7 Best Weedless Fishing Lures for Bass

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Angling is more than just casting and retrieving your line. You must carefully choose the right gear. Learn how each piece interacts with the other and whether or not it is compatible with the environment. Of course, this largely depends on what you are fishing. For instance, bass, walleye, and northern pike love to lurk in the weeds. The bad news is that your lure can get tangled. Thus, you might end up losing it. Unless you choose the right one. 

But which is the right lure for this kind of situation? A weedless lure. We know that it is not easy to find the one that best suits your needs. The market is full of different options at different prices. But don’t worry, we are here to help. That’s why we bring you some of the best weedless lures you can find in the market: 

  • YONGZHI Weedless Topwater Fishing Lure
  • Johnson Silver Minnow
  • BOOYAH Boo Jig Bass Fishing Lure
  • Dr. Fish 3Pcs Weedless Fishing Spoon
  • RUNCL ProBite Segmented Swimbaits
  • Berkley Fusion19 WeedlessWideGap
  • Croch Hollow Body Frog Weedless Lure

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these fantastic weedless fishing lures. This way you will have more information to help you decide which one is the best for you.

YONGZHI Weedless Topwater Fishing Lure

Fishing Lures Topwater Floating Weedless Lure Frog Baits...
  • 🐸Wherever bass live,so too do multiple species...
  • 🐸The soft hollow-bodied frog lures is that the...
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Bass love to stay near the weeds and frogs do too. Plus, frogs are part of the bass diet. As you expect, there is nothing better than a weedless frog for bass fishing. And this YONGZHI is one of the best frogs you can find on the market.

One of the best things about this product is its price. You get five weedless frogs for less than 15 dollars. An excellent deal if you like us. 

The frog is light enough to float in water. Plus, the hook is facing up and has two pointy ends. So, there is no way for the lure to get tangled. Furthermore, the frog’s body is soft enough, so when the fish bites, it will expose the hook. The main drawback is that the lure doesn’t sink. Thus, it is only useful for topwater fishing. 

The lures come in different colors. But we highly recommend using green and brown frogs. They blend better with the environment thanks to their life-like colors. 


  • Affordable
  • Double hooks 
  • Life-like colors 


  • Only for topwater fishing
  • Too small for large fishes 

Johnson Silver Minnow

Berkley Johnson Silver Minnow Chartreuse Flash 2 1/2in -1/2...
  • Silver minnow spoon is the weedless wonder that...
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This is not the first time we talk about the Johnson Silver spoon. But it is not our fault that this is such an amazing product. The spoon comes in 17 different colors and 9 different weights and sizes combinations. We like bright colors better. But it is your choice, after all. 

We recommend going for heavier spoons for long casts. Similarly, choose the spoon size according to your prey. 

The spoon has a single yet strong hook with a metallic shard to keep the weeds out. In contrast with the previous lure, this one does sink. 

Another big advantage of the Johnson Silver Minnow spoon is that you can use it for trolling, jigging, casting, or merely shaking it up and down. 


  • Versatile 
  • Affordable


  • The hook might come off after some use 
  • The eye of the lure could cut the line 

BOOYAH Boo Jig Bass Fishing Lure

BOOYAH Boo Jig - Black/Blue - 1/2 oz
  • WEED GUARD DESGIN: Penetrates brushpiles and drop...
  • JIG FEATURES: Flat-bottom 18-degree rise, black...
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The BOOYAH Boo jig has a simple but effective design. The hook has a little bend, so it will be easier to set it once you feel a bite. The plastic skirt comes in 6 different colors. You can use it fresh out of the box, or you can trim the skirt to the desired length. 

You can choose between 3 different weights. Like before, use the heavier ones for long casts. As with most jigs, this one also comes in a single size. 

The jig has a plastic guard to keep the weeds at bay. Like the skirt, you can trim the guard as you, please. We don’t recommend it, though. Additionally, there is a set of rattles on either side of the hook. The sound they make draws the attention of nearby, inactive fishes. Thus, producing more bites.

The jig is very cheap. Still, the price changes depending on the size you chose; the bigger it is, the more expensive it gets. 


  • It is highly visible 
  • The skirt produces an attractive motion 
  • Easily cuts through timber, rocks, and weeds


  • The rattles come off after some usage 

Dr. Fish 3Pcs Weedless Fishing Spoon

Although the Johnson Silver spoon is our favorite weedless spoon, this one is not that bad an option at all. The spoon has a wobble with two balls to increase its weight. The arrangement also increases the noise the lure makes; thereby, producing more bites. 

Like the other spoon we reviewed earlier, this one also has a metal guard, which keeps the lure from getting tangled. Furthermore, it features a single hook. It is strong enough for small-to-medium-sized fish. This Dr. Fish spoon has a solid overall design. However, it only comes in a single weight/size combination. 


  • Strong hook
  • Good for medium-range casts 


  • Single size and weight

RUNCL ProBite Segmented Swimbaits

RUNCL ProBite Segmented Swimbaits Paddle Tail, 4in Bass...
  • Natural Oils: Poured with highly concentrated,...
  • Multi-Jointed Design: The segmented tail specially...
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Now it is time for something a little bit different. The RUNCL is a swimbait that comes with no hook. So, you must rig it on your own. We recommend using either the Texas Rig or Carolina Rig

Don’t worry, rigging this lure is remarkably easy. It comes with two holes: one in its head and one in the belly. So, you merely need to place the hook on each hole, and that is all. The pointy end will stay inside the lure until you set the hook. Thus, preventing it from getting tangled. 

The lure has a segmented design, which increases movement and water displacement, making it more attractive. Plus, it has a natural scent, which fish can’t simply resist. 

The RUNCL ProBite is available in two different sizes, and in bundles of 8, 15, or 20 pieces depending on the size you pick


  • Easy to rig
  • The lure has a lot of action and scent


  • The lure could all apart after some use 

Croch Hollow Body Frog Weedless Lure

Hollow Body Frog Freshwater & Saltwater Float on Water Lure...
  • Made of super soft and elastic material,...
  • The tough double-hook design give it excellent...
  • Super durable hooks are positioned perfectly to be...

The Croch Hollow has a plastic skirt on either side of the lure. It adds motion to the lure, making it more attractive. 

The lure comes with a single hook with ends, like the past frog we have reviewed. The body is super soft, and it bends easily upon a bite. Furthermore, the lure doesn’t sink, making it perfect for topwater fishing for bass. 

This option is one of the cheapest in this review. You pay 20 dollars and get a pack of 18 frogs of different colors. 


  • Soft body 
  • Great value for your money


  • Most have the same belly color
  • The water gets into the lure, making it more likely to sink 

What is a weedless lure? 

A weedless lure, as the name suggests, is a lure that doesn’t get snagged in weeds, timber, or rocks. Thus, it is the best option for fishing in heavily covered areas. 

Most weedless lures have three parts: The body, the hook, and the metal guard. The metal guard is what makes these lures different. It is what keeps the lure from getting tangled. 

How do weedless lures work? 

As we said before, weedless lures have a metal guard that keeps the weeds off the lure. But fish can still get hooked

The guard is only strong enough to keep the weeds at bay. But it will bend as the fish bites the lure. So, don’t worry, the fish will get hooked. 

Why should I use a weedless lure?

The real question should be, do you want to keep losing lures in the weeds? Because that is the main reason to use these types of lures

So, if you are targeting fish that love to stick to the weeds, such as pike, walleye, and bass, a weedless lure is your best bet. 

But don’t think that you won’t lose a lure from time to time. However, you won’t lose as many lures. Thus, you will save a lot of money. 

Are there any weedless hooks? 

Yes, weedless hooks are a thing. The main difference with standard hooks is that they have a wider gap and plastic or metallic guard. Plus, they are usually barbless hooks. The guard is very flexible and goes from the eye to the pointy end. It comes off as soon as the fish bites. 

The Harmony wacky WG hook and the Berkley Fusion19 are two of the best weedless hooks available. 

Do weedless lures work on heavily covered waters?

There should be no problem if you know how to work the lure and how to manage the tension in the line. While the lure won’t get tangled in the weeds, the sinker might.

Thus, if you pull for the sake of pulling, the line might snap. 

Which is the best weedless lure for bass fishing?

The best of anything is always a relative term. It all depends on how you are planning to fish. But you can’t go wrong with weedless frog lures for bass fishing. 

Are you tired of losing lures in the weeds? Buy a weedless lure

For a hammer, everything looks like nails. Needless to say, you can’t be a hammer in fishing. Every piece of tackle is good for something and bad for other things. In this case, weedless lures are perfect if you want to get fish that like to hide in the weeds. 

In our opinion, the YONGZHI and Croch Hollows are perfect options for bass fishing. But if you are looking to buy an all-around, weedless fishing lure, you can’t go wrong with the Johnson Silver minnow spoon. It is one of the most reliable and versatile lures on the market. In fact, you can use it for much more than fishing through the weeds. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and weights. 

So, tell us which one you believe is the best weedless fishing lure. 

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