Can You Eat Tarpon or Saltwater Catfish? How to Catch & Eat Them?

The mighty tarpon and the “trash fish” are two (technically, three) infamous species that are regarded for the distasteful, smelly, and potentially hazardous experience they present when considering whether to bring your catch to the dinner table or not. Most say no to the idea of eating either of these fish, but is it really […]

Can You Eat Carp Fish? Everything You Wanted to Know About How to Catch & Eat Them

can you eat carp fish

Fishing is an amazing pastime that individuals across all countries around the world enjoy. Of course, many fish for fun, but it also can be a great way to get quality food for free. While many ocean and lake fish can be eaten, you may want to learn more about the various preparation methods and […]

Can you Trout Fish with a Baitcaster?

Can you Trout Fish with a Baitcaster?

Fishing is a sport of habits. You’re always going to go back to that trusty lure, or your favorite rod and reel because it’s what you know. When you get comfortable with a certain style of fishing, and it can be hard to switch to a new style. So, for those primarily used to a […]

How to Spin for Trout at Night: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Spin for Trout at Night

Trout can be finicky beasts during the day. Make one wrong move, and you’ll not only spook one, but you’ll also spook every trout for the next three holes down as he hurriedly scurries on past. Other times, the biggest trout are hiding so far under the bank, your little nymph isn’t enough to coax […]

19 Tips for Bass Fishing after a Thunderstorm

bass fishing after a Thunderstorm

Some of the best fishing you can have is before a storm. The pressure starts to drop and the bass start to go crazy. The pre-storm feeding frenzy is often the best fishing you’ll encounter. But what about after the storm? For whatever reason you find yourself bass fishing after a thunderstorm, it can be […]

Can You Use A Normal Rod For Fly Fishing?

fly fishing rod

As a fly-fishing beginner, I have been learning to use different types of fly fishing rods. However, for a long time, I was not sure if I can use a regular or normal rod for fly fishing. Can you use a normal rod for fly fishing? Well, yes. You could use a normal rod for […]