Top 5 Best Deep Sea Spinning Reels 2022

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If you’re a fan of going after big oceanic game you know that you’ll need a magnificently strong reel to be able to bring the fight directly to the fish you’re chasing after without fear of it breaking. Contrary to popular opinion there’s a host of spinning reels which will serve you well in this field and bring in the big ones.

For powerful fish, you’re going to want high drag and possibly a lower gear ratio than you would normally opt for to ensure you can really haul on your line to bring in the larger fish you’re going after. High line capacity is also something important to keep in mind, you’ll need it when the fish you hooked into decides to make a sudden dive despite your best efforts to keep it from doing so, and while you won’t have any problems with the reels we’re about to present to you it’s also vital to make sure that the reel is strong for obvious reasons.

If you keep all of these qualities in mind, you’ll be able to find the reel that will bring in the fish of your dreams out on the open water. Without further ado, though, let us take a look at five of the absolute best reels on the market for heavy duty, oceanic fishing.


Top 5 Deep Sea Spinning Reels

Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500

SSV10500Weight: 43.5oz

Max Drag: 40lbs

Monofilament Line Capacity: 415yds/30lbs to 255yds/50lbs

Gear Ratio: 4.2:1

Bearing Count: 6

This massive, oversized reel from Penn is an absolute winner for deep sea fishing. It’s tough enough to handle almost anything that comes your way and holds a simply amazing amount of line. In spite of its low gear ratio, the large spool also boasts an amazing 40” of retrieval per crank of the handle, making this a great choice.

The heavy drag runs smoothly and with six shielded bearings, you’ll have an easier time hauling in fish. The body of the reel is made of solid, anodized metal and with proper maintenance, you’ll be using this reel for years of heavy angling action.


Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel Z-80S

Okuma AzoresWeight: 22.5oz

Max Drag: 44lbs

Monofilament Line Capacity: 420yds/15lbs to 260yds/25lbs

Gear Ratio: 5.4:1

Bearing Count: 6+1

Another fantastic selection is this oversized variant of the Okuma Azores series. Okuma makes high-tech, high-quality products and they’re often available at great prices. Let’s face it, an oversized, heavy-duty reel might be in a much higher price point than you like, but you’ll find that this one can fit into even the most frugal fisherman’s budget.

It boasts the drag and line capacity you need, and with its high bearing count and oversized, smooth drag you’ll be sure to be able to give all but the biggest ocean dwellers a swift run for their money. If you’re looking to get into offshore fishing and don’t have hundreds of dollars just lying around, this is probably exactly what you need.


Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning Reel SRG25000SW

SRG25000SWWeight: 20.5oz

Max Drag: 44lbs

Monofilament Line Capacity: 570yds/20lbs to 320yds/30lbs

Gear Ratio: 4.4:1

Bearing Count: 6+1

This offering from Shimano is an absolutely enormous reel which meets the high-quality standards we’ve come to expect from Shimano. As always these reels come in a bit more expensive, but the Saragosa 25000SW is worth every penny of its price. Think of it as an investment in getting you some of the largest and heaviest fighting fish that the oceans of the world have to offer you.

With absolutely amazing drag, its low gearing and high line capacity, the Shimano Saragosa is a clean fit for almost any open water situation. The reel’s hefty price comes with a quality assurance that you won’t have to deal with replacing your reel every year, and you may just have found the perfect match for your angling with this amazing reel.


Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel 8000LL

Penn Fierce IIWeight: 32.1oz

Max Drag: 25lbs

Monofilament Line Capacity: 340yds/20lbs to 230yds/30lbs

Gear Ratio: 5.3:1

Bearing Count: 5

This is a bargain priced reel for open water, combined with Penn’s assurance of pragmatic quality. This isn’t the beefiest, strongest reel on this list but for a cheap price, you’ll be able to handle most of the things that the ocean throws at you.

Its low gearing and high line capacity will make this a great purpose, and if you’re just getting into offshore fishing the Penn Fierce II 8000LL might be just the thing. With a bit of care, it will last for years, and you’ll be able to get your feet wet in open marine fishing for a fraction of the cost of some of the most expensive reels available in the marketplace.


Shimano Stella STL 30000 SWB

Shimano Stella STL 30000SWBWeight: 34.9oz

Max Drag: 44lbs

Monofilament Line Capacity: 370yds/40lbs to 250yds/60lbs

Gear Ratio: 4.4:1

Bearing Count: 14

The Shimano Stella series offers some of the greatest quality reels for any application and the 30000 SWB is a massive, over sized version of these iconic reels. Boasting superior line capacity, lightweight, and a frankly absurd number of high-quality bearings, this high-tech reel is simply superior to most of the competition.

The Stella series is reserved for the most serious of fishermen, however, at a high price point which reflects the amazing amount of technology and solid design which goes into these reels. If you’re a serious marine fisherman and looking to catch prize-winning fish, however, this is exactly the reel you’ll want to make the catches that you thought only occur in your dreams.


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