Is Kastking a Good Brand? A Comprehensive Review

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Although fairly new, Kastking is an increasingly popular brand. It might be because of its budget-friendly price. Or the fact that it offers great value for your money. 

However, there is a constant argument regarding the quality and durability of KastKing products. Some say they are only suitable for beginners. Others have been backing the brand since its invention. But is Kastking a good brand? In my opinion, it is. KastKing products strike a perfect balance between quality and price! 

If it takes more than this to convince you, rest assured. Today I will share my experience using their products. Hopefully, after reading this you will walk to your local tackle box and get one of their products!

What Does KastKing Sell?

One of the things I like about Kastking the most is that they offer everything from reels to rods and anything in between. This includes fishing lines, tackle bags, reels, rods, tackle organizers, and even clothes. This means that you don’t need to look and investigate three or four brands after getting your gear sorted. You can find all that you need in the same place. 

Let’s take some time to talk about each one of their product lines. 

KastKing Reels

Among all their products, reels are by far the most popular. They have spinning, casting, spincast, and even round models for deep-sea fishing. In short, they cover all areas in this department. 

Overall, the quality of their reel is good enough for the average angler. For example, KastKing Sharky III is one of my favorite spinning reels. I use the 4000 size, which is ideal for bass fishing

If you are into trolling, the KastKing ReKon offers plenty of value for your money. It has a line counter, strong drag, and an oversized power handle. 


One of the main problems with affordable reels is durability. They either break down after a couple of months or become stiff. On the other hand, they need constant maintenance to keep them running. That’s why many beginners are a little wary of Kastking reels.

Fear not. Kastking reels might not have premium hardware inside. But they are good enough to last years, especially if you take good care of them. 

The drag on the reels is smooth and the housing is strong enough. As a result, they don’t usually flex under pressure, and the internals is rust-resistant in most models. 

Can you Use KastKing Reels in Saltwater?

Although, not all reels are suitable to handle the corrosive nature of salt water. However, some models do. Take the Zephyr Carbon, for example. The carbon-infused body cares little about saltwater. On the other hand, stainless steel bearings don’t know what corrosion is. In a nutshell, yes. You can use KastKing reels in the saltwater. Just make sure to pick the right model. 

Do Pro Anglers Use KastKing Reels?

Yes. Several professional anglers trust Kastking products during competition times. Some of them are even champions and winners of several awards and distinctions. Here you have a full list of names.

KastKing Rods

Just as with reels KastKing offers a wide selection of rods, including spinnings, casting, and even telescopic models. Again, they are more affordable than other brands. 

But this does not mean that Kastking is cutting corners with their rods. Take the KastKing Brutus as an example. This composite pole offers plenty of flexibility and power to catch bass, crappie, and other fish of similar size. 

If you care a lot about portability, KastKing also has your back. You can get the Blackhawk II, which is a telescopic rod that packs down to 25 inches! And the best thing is that it is as strong as a regular single-piece fishing rod

Kastking rods, in general, are quite good. They are sensible yet strong enough to catch any fish. True. They might be stiffer than brands such as St. Croix or Abu Garcia. But they get the job done for a fraction of the price. 

On the other hand, they offer models with graphite or fiberglass blanks. Most of the rods come with an EVA foam handle, which might be a deal breaker for some as cork handles are usually more durable. However, I’ve had a pleasant experience so far. 

Fishing Lines

We were not lying when we said that Kastking has everything you need for your next adventure, including fishing lines

Fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided lines are among their wide selection of options. The SuperPower braided spool is by far my favorite. There are plenty of test strengths, colors, and spool sizes to choose from.  One common problem with fishing lines is that they are thicker than other brands. This means that you won’t be able to wrap as much line in the spool. 

Still, KastKing fishing lines are reliable. In fact, KastKing’s first best seller was the SuperPower braided fishing line we mentioned before. 

Fishing Apparel

Unlike other brands, KastKing also sells clothes, tackle bags, plastic organizers, glasses, pliers, gloves, nets, hats, lip grippers, and even scales. These are also more affordable than most competitors. 

I’ve used their tackle bags as gear organizers before and I have no complaints. I’m able to fit all my gear inside and they remain comfortable. 

Yeah. Not all of us are interested in fishing apparel. We just care about rods, reels, fishing lines, and lures. The important thing here is that KastKing has everything you might need for fishing.  

Why Are KastKing Products So Affordable?

Many anglers argue that KastKing is not a reputable brand because its products sit on the cheaper side. But this doesn’t mean that they are cutting corners and using unreliable materials. 

But rest assured. This is not the case here. Granted, KastKing might not use cold-forged Japanese stainless steel to produce their reels. But again, their products will get the job done in most, if not all, situations. 

So, how does KastKing manage to release its products at such an affordable price tag? All they do is cut the middleman. In other words, they both produce and distribute their products. This allows them to cut their prices by around 20% when compared to the competition. 

You might wonder. Why don’t other companies take the same approach? Well. Since its conception KastKing has owned its whole value chain. Their founders did this intentionally. This has allowed them to fine-tune their operations. 

In contrast, other companies have always relied on a third party to handle distribution. This happens because these companies produce a wide variety of products that usually reach people all around the globe. Thus, they must partner with a reputable distributor to handle that side of the business. 

When Was KastKing Invented?

KastKing is relatively new compared with brands such as SHIMANO. Their founders created the black and orange company back in February 2014.  It took them two years to reach 150 countries and to think this all started with just one product: Their best seller SuperPower braided fishing line. 

Where Are KastKing Products Made?

In the same place where 80% of the fishing tackle is currently being produced: China. Many people associate this with poor quality. But you will be surprised to know that Lew, Penn, and Abu Garcia come from China too! So, there is no reason to think that KastKing products are of poor quality just based on the country where they are being made. 

But this is just half of the story. They also own production facilities in South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, and even the US. Yes, the bulk of their products come from China. But the other locations are where they produce specialized gear such as sunglasses or fishing tools. 

Who is KastKing’s Owner?

Although they have a diverse management team, it all started in the mind of Tate Cui after he finished his MBA at the age of 25. Today, the company is managed by 16 individuals dedicated to bringing affordable innovation to more and more anglers each day. 

Where Can I Buy KastKing Products?

As we said before, KastKing is currently present in 150 countries. This means that you should be able to find their products at the local tackle shop. 

You can always go online if you are unlucky enough to live outside these 150 nations. Alternatively, you can wait until KastKing products arrive in your country. 

KastKing: Making Fishing Affordable

The thing that we in Luremefish love the most about KastKing is that they constantly release great products with an affordable price tag. This way, more and more people can start and keep fishing without breaking the bank. 

Many people are concerned about durability. But don’t worry. KastKing products are long-lasting and pack a lot of value for your money. The fact that they are cheaper doesn’t mean they are using poor-quality materials. They just save money handling distribution themselves. This way, they can cut their prices by up to 20% compared with other brands. 

Yeah. Most of their products come from China. But so do the ones of other brands! So don’t let this keep you from getting and enjoying KastKing products. Make sure to share your thoughts with us once you do! 

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