Can you Trout Fish with a Baitcaster?

Can you Trout Fish with a Baitcaster?

Fishing is a sport of habits. You’re always going to go back to that trusty lure, or your favorite rod and reel because it’s what you know. When you get comfortable with a certain style of fishing, and it can be hard to switch to a new style. So, for those primarily used to a […]

Best Spinning Reels: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Are you looking to get into the exciting world of spinning reels? You’ll find that their simple use and easy maintenance will make for a great fishing experience regardless of what you want to do. We’re here to help you get started with some simple advice and a list of top 10 best spinning reels to […]

5 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels Reviews (2020 Buying Guide)

ultralight spinning reels

When shopping for a spinning reel, you’ll want to pay close attention to the weight of the product. The weight of the reel has a lot of say over the effectiveness of your entire fishing setup. Lightweight rod and reel setups are great for most hobby fishermen and anglers. They give their user a lot […]

Understanding Different Types of Fishing Reels

types of fishing reels

The fishing reel is one of the oldest inventions in human history. These days, there are specialized fishing reels for every application you can imagine. But you don’t need a fancy reel to catch lots of fish. To understand all the different types of fishing reels, I started my research at the beginning. What I’ve […]

Spinning Reel Reviews: Daiwa BG vs. Penn Battle II

air rotor

The spinning reel showdown between the Daiwa BG and the Penn Battle II is a clash of epic proportions. Penn is one of the most well-respected names in the fishing reel industry, while Daiwa is my personal favorite when it comes to fishing tackle of all varieties, reels no exception. When I set out to […]

When to use a baitcaster vs spinning reel

baitcaster vs spinning reel

For years I’ve heard from those loyal to baitcasters that they are superior to spinning reels. You just have to get used to the baitcaster, they would say, and then you’ll see the difference. I have primarily been a spinning reel guy, and the thought of trying out a baitcaster never seemed worth it. If […]

7 Best Baitcasting Reel in 2020- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


I remember competing with my dad on everything as a kid whether it was sports or who could eat fastest, but the thing we would clash on most was fishing. For the most part, I was a good fisherman, but I wasn’t allowed to use a baitcaster until I was old enough to handle one […]

Best Spincast Reels: Reviews & Buying Guide

Zebco ZO2PRO Fishing Omega 2 Pro Spincast Reel

Spincast reels are generally derided in angling circles as a beginner’s piece of tackle, only suitable for tourists and children. That’s not quite the truth, though, these simple reels can have a variety of uses for the dedicated angler looking for something a little bit different. These lightweight reels are simple to use, and the […]