10 Best Topwater Frog Lures for Bass Fishing

best topwater frog lures

If you’re familiar with bass, you know that they are always looking at the surface of the water for something to eat. With prey sitting on top of plant matter, they see the movement and make their attack. This information is incredibly helpful for bass fishing because it presents clear opportunities for bass to make their way to the surface and give you the chance to catch them.

Topwater frog lures serve as great bait for bass fishing because bass are quick to react to the “frog” moving slowly at the surface. When they latch onto this frog, you’ve caught your bass! We’ve pulled together the best topwater frog lures to make your bass fishing experience more successful!

The 10 Best Topwater Frog Lures

Topwater frog lures can vary in size, type, and appearance for you to choose which works best for your fishing location and desired fishing style. This list brings you the best overall topwater frog lures, which include a variety of features for you to select from.

1. Best Weedless Frog Lure

RUNCL Topwater Frog Lures

  • Lifelike Design
  • Excellent PVC
  • Perfect Angle Sitting
  • Weedless Design



This RUNCL Topwater Frog Lure 5-pack is a recommended purchase because it provides you with a variety of topwater frog lures. This includes frogs with life-like legs as well as ones with tassels to use in different fishing environments. You can experiment with the different types to see which is most effective in catching your bass.

All are designed to be realistic with specific frog features, such as 3D eyes, vivid coloring, and body shape, in order to trick the bass most effectively into striking the surface. The lures are also designed to balance on the surface and in plant matter properly, as to appear if they are living frogs.

The Good
The Not-So-Good
2. Editor’s Choice

Booyah Pad Crasher Topwater Frog

  • Pad crasher technique
  • Features a super-strong double hook and spinnerbait-style legs



While the Booyah Pad Crasher frog lure only comes with one lure, it is one of the best performers in the category. It is a hollow body frog lure and has been successful in not only catching bass but avoiding plant debris in the process. This means you can take it through thick weeds without the problem of hooking it as you move the frog across the water.

The hooks on the frog are located close to its body, allowing a good sink into the bass and remaining weedless in many fishing areas as we mentioned. They come in a wide variety of colors, depending on preference and fishing conditions. We recommend this product for its value while allowing anglers to successfully catch bass.

The Good
The Not-So-Good
3. Best for Big Fish

Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

  • Weightlessly Gliding Left And Right Across The Surface
  • It Has All The Attributes To Attract Big Fish
  • Anatomical Accuracy, Detailed Color, And Effortless Action Make This A First To The Market
  • Use The Hollow Body In Heavy Cover



The Livetarget Hollow Body Frog lure comes in multiple sizes to help you successfully catch a variety of bass. If you are looking to catch larger fish, you’ll want to go with a bigger size. They come in multiple colors for different fishing conditions, so the bass can easily see the frog.

With a life-like design to look like a real frog, the frog lure also features a hook design that will prevent plant debris from being picked up. This hollow body frog does not easily fill with water after multiple uses like many other hollow frogs. Regardless of water, the frog will still float and can be easily squeezed out.

The Good
The Not-So-Good
4. Weedless and High Quality

Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog – Freshwater Fishing Lure with Realistic Design

  • At rest, the body of the Lunker frog drops down a little into the water perfectly replicating the action of a frog/bullfrog
  • The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is the most life like frog currently available in the industry
  • Used primarily for bass, pike and musky in freshwater
  • High quality components, a super soft hollow body construction, and a weedless design
  • Essential addition to any tackle box



The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is one of the most realistic looking frogs that replicate the movements of a frog (swimming legs that will extend with movement and retract when stopped). This makes it more likely that a bass will be lured to the surface. The soft hollow body makes it easy for bass to clamp down on and hook design for weedless topwater fishing.

The frogs also come in a variety of colors to best mimic frogs in different environments. These should be chosen based on the fishing conditions and frogs that may be local to your area (although this is not crucial). We recommend this frog is you are looking for a hyper-realistic design.

The Good
The Not-So-Good
5. Best Package

Supertrip Topwater Frog

  • They create life-like swimming actions in water!
  • This bait is made of super-soft yet durable plastic that is made to easily collapse for a solid hookset.
  • Length: 5.45cm. Weight: 12.3g
  • Included in the Package: 6pcs baits.



The Supertrip Topwater Frog lures come in a pack of six, giving you many backups once your frogs have worn out after many casts. Their soft body and spindly legs make them lightweight to easily glide across the water, mimic the movements of a frog, and make it easy for the bass to sink in on the hook.

Their design also keeps them from catching weeds and plant life as they skim across the water, allowing you to use them in almost all fishing conditions. These frogs are quite small and come in a variety of bright colors with white bellies.

The Good
The Not-So-Good
6. Long Distances Frog Lure

Spro Bronzeye Frog 65 Bait-Pack

  • The most enticing colors
  • Perfect size and style to be fished in heavy cover or in open water
  • Specially weighted to land on its belly
  • Designed to cast long distances
  • Hook ups are great



We recommend the Spro Bronzeye Frog lure if you fish in waters with incredibly thick plant life. They thrive in these thick conditions without picking up vegetation as you drag them across the water. With long streamer legs, they replicate the movement of a frog, and the lures are designed to always land on their bellies to improve successful casts.

Of all the frogs we recommended, this lure comes in the widest variety of colors, offering over 30 choices. This helps to find a frog that will work for all weather and water conditions.

The Good
The Not-So-Good
7. Best For Open Water

Strike King KVD Sexy Frog Bait

  • Material type: plastic
  • It features a fully sealed nose to minimize water entry and a free floating rattle for excellent sound emission
  • This bait was designed and approved by Kevin VanDam for open water and heavy cover applications
  • It’s the perfect bait for great topwater frog action



The Strike King Sexy Frog lure is one of the most popular among frog fishers because it provides lots of helpful features to successfully catch bass. Many frogs have a tendency to fill with water, but the closed-nose design on this lure helps eliminate that issue. The lure will also do very well in open water and areas with lots of vegetation.

Realistic design and coloring are also important to attract bass. With streamer legs that will move like a frog and a detailed paint job that is durable, we recommend this frog as an all-around high-quality bass fishing topwater lure.

The Good
The Not-So-Good
8. Best Velue

BOOYAH Pad Crasher Topwater Bass Fishing Hollow Body Frog Lure with Weedless Hooks

  • Super-soft collapseable plastic body
  • Weedless topwater lure
  • Double 3/0 Hooks
  • With the cupped mouth it also doubles as a popper/chugger in open water



We already showed you the traditional Booyah frog lure, but the Poppin’ Pad Crasher takes frog fishing to the next level. The unique popping technology with a cupped mouth gives it even more realistic features as it bubbles and creates more commotion when moving across the water. We recommend this frog for a more sophisticated frog fishing experience.

The lure comes in multiple colors for you to determine based on water and weather conditions. It is still a soft hollow bodied frog that will make it easy for bass to latch onto when they latch on.

The Good
The Not-So-Good
9. Proven Frog Lure

Livetarget Frog Popper

  • 2012 ICAST “Best of Show” winner
  • Combines the action of a popper with the proven fish catching frog patterns
  • Features a feathered tail hook



Livetarget also offers the popping feature with its Livetarget Frog Popper. This design varies from the other frog lures in that it features a feathered hook as opposed to one that sits very close to the body. This will help to hook the bass as they chomp down over the frog. The hooks are very sharp, and the body is realistic to attract bass in all conditions.

The popping features will cause a lot of movement in the water to get both small and big bass’ attention. This frog lure has even won awards for its effectiveness and is recommended for open water and clean water conditions.

The Good
The Not-So-Good
10. Best Popping Frog

Lunkerhunt Popping Frog Fishing Lure

  • The Lunkerhunt Popping Frog calls fish in by creating a surface disturbance
  • Its concave face catches water, causing popping and spitting noises
  • Its super soft hollow body compresses quickly under the slightest amount of pressure
  • When it does, sharp high quality upturned hooks are ready for the hookset
  • It can be worked along edges, through grass, in pockets and on open water



This design is very similar to the hollow body traditional frog lure, but the Lunkerhunt Popping Frog gives you that extra splashing and popping with a cup-shaped face. You can choose from multiple colors for different weather conditions, and the leg movement while the line is pulled is one of the most realistic on the market.

We recommend this frog if you want to combine great design with the real-life movements and actions of a frog. The bass will be easily attracted to this model. You have a variety of size options depending on the size of bass you hope to catch.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Types of Top Water Frog Lures

When choosing a frog lure, there are different kinds, as we have discussed throughout our recommendations. There are three primary types of frog lures used for bass fishing:

  • Hollow Body Frogs: These are the most traditional frog lures and are incredibly popular. Most of the frogs on our list have a hollow body, which is easy for the bass to bite down on and then sink into the hook. You should use these in areas that have heavy plant coverage as they can easily glide across the water.
  • Popping Frogs: These can come in both hollow body and hard plastic, but their primary feature is that they have a cup or ridged mouth that aims to replicate the bubbling and commotion a frog might make in water beyond leg movement. Their hook type may vary depending on the material of the frog, and they are usually smaller. These are best used in open water when you need to make more of a scene to attract the bass.
  • Hard Plastic Frogs: These are the heaviest of the frog options, and we didn’t include them on our list because they are not the best for catching bass. They may be effective for some anglers, but the ones we listed are our top picks. These have hanging hooks that make them better for open water.

The type of lure you choose should depend on the body of water you are fishing in and the weather conditions. You should also be considering the color of the belly when picking a frog. The top color choices are white, black, and natural colors (greens and yellows). These will be dependent on the fishing conditions and changed appropriately.

When to use a certain lure belly color:

  • White: White lures are best in lower lighting and in overcast or cloudy weather. They will be easier for the bass to see if the surface of the water is darker. White bellies also look like live frogs or other fish that are used as bait.
  • Black: You should use a black lure for brighter days as they are easier to see when looking toward the light. If there is thick vegetation, this dark color will also penetrate through, allowing the bass to easily keep track of the lure.
  • Natural: You should use a natural colored belly when there is less vegetation, and it can be more easily spotted by a bass.

The topside of the frog is less important, but it should look like a realistic frog.

The 10 Best Topwater Frog Lures

Frog fishing for bass can be one of the more exciting ways to cast a line and watch as the fish jump to the top of the water to latch onto the frog. This method has also proven successful to catch lots of bass!

When choosing your topwater frog lure, we recommend the Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog for its incredibly realistic features and the Strike King Sexy Frog lure because it is an all-around top performer across all important categories: design, weight, weedless technology, and versatility.

All of the lures offered on our list will give you great opportunities to catch some bass. They differ slightly in features depending on your needs, but will all help make your topwater fishing experience more fun and fruitful.

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