3 Best Inshore Spinning Rods Reviewed (2021 Hands-on Guide)

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Inshore fishing is a variant of ocean fishing in which you stick to shallower waters. Basically, you’ll almost always be fishing in water that’s less than a hundred feet deep. What does this mean for the angler’s equipment, though?

First of all, there’s a lot less likelihood of the mishaps which can occur in offshore fishing. Some of these are unavoidable, a shark snapping your line while you’re reeling in your prize or the dreaded kamikaze dive which some sea lions seem to enjoy unleashing upon anglers.

It also means the waters will tend to be calmer. A lot of a wave’s energy has already been expended by the time that it’s that close to shore. Most of your equipment for inshore fishing will be lighter than the standard marine fare of heavy rods and reels. You won’t want to be using an outfit for panfish, but it sticking close to shore should keep fish within a much more manageable size.

The ideal rod for this kind of fishing is usually between seven and eight feet long with a medium action. Inshore fish can be a bit easily spooked, so the longer rod will allow you to cast further from your boat in order to ease their minds a bit. The medium action comes in handy since you might be getting something that fights a little harder than expected and the strain will be distributed more evenly along the rod.

If you’re looking into getting into this exciting and unique category of marine fishing, we have some fantastic suggestions for you. With one of the following rods in your hands and a bit of technique you’ll soon find yourself pulling in fish with ease, so read on and see if any of these will meet your specific needs.

Top 3 Best Inshore Spinning Rods 2020

Penn Squadron Inshore Spinning Rods

The Penn Squadron is probably one of the best inshore spinning rods that a beginner will be able to find. This one comes in at seven feet long, which makes it ideal for someone who isn’t quite sure what they’re going for yet.

Paired with a good spinning reel, this set-up is actually usable by pretty much any angler looking to get in on some inshore action.

They’re offered with both EVA foam and cork grips. Cork is generally considered more durable, but it does require a bit of maintenance. EVA foam is also a great material, and it’s less prone to picking up slime and dirt in its interior crevices.

The blank is comprised of composite graphite, matching the best of more than one material to provide you with an absurdly high-quality rod for the price. Graphite is nice for sensitivity but fiberglass is a bit tougher, so why not get something that fits perfectly in the middle?

The Penn Squadron is one of the best investments the novice fisherman can make for an inshore experience. The rod will be durable and reliable, and you’ll be able to enjoy years of fishing with it before you’ll ever need to consider buying another rod.

St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods

This is another specialty pole designed explicitly for the purpose of inshore fishing. If you’re looking for something high-quality that might just last for your entire angling career, look no further.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this rod is its suitability for saltwater fishing, the guides are made of corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel so rest will be a secondary concern. Obviously, you’ll still need to maintain things, but the added durability will greatly add to the longevity of this rod.

The split handles are made of cork, which is a great material that is sure to last a long time. The split might seem a bit large in size, but you’ll find it’s a lot of use during your cast.

The poles come in two sizes, and the 76” option is probably your best bet. It might still be a bit short for weak casters, so make sure you’ll be able to get some distance with a shorter pole before making the investment.

For the experienced angler, this is the inshore rod you’ve been dreaming of. It’s fantastically lightweight since it’s made of high-quality graphite, the guides are perfect for fishing in a marine area, and the handle is very ergonomic. It comes highly recommended for the inshore angler who has a little bit of money to invest in their hobby.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Inshore Select Fishing Rod

Shakespeare seems to have an Ugly Stik to suit the needs of almost every type of fishing. This rod is no exception, using their proprietary techniques they’ve created one which is perfect for inshore fishing.

The price is more than reasonable for this great rod. The rod blank is made using a rather old method for fiberglass production called the Howald Process. The blank is actually a composite since there’s added graphite as well. This makes for a tremendously strong and sensitive pole which is perfect for most anglers.

The rod is lightweight for the amount of strength contained within it as well, making it perfect for those who are planning on making a day of their trek. Lightweight rods are especially useful for inshore fishing since it’s likely you’ll be moving and casting quite a bit during the day.

This one-piece rod should make for a balanced experience for almost anyone who wants to fish near the shore. With the right spinning reel atop it, you’ll find that the fight is on and your rod certainly won’t be holding you back. It’s a great option for those who want to make a bit of an investment but can’t justify the cost of a higher-quality pole. Dollar for dollar, though, this rod is a bargain.


The highest quality pole here is undoubtedly the St. Croix Mojo. It’s superior quality and construction makes it something that will last nearly forever if it’s not abused. The graphite in the blank is the highest-quality and makes it well worth the investment.

For those on a budget, the Penn Squadron and Shakespeare Ugly Stik Inshore are both great purchases. The final purchase here will likely come down to either brand loyalty or preferred aesthetic since you can’t go wrong with either.


We hope we’ve helped you find an inshore rod that is perfect for what you’re doing. If you’re just getting into the hobby you’ll soon find yourself amazed at just how much fun it can be even though you’re not coming face-to-face with pelagic monsters. If you have access to the ocean, there’s absolutely no reason not to get out on the water and see just how much action there can be in shallower water.

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