Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappies are highly sought after and can be found any season, any day, any time. In addition to their great taste, they’re popular for the variety of methods they can be caught. Generally, crappies favor deeper waters of about 10-15 feet deep, unless it’s spawning season. Deeper waters maintain more consistent temperatures, which translates to […]

20 Best Fishing Spots in America

In the United States, fishing is seen as a field sporting activity, so it is important to enjoy the “fishing” and enjoy the fishing itself, not the last “fish”. California Man Steve Wozniak, after 10 years, ran 63 countries and caught 1,000 different fish, setting a limit for fishing. For the fish caught and will […]

Saltwater Fishing Tips for Beginners

saltwater fishing

Are you new to Saltwater Fishing? Unlike freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing involves distinctive techniques, larger fish, and special tools. So you want your saltwater fishing venture to be much more pleasurable? Then check out these “saltwater fishing tips for beginners”. 1. Practice alongside experts. As a newbie, it can be challenging doing deep-sea fishing or […]

Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques for Beginners

bass fishing

In case you love to fish and enjoy the relaxing experience that comes from it, you probably know about fishing. If so, you also know that, even though bass has the reputation of being quite the fighter when trapped, the thrill of first awaiting the strike and then hooking a bass causes a chemical response […]

Bass Fishing with Live Bluegill

Taking Advantage of the Food Chain If you find yourself fishing the same highly pressured lakes and failing to catch any bass worth a picture, you can always have your fun fishing with live bait. While bass fishing is typically a skill based sport using artificial lures, bass fishing with live bait can be done […]

​The Vanishing Point – Proper Fishing Line Selection

As with lures and all other fishing equipment on the market, there are numerous types, colors, and sizes of fishing line available to anglers of all species. The overwhelming number of brands and line types can make choosing an appropriate fishing line difficult for the average consumer. In this article, we will break down the […]

Bass Eyesight and Color Preference

With the copious amount of lures and accompanying color variations on the market today, it may be difficult for anglers to make a color decision that will work to their advantage. Is the lure company really producing lures of different colors to increase your chances of hooking up? – or are they just producing lots […]