Is braided line good for crappie fishing? 6 Facts you need to know!

braided line for crappie

Taking a look at the braided line used for crappie fishing, you have one of the oldest types of fishing line ever used. In the past, they used it to catch fish, but you have seen much of this fade away with the invention of the nylon line. Even despite this, a braided line has […]

Lake Guntersville: A Fisherman’s Dream

Fishing Lake Guntersville

I’ve loved fishing everywhere that I’ve ever had a chance to do it. I’ve never met a fish I don’t like, and they’re usually found in beautiful places. But often times, people ask me “where’s your favorite place in the world to fish?” And my answer: Lake Guntersville. Lake Guntersville is where I grew up […]

5 Secrets To Night Surf Fishing Success

Secrets To Night Surf Fishing

Although there is no replacement for the experience out in the surf at night, with some helpful tips your first time out in the dark can be an exciting and successful trip. To make your foray into surf fishing at night as enjoyable as possible, we’ve brought together 5 secrets that’ll guarantee you to have […]

5 Proven Tips for Catching Big Bass in The Spring

spring bass fishing tips

Bass is cold-blooded. Cold-blooded animals don’t expend metabolic energy maintaining their internal temperature. Instead, the temperature inside their bodies matches that of their outside environment. When the water is hot, the fish is hot. When the water is cold, the fish is cold. When attempting to maximize your bass fishing strategy’s effectiveness, you must take […]

4 Tips for Bass Fishing in the Summertime

summer bass fishing tips

There aren’t many summer activities more fun than bass fishing. With a variety of different types of bait that you can use, and excellent bass fishing locations across the globe, you have no excuse not to get out and do some bass fishing this upcoming summer. To get you prepared, we have four tips that […]

The Ultimate Guide to fishing for Largemouth Bass

largemouth bass fishing guide

The largemouth bass is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, sport fish in the world, and with good reason. I’ve fished all over the world. I’ve fly-fished for bonefish and permit in Belize where crystal clear flats tantalize fishermen with opportunities. I’ve wrestled 200-pound tarpon in Southwest Florida while their comrades […]

The Fly Fishing for Largemouth bass, Tips For Beginners

fly fishing

  Fishing is not only a great source of nutritious food, but it can be an exciting way to have fun. The anticipation and thrill that comes when you are fishing are sometimes apprehensive but quite fulfilling at the sight of your catch. In fact, you feel like a winner (of course you are!) and […]

16 Homemade Fishing lures Ideas

16 Homemade Fishing lures Ideas

Flat Side CrankBait Lure by sthone A FISHING LURE WITH A PLASTIC SPOON By cobalt420 Full Size 3D Printed Crankbait Lure by sthone Popper Fishing Lure by rpotashov Croatian Egg Lure by sthone Surface Fish Lure by sirmakesalot Topwater Frog wood lure by Handmade Coin Fly Fishing Lure by Red-and-Golden Fishing Spoon Lure […]

Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappies are highly sought after and can be found any season, any day, any time. In addition to their great taste, they’re popular for the variety of methods they can be caught. Generally, crappies favor deeper waters of about 10-15 feet deep, unless it’s spawning season. Deeper waters maintain more consistent temperatures, which translates to […]