The Ultimate Guide: Everything You Wanted to Know About FISHING LURES

fishing lures guide

The right fishing lure is going to be what works for the type of fish and water where you like to catch. Every type of fish has different preferences for diet, which means that you will probably switch up your bait with each one. While the world of bait can be overwhelming if you just […]

Your Guide to Using Plastic Worms for Bass Fishing

There is nothing more versatile than luring with soft plastic worms when it comes to fishing for bass. You can find these rubber worms in different sizes, colors, and shapes. The choices are great, but they can be quite overwhelming especially if it is your first time to use these lures. Add to that the […]

16 Homemade Fishing lures Ideas

16 Homemade Fishing lures Ideas

Flat Side CrankBait Lure by sthone A FISHING LURE WITH A PLASTIC SPOON By cobalt420 Full Size 3D Printed Crankbait Lure by sthone Popper Fishing Lure by rpotashov Croatian Egg Lure by sthone Surface Fish Lure by sirmakesalot Topwater Frog wood lure by Handmade Coin Fly Fishing Lure by Red-and-Golden Fishing Spoon Lure […]

Top Water Lures: An Exciting and Rewarding Technique


Catching any fish on any lure is always exciting, but if you haven’t yet caught a fish while using a top water lure, you’re definitely missing out on a whole other level of excitement. The sheer surprise and awe that comes from a bass assaulting a top water lure from below are just astounding. Loud, […]

​Best Hard Lures For Bass Fishing

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Common Lures and Techniques for Bass Fishing Success The hard lures category is a vast offering of baitfish imitations and other prey-like objects. These lures, like soft plastics, come in a wide variety of actions, shapes, sizes, colors, and features. Hard lures such as the crankbait, jerk bait, spinnerbait, and spy bait all mimic an […]

Drop Shot Fishing: Equipment and Theory

Drop Shot Fishing

Introduction The drop shot technique is a true finesse technique, requiring only the most subtle of twitches at strategically timed intervals. This technique is meant to be fished using light line, and light tackle; which typically means spinning reels and light rods. Stealth and subtlety are key when presenting your lure to a fish. Popularized […]

Bottom Fishing Soft Plastics: Equipment and Theory

Bottom Fishing Soft Plastics

Fishing with soft plastics on the water’s floor has been a well documented and universal method of catching bass. There are many variations to bottom fishing, but we’ll cover just a few of the most common techniques here. The rigs covered in this section will be: The Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, and jigs (technically not […]