​Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel Review 2022

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Fishing Reel Background Information

The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is a lightweight reel for the enthusiast freshwater angler. With graphite composition frame and rotor, and an extensively skeletonized spool, the Okuma Ceymar is an excellent choice for just about any freshwater species you might target. You can have a reliable lightweight reel with eight bearings for smooth performance.

The reel being tested has been in use for approximately six months. It is paired with a medium power fast action drop shot rod and has been spooled with 8# P-Line Fluoroclear Copolymer, 10# P-Line Fluorocarbon, and 30# Sufix braid, all of which worked flawlessly with this reel.

okuma ceymar


This reel has seen some heavy use in several locations, some of which include clear lakes free of vegetation, and some dense vegetative regions like the California delta. The reel has been very well acquainted with dirt, dust, and swamp grime; and has even been submerged in dirty water a few times. Despite this, it still functions as smoothly as it did on day one without any service being performed.

The drag system is smooth, strong, and has held up to the big surges of oversized catfish as well as violent bass. The drag dial also has a nice audible click for minute drag adjustments on-the-fly.

The bail wire is still in perfect condition and opens and closes so smoothly with a nice audible click. This clicking sound alone is enough to persuade me to keep on casting and reeling.

For all the hours of use this reel has seen as well as all of the grime and dirt that has been wiped off, the Ceymar still performs as it had just been unboxed and installed on my rod. It isn’t showing any signs of performance diminish, and I expect that this reel will serve me well for many more years to come provided I don’t run it over with my car.

Overall Reliability Rating: 10/10


This fishing reel is constantly thrown around the car, on the dirt, smacked on trees and park benches, and is still holding up to all of the physical abuse I have put it through. The graphite frame and rotor are extremely light and durable as they show no signs of wear except for the paint; which also is extremely strong as no chipping has been visible as of yet. The comfortable EVA foam crank handle is also still intact with no signs of shredding or deforming. Unsurprisingly, the aluminum spool remains in perfect condition after using braid and doesn’t show any signs of early wear.

The lightweight graphite frame and rotor provide quite a lot of durability and light-weightedness for the price.

Overall Durability Rating: 10/10

Ease of Use

As expected, the Okuma Ceymar performs just like any other reel would. Open the bail, cast the lure, close the bail, and reel. No problem! Where it truly stands out from the competition is how smooth it feels and how solid the build of the reel is. The tight tolerances and lack of slop make the reel extremely pleasant to use.

The anti-reverse works exceptionally well with absolutely no play in the rotor, and reeling feels very refined.

The drag adjustment knob has a loud and tactile click which gives you a good idea of how far you’re tightening or loosening your drag.

When using three different types of line, there was no noticeable difference in reeling performance or how well the line came off of the spool.

Overall Ease of Use Rating: 10/10

Overall Rating and Closing Comments

For a reel that costs $49.99, it is as lightweight and performs just as well as one that might cost twice as much. The sleek and stealthy reel design make you confident on the water while the high-quality components and craftsmanship back that confidence up with proven performance. While I will continue to use this reel for finesse bass fishing applications, it has the capability to serve you well in any freshwater capacity – simply change out line to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a spinning reel on a budget but don’t want to skimp on quality, definitely take a look at the Okuma Ceymar.

Overall Rating: 10/10


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