The 5 Best Fishing Scales

What is the best way to prove your fishing prowess? Simple, by proving the accurate weight of your big catch with one of the best fish scales. It’s one thing to take a selfie with a fish and brag about what you reeled in.  It’s another to have a picture with you, the fish, and a scale showing how much your catch weighed.  To do that, you need a fish scale.

What are the best fish scales?  Fish scales come in several types and for different purposes.  Here are our picks:

Best overall: Dr. Meter Digital Hanging Hook Scale

Best budget: Mango Spot LCD Digital Fishing Scale

Best digital: ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale

Best for tournaments: Rapala Touch screen Tourney scale

Best fish gripper: Eastaboga Tackle Bogagrip

Fish scales have been around for a very long time, but over the past few years, there have been a number of advancements that make these tools much cooler.  That’s why you don’t want to buy just any old fish scale, and we’re here to help you sort through all the choices.  After we talk about the different types of scales, we’ll explain our top picks.

What are the Different Kinds of Fish Scales?

These are devices that are used to precisely weigh and measure the fish that are caught by anglers. This helps you follow the local keep laws and lets you weigh your fish for tournaments or for your own documentation.

Spring Fishing Scales

These are earlier fishing scales that relied more on a hook, spring, and a series of numbers on the outside of its containment. They worked by hooking the fish up through its mouth and then holding the scale-up so that the weight of the fish pulls against the spring’s pressure; This pulled the dial to its rightful weight.

Since this process heavily relied on the spring, it was tested with known pressures to ensure that the right weight was found.

Digital Fish Scales

Some of the most popular fish scales today, such as Piscifun and Berkeyl, are digital.  These scales typically are more accurate.  Additionally, they can weight smaller fish that weren’t able to be properly weighed in the past. All of these fish can also be weighed down to the exact ounce.

Durability is also a factor to consider for your fish scale. In the past, they were made of metal that would rust very easily. Nowadays, they are made of high compact plastics.

The Lip Gripper

Some companies like Piscifun have gotten rid of hooking the fish to weigh it, the “lip gripper” acts like the same lip gripper that pulls fish out of the water.  This is particularly helpful when weighing fish that have soft mouths or are toothy.

Fishing Scale Grips

To prevent hand strain, every fishing scale should have a good grip. Higher sensitivity scales will cause the weight to fluctuate if you don’t have a steady grip. After a full day of fishing, this can be hard to do.

Best Overall: Dr. Meter Digital Hanging Hook Scale

This hook scale is known for having a great price, sturdy construction, and small size for easy transportation.

What we liked:

  • Automatic shut-off: One cool feature that this product has is that it has an automatic shut off function to save the battery life, in case you forgot to shut it off.
  • Back lit screen: If you like to go fishing at night, then you will surely appreciate the backlit screen to make weighing much easier.
  • Tare function: This allows you to weigh and empty net or bucket and then reset your scale to zero before you weigh your fish so that you know exactly how much your fish weighs.
  • Built-in tape measure: You can look at the length of your fish and see if you’re violating the minimum size restrictions.
  • The handle, hook, and tape measure can be packed away so that the whole scale fits inside your tackle box.

What we didn’t like:

  • The rubber on the handle sometimes came off.
  • The battery died preemptively in some cases.

The Bottom Line:

If you want a versatile scale that can handle many functions such as measuring the length of the fish.

Best Budget: Mango Spot LCD Digital Fishing Scale

For one of the cheapest scales out there, it still does an excellent job. It’s a hanging fish scale, so it is easy to take on the boat. It can measure up to 110 pounds and as little as .01 pound increments.

What we liked:

  • Overload indication: this indicates if there is too much weight on the scale, it also has an auto shut off feature so that you don’t drain the batteries.
  • Different measurements: The fish can be measured in kilograms, ounces, and jin.
  • This scale comes with two AA batteries so that you don’t immediately have to get your own. It has been reported that some of the weights vary a little when compared with other scales, but at such a low price, you won’t find anything better.

What we didn’t like:

  • There were some problems with the batteries dying within a few weeks of purchase—but that’s to be expected with batteries that come with a product
  • Scales vary in how much something weighs, and some stopped working when weighing fish over 40 pounds.

The Bottom Line:

This is a cheap scale.  If you want a scale without bells and whistles, consider the Mango.

Best Digital: ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale

You will immediately notice the ergonomic design on this unique scale. In addition, it has a decent price and incredible accuracy.

What we liked:

  • Large backlit screen: This provides a digital display that is easy to read all day and night. It also comes with the tare function.
  • Comfortable fit: This allows you to have a good grip when weighing even the heaviest catch.


  • Built-in tape measure: You can confirm the length and make sure you aren’t violating any laws, or you can put up a new personal record.
  • Automatic shut-off function: The battery can last up to 500 hours with this handy saving feature; this is an ideal scale for long fishing trips.

What we didn’t like:

  • The scale stopped functioning within 3 months in some cases
  • Not very water resistant

The Bottom Line:

This scale is for people that want a very easy to use scale that offers extreme precision. For some people, these scales last a long time, and for others, they don’t last longer than 3 months.

Best for Tournaments: Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale

This is one of the most popular scales used in tournaments because it makes it much easier to get the job done. The screen may require a little bit of force to work properly, and there are several functions, but once you learn everything, you’ll do fine in tournaments.

What we liked:

  • Large digital touch screen: This makes everything much easier to read. Additionally, it is heavy-duty, making it hard to break and malfunction.
  • 8-piece culling system: This is included with 3 different weight display options that allow you to identify your fish early and get an accurate weight in whatever measurement you want.
  • Backlight: Easy to read lighting for when you’re fishing at night and would otherwise have a hard time reading the screen.

What we didn’t like:

  • The scale broke down in some cases when it got wet.
  • The measurements were off in some cases
  • The clamp can be hard to get open

The Bottom Line:

A great scale for night and tournament fishing. It can get a weight measurement fast and in 3 different ways. Be careful with the scale around water because it can cause it to malfunction.

Best Fish Gripper: Eastaboga Tackle Bogagrip

This is a heavy-duty and robust scale that will last you a lifetime. It doesn’t have any digital components, but it still has a great analog.

What we liked:

  • Stainless steel body: Some people love stainless steel, and the durable construction adds to this aesthetic.
  • IGFA certified: This scale was sent into the International Game Fish Association and it easily passed.
  • Special BogaGrip: This unique grip promotes “catch and release fishing.” It can land, handle and weigh fish with speed, and it will do all of this without harming the fish.

What we didn’t like:

  • Very expensive compared to all other scales.
  • Cannot be used on Trout or bone-fish because it damages them.

The bottom line:

If you want a long term scale that is very accurate and weighs by “fish gripping,” this is the best scale out there. However, it causes damage to some fish and has trouble with toothed fish, so it isn’t as versatile.

How Have Fish Scales Evolved over Time?

There are still many old scales in circulation, but over time, scales have improved to provide a more accurate weight measurement.

Today, many fish scales have become digital, and they can even be calibrated to be more exact, length determining features have been added for this.

Some tournaments even have larger fish scales to measure multiple fish at once, these scales are just as accurate as the smaller ones.

Taking Care of Your Fish Scale

Forutnealty, fish scales don’t need that much care to remain functional for many years. Here are some easy tips to follow if you want to extend the life of your scale:

  • Make sure you always have fresh batteries in your scale before a fishing trip
  • Corrosion can occur if you store your scales for a long time with the batteries inside
  • Wipe your scale before storing it to make sure it is dry.
  • Every year you should send them in for calibration, the IGFA can do this for you, but they require a fee. If they do this, then you will be able to use that scale for a potential world record fish.

Final Thoughts

Your choice will really depend on what type of fishing you do and how you prefer to weigh your fish. Whether this is for tournament fishing or you really prefer using lip grips, we have you covered.

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