflect on life while watching for your trophy fish to catch your bait. With our articles, you become comfortable in fishing without the need to be validated by other anglers. After all, you become more knowledgeable about what we have.

Moreover, you can live out and constantly pursue your passion out in the open waters without the fear of making a mistake. With all the information that you can gain from my side, you can even take a step higher and grab that trophy bass that you have been longing for.

I have set different types and forms of content so that you will have a diverse knowledge of various concepts, especially with regards to bass fishing and fishing in general.

Reviews on the best fishing tools offer you great options so that you can find the most appropriate tool based on your preference. I have reviewed accessories, fishing lures, fishing reels, and fishing rods, among others. As you might know, there are tools used specifically for a particular fishing type. So tools used in trout fishing may not be appropriate in bass fishing and vice versa. Read my reviews carefully, as I have written some useful insights that you may also utilize when you will already be fishing.

Fishing Tips help you understand different methods and techniques in fishing. This way, you will have ample know-how on things that you should do and the things that you should not do. Moreover, I have presented fishing-related articles that you might enjoy. After all, we’re talking about fishes and waters. Why not include articles that would tackle those, right?

Happy Fishing, don’t forget to bring a friend!

Steven Zhang

Founder and Editor at Luremefish

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