Can Bass See Your Fishing Line? What Color is Best?

can bass see fishing line

If you love bass fishing, at one point or another, you might have considered whether or not bass can see your fishing line, and whether the color of your line matters. While there are plenty of different sources out there discussing this topic, this article will provide you with a definite answer based on facts […]

Can You Use a Spinning Reel for Crankbaits?

crankbait with spinning reel

You want to get into bass fishing, and more specifically, bass fishing with crankbaits. The only problem is you’ve heard that baitcasting tackle is the best way to use cranks, but you only have a spinning reel. If this is you, or you’re curious about using spinning gear with crankbaits, keep reading. So, the question […]

Understanding Different Types of Fishing Reels

types of fishing reels

The fishing reel is one of the oldest inventions in human history. These days, there are specialized fishing reels for every application you can imagine. But you don’t need a fancy reel to catch lots of fish. To understand all the different types of fishing reels, I started my research at the beginning. What I’ve […]

How Long do Minnows Live in a Bucket? (Should You Feed Them?)

minnows in a bucket

If you are an enthusiastic fisherman and use Minnows as live bait, you have probably had the misfortune of having them die on you too quickly. Do not worry; this is a problem that many new and experienced fishermen face at one point or another. Minnows tend to die far too easily when it is […]

How to Fish for Trout Without Fly Fishing: 26 Tips & Tricks

how to fish for trout without fly fishing

Fishing for wild trout can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as an angler. Trout fishing can also be some of the most fun you can have on the water. Trout can be found in lakes and rivers, but my favorite way to fish for trout is on a stream. Some […]

 Can You Eat Mudfish? How to Catch Them?

mudfish bowfin

Do you know how kids make pies out of the mud? They look nice, but it’s not a good idea to eat them. But how about mudfish, are they okay to eat? Or are they about as edible as poisonous mushrooms? Believe it or not, mudfish are perfectly edible. But that’s not all. You’ll also […]

Can You Fish for Bass out of Season?

fish for bass out of season

Bass fishing is a favorite with anglers in the US. According to a 2013 survey by the US Fishing and Wildlife Service, we spend 170 million days a year on bass fishing. Amazing, right? Considering these figures, it is important to ask, “Can you fish for bass out of season?” Considering the statistics, one would […]