10 Top Crappie Fishing Destination In The US

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Crappie is a widely targeted fish by anglers around the globe. It is even the starting point for some. It might be because they are light, easy to hook, and abundant.

Even experienced anglers come back to crappie at some point! The only difference is that experienced anglers have their favorite spots. But don’t worry if you don’t have one. Today I will share 10 top crappie fishing destinations in the US.

I’ve been on all of these sites. So these are crappie hotspots guaranteed. I will leave my favorite lake at the end for those looking for extra help. 

Best Places to Fish Crappies in the US 

For those of you in a hurry, we’ve shortlisted the best locations for crappie here: 

  • Grenada Lake, Mississippi
  • Lake Fork, Texas 
  • Oologah Lake, Oklahoma
  • Lake Washington, Mississippi
  • Lake D’arbonne, Louisiana
  • Kentucky Lake, Kentucky
  • Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee
  • Lake Talquin, Florida
  • Patoka Lake, Indiana

Keep reading for in-depth details about each option. 

Grenada Lake, Mississippi

Mississippi and crappie are two words that come together. But Grenada Lake is arguably the best crappie destination in the US. Just ask any crappie veteran, or better even, see for yourself.

With a 36000-acre surface, there is plenty of space to catch fish. Try your luck with jigs and minnows around the creeks and main flats. Look for weeds and timber, as crappie love to lurk in and around them. I’ve managed to catch some big ones fishing deep, around 6 to 10 feet below the surface. 

Because this lake is so big, I do recommend reading the fishing reports or taking a fish finder with you. 

Lake D’Arbonne, Louisiana

Lake D’Arbonne is one of the best fishing destinations in Louisiana. Here you can find bass, catfish, and of course, crappie. The park has five piers and an extensive shoreline. However, I rather grab my kayak and fish far from the rest of the anglers. 

You must pay to enter the park. But nothing to worry about as it is a small fee. There are also cabins for rent if you want a weekend escapade. 

Lake Washington, Mississippi

I have had nothing but good experiences fishing in Lake Washington. The reason is that Crappies are extremely abundant. Look for weeds and underwater structures.

There are six boat ramps distributed along the shoreline. I haven’t got the opportunity to bring my boat there. But I’ve fished in the shallow areas, which is where I commonly find crappies. 

The fish has to be 11 inches in length if you intend to keep it. You must release it otherwise. 

Oologah Lake, Oklahoma

It might be difficult to pronounce. But believe me. This reservoir is worth your while. Camping, sightseeing, boating, picnicking, and fishing are some activities you can do inside the premises. 

The lake is public. You still need a fishing license, though. So make sure to have one before your first cast.

My favorite sports are the small creeks around the middle of the lake. Here is where I find most of the weeds and structure, making it a perfect place for crappies during the hotter months. 

Lake Fork, Texas

This might be my favorite lake of all. Both white and black crappie are abundant in the region.  

I have two favorite spots depending on the weather. I concentrate on the dam during winter. In spring and summer, however, I cast my lure under in and around the weeds and sunken structure.

There are several natural and artificial underwater structures where fish love to hide. You can find the location in this interactive file

Kentucky Lake, Kentucky

Kentucky Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in the United States. It was created back in 1944 to prevent flooding and produce hydroelectric power. It still does the job. Plus it is a superb fishing destination. 

Kentucky Lake is open year-round. There are tackle shops on site and several fishing services that you can hire for a much more rewarding experience. 

Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee

Shallow and swamp-like, the Reelfoot Lake has proven crappie-productive many times. It might not be my go-to option. But it is still a great spot if you own a boat. 

I usually fish around Rag Point and Grassy Bend. I move to the side channels if I don’t have any luck with these locations. I know. You might not know the layout of the lake. Don’t worry. You can access a map here

Lake Talquin, Florida

Granted, Florida might not be on anyone’s head when it comes to freshwater angling. However, this is one of the best black crappie fishing spots in the US.

It lacks the weeds that crappie love. But there is plenty of timber and lily pads to make for. I suggest trying the shallow sections when the temperatures are high. So make sure to target the creeks when you are there. 

Patoka Lake, Indiana

Patoka Lake is the second-largest body of water in Indiana. It houses many species, including bass, catfish, walleye, and crappie. The latter is especially abundant since the introduction of shad to the lake. 

The lake is accessible all year, winter included. But my largest catches have been after April. I usually take my boat and try the weeds on the narrow side channels. Don’t you own a boat? Don’t despair. You can rent one on-site. 

Belleville Lake, Michigan

My top fishing destination in the state of Michigan. It packs all freshwater gamefish, including bass, musky, catfish, pike, and black crappie. 

The lake is relatively shallow, with a maximum depth of 20 feet. My favorite spots are along the shore and around the creek that connects with Ford Lake. 


Crappie is a common target of beginners and professional anglers alike. It is easy to catch, provided you know where to look. I personally recommend Grenada Lake. This is the best crappie fishing destination in the country. But any of these lakes will do the trick if you are far away from this one.

Some fishing line, a rod, and a reel are all you need to try any of these destinations. Make sure to check the articles I embedded here to check some of our best options! 

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