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13 Fun Facts About Fishing

People have been fishing for, at least, 40000 years, which is a long time! And people continue to practice this ancient hobby. The main difference is that they don’t fish

The 7 Best Fishing Magazines

Angling is more than a hobby. It is an art. An art that takes years and countless casts to master. In other words, it takes a lot of trial and

I am an avid life long fisherman, having caught over 25,000 fish over the years. My life-long passion for fishing began when my father taught me how to fish at the age of ten. I started to share my extensive knowledge of all things fishing.

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7 Best Weedless Fishing Lures

Angling is more than just casting and retrieving your line. You must carefully choose the right gear. Learn how each piece interacts with the other and whether or not it

Best Fishing Line For Trout

Your fishing setup varies greatly depending on what and where you will be fishing. For example, you should use thick lines with medium rods if you are going after a

Best Kayak Carts

It’s sunny outside; you dust out your kayak and set all your gear. You put everything in the car and drive to the local beach, lake, or river. You know

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