Shimano Stradic CI4+ Reels Review 2018

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Shimano Stradic CI4+

This Shimano Stradic CI4+ Reel is a top end product. Featuring innovative Shimano technology, this ultra-light reel is an absolute wonder to hold in your hands. Using Shimano’s CI4 material, you’ll be amazed at this light reel that will quickly and smoothly allow you to finesse fish into your hands.


Type: Spinning Reel

# of Models: 5

Maximum Drag: 7-20lbs

Total Bearings: 7

Retrieve: 29-37in

Mono Line Capacity: 270yd/2lbs to 240yd/8lbs

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A Fantastic, Lightweight Reel

The greatest feature of this reel is in its construction, the CI4 in its name refers to the construction material. It stands for Carbon Interfusion, with 4 being the number of bonds available in a carbon atom. What does this mean for you? Quite simply that this reel is composed of reinforced carbon fiber, making it one of the strongest available in the marketplace.

Of course the great features on this high-end reel don’t stop there. The high number of bearings in its system will guarantee a ridiculously smooth action for you, and the bearings themselves are shielded to help prevent a bit of rough handling from adding sand and salt into the mix. You’ll be able to keep this reel running smoothly all day, and less time washing out sand means more time spent angling.

This reeShimano Stradic CI4+ Reell is quiet and smooth, it’s one of the core design goals. Shimano has met their stated purpose with this particular reel exceptionally well, and you won’t have to deal with loud clacking or a jerky retrieve anytime soon if you do decide to go with one of these.

It also features great Aero-Wrap II technology, which will wrap your line in a criss-cross pattern instead of just spooling it. While this sounds like just an aesthetic novelty, in practice you’ll find that it decreases the friction on your line and allows for longer and smoother casts. Utilizing their patented worm drive technology to move the spool, this reel offers an amazing advantage over the competition when it comes time to cast.

This great reel comes in four different sizes, allowing you to pick the one that is most suitable to your fishing needs. For light fresh water fishing, this is a must-have. This sturdy, quiet reel made from amazing space-age materials is almost too good to pass up.

Product Conclusion

For a fisherman who’s serious about his lightweight, freshwater fishing the Shimano Stradic CI4+ reel is one of the greatest on the market. It’s guaranteed to be smooth and long lasting, and the initial investment will be well worth the price as you fish with ease.

The most impressive feature is still simply the outrageous durability of its reinforced carbon fiber frame. Other reels might utilize graphite or aluminum, both of which have their uses and are certainly fairly tough, but there’s nothing quite like this material on the market. So if you’re a serious angler, looking to step up your light freshwater game, you could do a lot worse than making the purchase of this great reel.


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