Penn Squall Level Wind Reel SQL30LW Review 2022

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The Penn Squall Level Wind series of reels are massively impressive. This series of baitcasting reel is a steal for the price it sells for on the market and sure to never let you down. Whether you’re strictly a marine angler, or want to go after massive fresh water monsters you need look no further. These amazingly pragmatic reels are some of the best available and for the price there simply isn’t any competition. If you don’t already own a Penn, you’ll kick yourself for ever using anything else when you buy your first.


Material: Graphite frame, forged aluminum spool

Gear Ratio: 4:1

Monofilament Capacity: 455yd/25lb to 285yd/40lb

Braided Capacity: 1020yd/30 to 590yd/65lb

Braking System: Mechanical

Bearings: 3

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Penn’s “Reel” Quality

In the world of high end fishing gear, Penn is a name that you hear a lot. From their rods to their reels, pretty much everything made by the company is just the best. More prize winning fish are brought up from the depths using Penn’s amazing products than any other brand, they currently boast more than 1,400 IGFA records to date.

This reel boasts bronze gears with a stainless steel pinion to reduce corrosion, and the piece itself is brilliantly constructed. As a successor to the GT LevelWind reel, the Squall LevelWind is simply brilliant. These may be a mid-range reel for Penn, but they far outstrip their competition’s high level reels. You deserve the best, and Penn is always proud to deliver exactly that.

The look of the reel itself speaks to the marvelous quality, there’s no need for flashy colors or useless features. The Penn Squall LevelWind is simply one of the best available and anglers know it, featuring a simple but elegant design. You’ll find this reel is absolutely irreplaceable on your marine jaunts.

Left handed anglers can sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage at finding a quality reel, as many manufacturers don’t produce for them. Penn thought ahead, and all models of the Squall Level Wind except for the very biggest are available with a left handed configuration.

This reel will easily bring in fish of up to a hundred pounds, and is perfect for the serious marine angler. It also holds a rather impressive amount of line in its well-engineered aluminum spool, making it perfect for most applications. It’s not the biggest reel on the market, but it holds its own in a great lightweight package.

Product Conclusion

If you’re hesitant about the price here, don’t be. This reel is simply amazing, and will outshine reels twice the price with ease. You’ll rapidly find this to be one of your favorites, and wonder why you never thought to buy one before.

When you’re looking for a reel, Penn is the name you want to follow. Following up on the GT Level Wind’s success, the PENN Squall Level Wind Reel SQL30LW is a brilliant and worthy successor to a trusted name. Whatever your pleasure when it comes to oceanic game, this reel is sure to provide for years, making it both a smart investment and a worthy addition to your gear.



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