Shakespeare Telescoping Spinning Rod Review 2019

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Shakespeare Telescoping Spinning RodIt can be hard to find a telescoping rod that offers real durability and will still pack down enough for your needs. These rods offered by Shakespeare are simply amazing, and they’re sure to meet the needs for a smaller pole. Whether you just want a rod to keep in your car for those chance encounters with streams, or something to take in your bag for a multi-day trek to catch your dinner, these fishing rods are sure to impress.



Model #: TM46SPT or TM66SPT

Size Extended: 4’6” or 6’6”

Size Collapsed: 13 ½” or

Number of Segments: 5 or 7

Reel Seat: Twist Lock or Conventional Spinning

Action: Ultra-Light or Medium

These rods are constructed with graphite reel locks and stainless steel guides, and their flex is sure to fit any light freshwater fishing needs.

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Why a Shakespeare Telescoping Rod?

Modern telescoping rods are a god-send for the backpacker or hiker, featuring slim, short profiles that don’t take up much space in your pack for the utility they offer. These rods are sure to earn an honored place in your camping gear and last for a long time.

These Shakespeare telescoping rods are absolutely perfect for fishing in small streams and ponds so you can add fresh trout or bass to whatever you’ve packed in for dinner. Simply attach your reel, extend the pole, and cast out without having to worry about the hassle of carrying a full length pole on your wilderness treks.

Both poles will easily take fish in the three to five pound range and bring them up for your pleasure, easily earning the limited amount of space they’ll take up in your pack. The rods are also extremely light, and as every backpacker knows every ounce counts on the trail.

Even on just a day hike this rod might prove handy, every hiker has come across a stream teeming with delicious fish once or twice while pursuing their hobby and always curse themselves for not having brought a rod. These rods are small enough when collapsed to even be unobtrusive in a day pack. There’s no reason to lament the lack of gear, just slip one of these in alongside the rest of your stuff and you’ll always be prepared.

But you don’t have necessarily have to take this rod out into the wilderness to enjoy its utility, store a small box of tackle, your reel, and this rod under a seat of your car and you’ll be able to stop and enjoy a good session of fishing when you happen to drive by that perfect stream.’

Product Conclusions

Whatever your pleasure, any avid fisher will find that this rod is a portable and durable must-have for their gear. Simply match your new rod off with a good reel, and you’ll be sure to never have to pass up that perfect spot ever again.

With durable, high quality construction and a great name brand attached, you’ll wonder how you ever got by on your trips without this. The only thing you’ll lose out on by not buying this rod is the fish you’ll see swimming past on your adventures, and that’s a high price to pay for anyone with a love for the sport and art of fishing.


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