Eagle Claw PK555SP Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod Review

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The Pack-It by Eagle Claw is an extraordinary entry-level telescopic fishing rod. Its fiberglass blank collapses to just 17 inches! Which makes it one of the most portable rods in the market. With a price tag of around 25 bucks, the Pack-It is among the most affordable telescopic fishing rods available. 


Eagle Claw PK555SP Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

  • Fiberglass pole 
  • EVA foam handle 
  • Ceramic inlets 
  • Closed length: 17 inches
  • Weight: 4.94 
  • Medium power



The Eagle Claw Pack-It telescopic fishing rod is an ideal option for any angler looking for an affordable and portable backpacking spinning or casting rod. It doesn’t have the most impressive design or construction, as you will see in a bit. But it has a more than decent performance given the extremely low retail price. 

Greenhorn anglers will benefit the most from this purchase, especially if they engage in fishing as a side activity during their time in the outdoors.  

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Eagle Claw Pack-It Design  

As you first lay eyes on the rod, you will notice that it doesn’t stand out from the rest. It actually looks like an ancient rod. In other words, it has a simple design with none of the attractive features of modern-day rods. 

It is only available on a single power, action, and length combination with four collapsible sections. Thus, you are better off with something else if you want a different setup. You can get a light, black and yellow aluminum reel if you are willing to pay for the rod and reel combo

Nevertheless, remember that the Eagle Claw Pack-It is a travel rod. Thus, you are getting a portable, light, and simple rod, nothing else. 

Eagle Claw Pack-It Construction 

As happens with design, the construction is nothing out of this planet. But it gets the job done, particularly if you are targeting small freshwater fishes, such as panfish or small bass and trouts. 


The Eagle Claw Pack-It features a surprisingly light fiberglass pole. Hence, the rod is not as sensible as graphite telescopic fishing rods. Since it has a slow action, the rod will bend along the entire length. Thus, it has low sensitivity. Still, the frame is solid enough to tackle small to medium fish.

The rod measures 5’6” at full extension, and it packs as small as 17 inches after you collapse the four sections. Thus, it will surely fit on most backpacks. Additionally, it will not break your back since it only weighs 4.94 ounces, another fact that makes this rod perfect for anglers who like to hike and do some fishing on the side.

Extending the rod is an easy and smooth process. As always, remember to start from the tip and work your way down. Be very careful with the tip. It is very thin and prone to break if hit. We recommend using a bag with soft cushioning to protect the rod while it is in your trunk or backpack.

Like most telescopic fishing rods, the Pack-It comes as a medium-power rod. 

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Line Guides

The Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic fishing rod features four wired lines guides with ceramic inlets. The smooth ring is ideal for thin lines between 4 to 10 pounds, which are likely to break under heavy load. 

All line guides have more than one welding point. Thus, they are not likely to come off while you use the rod. 

Reel Seat

Nothing fancy here either. This telescopic rod features a fiberglass reel seat. You can adjust the width of the section depending on the reel that you are using. 


You have an EVA foam grip at either side of the reel seat. The one near the end of the rod is bigger, but in our opinion, it is still short compared with other models. It doesn’t have enough cushioning either. However, since this is not a rod for giants, the handle won’t hurt your hands.

You should keep the rod away from sharp objects as the handle peels off fairly easily. 

The Reel (optional)

You will be getting a light aluminum reel if you end up buying the rod and reel combo. It has a graphite spool that is already full of fishing line out of the box. Still, it is better to change it, since monofilament tends to have high line memory. 

Although each option, the standalone rod or the reel and rod, have the same construction, the latter has an extra line guide and bigger handles. So, even that the reel is quite cheap, the extra features are worth it. 

Power and Action Configuration

Sadly, the Pack-it only comes as a medium power, slow action telescopic rod. This is a huge deal-breaker for some anglers who are already familiar with a certain setup. But it won’t be a problem for most beginners.

Eagle Claw Pack-It Performance

The Eagle Claw has superb performance, especially with small fishes. But you will have a hard time landing bigger and more aggressive fishes. Furthermore, since the rod is not very sensible, it is quite a challenge to pick up the bites at first. But everything should go swimmingly once you get used to it. 

The rod will bend in its entire length as soon as you set your hook. This happens because the pole has a slow action, nothing to worry about.

Be careful when collapsing the rod. We don’t know why, but the process is not as smooth as extending it. So, make sure to hold each section tight and slowly bring it down. 

Now, let us tell you that the reel is quite cheap. It is not smooth and has an annoying sound as you reel the fish in. We recommend choosing another reel and pair it with the rod. 

Here you can see some Eagle Claw first-hand action. 

Eagle Claw Pack-It: A Great Rod for the Price 

The Eagle Claw Pack-It is not the best telescopic fishing rod in terms of construction and variety of options. But for an entry-level travel rod, the performance is more than ok, especially considering that this rod retails for less than 25 bucks. 

The fiberglass construction is stiff and lacks sensitivity. Additionally, the EVA foam handles are not as comfortable as the ones found in other rods. But this doesn’t matter too much since you will be targeting small fishes with this rod. 

Its compactness is the second biggest advantage of this rod with the first begin its price. It is remarkably light and packs very small. It will fit inside almost any bag of the hatch. Be careful, though. It doesn’t bring a protective cap out of the box. Thus, make sure to keep it inside a protective bag while you are not using it. 

In our opinion, this rod is perfect for beginners and people who wish to fish as a side activity. 

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