10 Best Saltwater Fishing Lures of All Time

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There is a wide selection of lures in the market. Some of them are better for freshwater, while others are ideal to withstand the bites of saltwater giants. And there are some lures that will work on both waters. And by work, we mean that the lure will produce a fish, which one, depends on the type of lure and where you decide to fish. For this reason, many anglers go fishing with ten or more lures at a time. 

best saltwater fishing lures

If you ask any of them which is the best saltwater fishing lure, you won’t get a straight answer. And that is because the answer depends on what kind of fishing style you are practicing, the fish, and the waters. For example, some lures are better for trolling for game fish in deep water, while others are ideal for surf fishing. But let’s cut to the chase. Here you have a selection of the best lures for saltwater fishing: 

Do you want to know more? If so, keep reading a little longer. We will talk about each lure thoroughly. And, we will also provide you with some useful tips to pick the best fishing lure for you. 

Aorace Saltwater Fishing Lures 3D Minnow 

Aorace 8 pcs/Lot Fishing Lures Hard Bait Life-Like Bass Pike...
  • Each comes with 2 sharp treble hooks makes it a...
  • Using the latest coating and surface laser...
  • Durable ABS material in various bright colors to...

The best thing about this lure is its price. The 8-pieces set is well under 15 bucks. But don’t think for a moment that these are cheap low-quality lures. They have a hard ABS plastic construction that is more than capable of handling the bite of big fish. 

The brings colors, and intricate design, making it an irresistible temptation for fishes such as pike, bass, and musky. Moreover, the two-hook configuration guarantees that the fish will stay hooked. 

The Aorace 3D Minnow belongs to the crankbait family and is more suitable for surfcasting and trolling. However, if you wish to use this lure close to the shore, we recommend taking the front hook off. Or it will dive too close to the bottom.


  • Durable construction
  • Affordable
  • Heavy enough for long casting


  • Water may leak inside the lure and weight it down

Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Twitchbait Slow Sinking

Yo-Zuri R1208-HPBK 3D Inshore Twitchbait, Color, Peanut...
  • Power Treble hook
  • 3D Prism finish
  • Sharp darting performance

Are you looking for a surf fishing saltwater lure? If so, this is one superb option. It comes in ten different colors and two sizes. It is up to choose which one is the best for you. 

The lure comes with vivid colors that will draw the attention of any nearby predators regardless of the color of the water. And its erratic swim action perfectly mimics injured fish. Because it has no lip, it sinks slowly. 

Since the 3D Inshore Twitchbait is quite small it is most suitable for small fish and relatively shallow waters. And guess what, this lure is also a great option for saltwater fishing. 


  • High-quality built 
  • Eye-catching design 


  • Not for long casting 

Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lure

Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lure (Blue Sardine, Size- 4),...
  • Rapala's adrenaline-pumping Saltwater X-Rap Lures...
  • Hand tuned and tank tested
  • Holographic inserts.

Rapala is known for its top-notch products, and this crankbait is not an exception. It might not be the cheapest lure in the market. Still, its durability makes the Rapala X-Rap a long-lasting investment. 

The Rapala X-Rap is heavy enough to perform those long casts from the shore or plier. But it will work just as well for trolling. Remember to purchase the largest version if trolling is your thing. 

The body has holographic inserts and flashy colors. And the distinctive rattling of the lure promises to attract the attention of nearby fishes. The set of black nickel hooks are not as good as other brands. But they do a fairly good job. It surely looks like Rapala put a lot of effort into making this outstanding lure.

Rapala hand tests each lure to make sure that it withstands the assault of aggressive saltwater fishes. 


  • Long-lasting
  • Great for trolling and plier fishing
  • Great for saltwater gamefish
  • Makes noise and has attractive colors


  • The lip is somewhat brittle 
  • Cheap hooks  

Johnson Silver Minnow Hard Bait Fishing Bait

Berkley Johnson Silver Minnow Gold 2 1/2in - 1/2 oz
  • Fishing Lure with metal weed guard
  • Brass blade designed for long casts
  • Plated with pure silver or 24K gold for a Brighter...

The Silver Minnow is a legendary name when it comes to spoons. It has been in the market since 1923. And the fact that people still use speaks about its quality. It is not the same model, of course. It has evolved since its creation, and now you can find your Silver Minnow in 18 different colors and 9 different weight/sizes combinations. Go for bright colors if you ever wish to purchase one. 

You can troll, cast, jig, or merely twitch it near the bottom. As you can see, the Silver Minnow is quite versatile. If you wish to do some trolling, we recommend buying the larger version. Alternatively, you should go for the heavier spoons if you want to fish from the shore or a dock. 

What makes the Silver Minnow stand out from the rest is its weed-less design. The metal guard keeps the spool from getting tangled with weeds or other underwater debris. 


  • Cheap
  • Versatile


  • The eye of the spoon may cut through your line

acme Kastmaster Spoon Fishing Lure

Acme SW138/G Kastmaster Lure, 3/8-Ounce, Gold
  • Balanced spoon with Wild action
  • Plain Treble hook
  • Won't Bend, break or corrode

The acme Kastmaster is another great option if you are looking for a reliable spoon. It has a solid brass construction and comes in a wide variety of colors and weights. In our case, we prefer the gold and chrome versions. The best thing is that the spoon stays shiny like the first day.

You can troll, cast, or jig with it. And thanks to its built, it sinks quite quickly. Fortunately, the Kastmaster stays true to its name. You can effortlessly make long casts with this spoon. Thus, it is an ideal option to explore unknown waters and see where the action is. 

Although the spoon has a solid body, the hooks aren’t of the same quality. You may need to sharpen it upon arrival. Or you can always replace it. 


  • Durable body, 
  • It stays shiny, and the painting doesn’t come off easily 
  • The spoon doesn’t spin 


  • Hooks aren’t sharp enough

Spro SBTJW Bucktail Jig

SPRO SBTJW-1 Prime Bucktail Jig, 1-Ounce, White
  • Natural Gliding Action
  • Stays Parallel
  • Provides Great Jigging Action

The Spro Bucktail Jig is a superb lure for those anglers that love surf fishing. It is more suitable for small saltwater fish such as flukes. 

Once the Spro Bucktail Jig hits the water, it stays parallel to the bottom. And it keeps like that even after you start pulling it. The glide is so smooth that it resembles the natural movement of a tiny fish. If that is not enough, the Spro Bucktail has a holographic body with bulky eyes and a flashy tail. No wonders why fish love to bite it. 

Lastly, this metal jig comes with a sharp Gamakatsu hook, which is quite durable and strong. 


  • Live-like design and movement
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for large fishes or deep fishing 

Capt. Jay Fishing Saltwater Jigs

Jigs are extremely versatile fishing lures. That’s why anyone that wishes to enter the angling world should know how to use it. In this case, we are talking about the Capt. Jay metal Jig. In contrast with the previous one, this model doesn’t have a tail. 

Furthermore, it has a long and narrow body, which is ideal for fast jigging. But you can also use it for trolling and vertical jigging. It comes in 4 different sizes and 10 different colors! It is an excellent saltwater lure for big fishes such as Tuna, Cobia, Wahoo, and Amberjack. And since the colors glow under low-visibility conditions, you can use it for night fishing as well. 

The lure comes with a single, heavy-duty hook with 350 pounds of maximum drag. 


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for a wide range of fishes
  • Sturdy construction


  • It is not easy to use
  • While the hook is quite powerful, the line is not. 

Aorace Artificial Fishing Lures 

Aorace 10Pcs/Lot 8.5cm 11g Artificial Fishing Lures Kit 3D...
  • Weight:11g; Length: 8.5cm
  • with two high quality treble hooks,very sharp and...
  • Durable ABS hard plastic body

Now it is time for another type of saltwater fishing lure. Here we bring you this Aorace popper for your tackle box. Well, we are bringing 10 poppers to be precise. All of them have the same construction. The color is the only difference between them. 

Talking about colors, they are bright enough and are quite attractive for fish. The eyes, which are quite big in comparison with other lures, are bright and look like real fish eyes. Thus, you should not have problems getting bites, as long as you know how to use the lure, of course.

Like the previous Aorace lure we reviewed before, this one has the same plastic ABS body. Although, this time, the lure is thicker and has a flat head instead of a rounded finish with a lip. Popper lures, like this one, are ideal for deep water fishing.

The Aorace popper is quite sturdy, and it has two treble hooks. Although the hooks are not too strong, the lure is more than capable of handling big game fish such as pike, perch, or zander.


  • Great for deep-sea fishing
  • Suitable for large fish
  • Cheap


  •  Bad hooks, you might need to replace them 

Dr. Fish Fishing Topwater Popper 

Dr.Fish Topwater Popper Saltwater Fishing Lures, 5-1/2...
  • Extremely realistic. Features incredibly life-like...
  • Classic shape popper with a new cup mouth design...
  • Armed with two razor sharp VMC treble hooks and...

Are you looking for a premium quality popper? If so, Dr. Fish has your back here. 

The Dr. Fish Topwater Popper lure is 6.7 inches with a laser-painted body. It comes in six different colors, three of which are significantly darker. And the other two, as you might have guessed, are lighter in color. 

The lure has an exquisite and intricate design. The 3D eyes, textured scales, and gill plates make the lure look so real that it will easily fool any hungry fish that happens to be nearby. And, if you take a closer look at the head, you will notice that it has some kind of rim. Dr. Fish did this intentionally, as it allegedly increases the popping action, which, according to them, will trigger more bites. 

Additionally, the lure has inbuilt shifting weights to help you with casting and enhance accuracy. 


  • Durable
  • Great for long cast
  • Sturdy hooks and split rings 
  • Realistic design


  • There is only one size available

Berkley Gulp! Alive! Swimming Mullet

Berkley GAPSM4-CH Gulp! Alive! Swimming Mullet, Chartreuse,...
  • The best alternative to live fishing bait
  • Soaked in a powerful attractant to catch more fish
  • Realistic head and body design with a high-action...

Changing to plastic lures, here we have the Berkley Gulp! Alive! It is not the most durable lure in this list. But if you like to go on the occasional fishing trip, you won’t find anything better. 

The jar contains several of these tiny yellow fishes. The great thing about this plastic lure is the tail. It starts jiggling as you reel the line. Sadly, its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. If the lure loses the tail, it is rendered useless. 

The tiny mullets have a powerful scent that will attract any fish as soon as it hits the water. Don’t worry if the lure loses its scent. Merely place it inside the jar, and the mullet will gain the scent again.

As this plastic lure is small and light, it is not suitable for deep fishing, unless you fix some weights in your line, of course. Still, we recommend using this lure for surf fishing. 


  • Powerful scent
  • Tail action
  • You can recharge the scent by putting it inside the jar


  • It doesn’t sink on its own
  • If the lure loses the tail, it will no longer work 

Can I use freshwater lures in saltwater? 

Yes, you can use freshwater lures for saltwater angling and vice versa. Still, we do recommend using big freshwater lures. Otherwise, most saltwater fishes won’t even notice it. 

You can use many of the lures listed here in either type of water. Examples are the Johnson Silver Minnow spoon and the Rapala X-Rap

What is the best color for my lure?

It depends on the color of the water. For example, light-colored lures work better on clear waters. Similarly, you should better use bright lures while fishing on murky waters. It is a matter of contrast. 

Which type of lure should I use?

It depends on what kind of fishing you want to do and the fish that you are targeting. Let’s review some of the most common types of lures and how you should use it. 

  • Crankbaits or Plugs: These lures have either a plastic or wooden body that imitates the shape and swimming action of the fish. They typically come with a lip, which sole purpose is to make the lure dive as you reel it. 

Crankbaits are ideal for trolling over saltwater and for off-shore fishing. Plus, as they naturally get the action from its design, you merely need to cast and retrieve. Some plugs have electronic lights and vibrations to attract nearby fishes. But we believe that such extras are not necessary.

  • Spoons: These are one of the most basic types of lures in the market. As the name suggests, spoons are concave pieces of metal that have a hook attached to one end.

You can use spoons for either trolling or casting. Typically, casting spoons are heavier, while trolling models are slimmer and longer.

  • Jigs: Metal or lead-headed are among the most common types of jigs. The first ones have a lead head that increases the weight and allows the hook to sink. The heads are colorful and have big eyes. 

Some lead-headed jigs have hair strings tied to its head. Allegedly, this enhances the bites.

On the other hand, metal jigs are long and slim pieces of metal with one or two treble hooks. The metallic body has intricate designs and flashy colors that will attract any predator in the area. 

There are two types of metal jigs; ones for casting that are wider, while the slimmer models are more suitable for deep fishing. 

  • Poppers: Poppers look a little like crankbaits. In this case, the head has a flat finish rather than rounded. Thus, the lure splashes water as you reel it. The rest of the lure is quite the same. 

Now, poppers are a little more complicated to use. You must retrieve the line and jerk the tip of the rod. The lure will splash, which will draw attention and trigger more bites. Dusk and dawn are the best times to use such lures. 

  • Plastic Lures: These are another basic type of lure which works better for surf fishing. As the name implies, these lures feature a plastic body that mimics a small fish or shrimp. Some of them already come with a hook, while others don’t.

Plastic lures come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. 

The Best Lure: A matter of circumstances

Choosing a lure is not an easy task. Besides, different anglers have different opinions on which is the best lure. But the truth is that it depends on which fish you are targeting and, more importantly, what fishing style you are using.

For example, spoons, metal jigs, and crankbaits are good options for trolling and casting and retrieving styles. In this case, the Rapala X-Rap, Johnson Silver Minnow spoon, and the Capt. Jay fishing jigs are our favorites. 

But you should go with plastic lures or bucktail jigs if surfing is your thing. You can’t go wrong with the Spro SBTJW bucktail and the Berkley Gulp! On the other hand, poppers are an excellent option for topwater fishing. In this case, we recommend going with the Dr. Fish popper. You will regret it.

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