10 Best Kayak Roof Racks Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Placing the kayak directly on the roof is not only careless, but it is also very dangerous. In the best-case scenario, you will damage your roof and kayak. But it can get a lot worse. For instance, the craft can slip from the roof and cause a major accident.  So, in short, the wiser decision […]

Best Kayak Carts

It’s sunny outside; you dust out your kayak and set all your gear. You put everything in the car and drive to the local beach, lake, or river. You know what is left, right? Yes, the tedious duty of transporting everything to the shore.  Unless you are the hulk, it will take you several trips […]

Best Fishing Canoe for 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Fishing from a dock, shore, on the deck of a big boat is enjoyable. But, there is something extra about fishing from a canoe. Is the thrill of carrying it to the water, secure all your gear, and start paddling until you find the perfect spot.  It might be the primitive and ancient feeling that […]

10 Best Fish Lip Grippers Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020

Now that you have the fish almost in, it is time to remove the hook and for the obligatory trophy picture. But removing the hook is not an easy task. Plus, grabbing the fish by the gills is not the safest way to do it.  But don’t despair, fish lip grippers solve both problems. You […]

Best Fishing Lines for Baitcaster

Know that you have chosen the reel and rod, you must pair them with a suitable line. Most reels and rods have labels indicating which line strengths yield the best performance. Still, the market is full of options, and choosing one over the other is quite a challenge.  The biggest and most valuable advice we […]

Best Electric Fillet Knife for Fish

Due to their convenience, electric fillet knives are becoming more popular with anglers. Given its functionalities, you can reduce your efforts in slicing your trophy fish. Personally, I believe that this is a good thing especially if we will be filleting a lot of seafood. Fortunately, I have curated the best electric fillet knife for […]