Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel Review 2018

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Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel 1

Are you looking for an awesome spinning reel to use on the ocean? Look no further, Okuma has got you covered. The Okuma Cedros High-Speed Spinning Reel is a great bargain and features advanced technology to help you get the job done. Featuring a custom jigging handle and a high-speed gear ratio, this is a great rod for pulling your favorite prey out of the ocean with comfort and ease. This reel comes in five sizes and you are sure to find one to fit your marine needs.


Model: CJ-30S, CJ-40S, CJ-45S, CJ-55S, CJ-65S, CJ-80S

Gear Ratio: 6:2:1 on CJ-30S to CJ-55S, 5:7:1 on CJ-65S and CJ-80S

Bearings: 5 total on every model

Weight: 11.2oz/12.1oz/16.9oz/22.8oz/23oz

Line Retrieve: 30”/34”/40”/42”/46”

Max Drag Pressure: 18lbs/20lbs/24lbs/31lbs/33lbs

Monofilament Line Capacity: 200yds/6lbs, 270yds/8lbs, 380yds/10lbs, 430yds/12lbs, 420yds/15lbs

Materials: Aluminum frame, reel and spool, graphite sideplates

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An Advanced Reel at a Bargain Price

Okuma makes great reels at a competitive price, and this one is no exception. This spinning rod is specifically designed for saltwater fishing and boasts a number of anti-corrosive measures. Every angler familiar with the ocean knows that the sea air and salt water in marine environments can quickly cause a reel to fail, and Okuma takes all the measures necessary to ensure you have this piece of equipment for years to come.

Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel1

This reel is amazingly smooth and has a retrieve rate, which is just what you need for hard fighting fish. When you finally hook your record cod, you’ll be absolutely thrilled with your purchase. This reel is more than fairly priced, and it is just the thing you need to get you going if you’re new to spin casting reels.

This reel has a lot of potential for smaller ocean fish, if you’re looking into a spin casting rod the chances are that you aren’t trying to pull up a tiger shark. This reel has amazing potential when it comes to smaller oceanic species though, and is specially designed for jigging. Whether the prey of your pleasure is rock cod or flounder, this reel will help you get one step closer to making the catch of a lifetime.

Product Conclusions

If this is your introduction to using a spin casting reel in ocean waters you might balk a bit at the price, but you should rest easy knowing that this is an absolute bargain. This reel will keep for years to come with proper maintenance and its smooth action will be a pleasure to work with your hands.

For the more experienced ocean angler, this is a great way to step up a bit if you’re using a cheap reel. When you use this reel you’ll be shocked that you hadn’t already stepped things up a notch and may just find that you’ve become a new believer. This reel delivers and is available in a size to suit almost anyone’s needs, so when you decide you need the upgrade it may just be time to take a look at the Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reels.


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