Abu Garcia Classic Baitcast Reel Review 2019

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Abu Garcia Classic Baitcast Reel is sure to help you reel in the big ones. You might just find that this reel is exactly the baitcasting reel that you’ve been looking to add to your equipment for years. Whether your pleasure is bass or trout, any freshwater angler is sure to be able to find a reel in this series that suits them.

Abu Garcia Classic Baitcast Reel


# of Models: 6
Gear Ratio: 5.3:1
Monofilament Line Capacity: 160yds/12lbs to 320yds/12lbs
Bearing Count: 4
Maximum Drag: 15lbs
Retrieve Rate: 26”
Braking System: Centrifugal

This reel is a great option for the freshwater fisherman. The difference between the models available seems to be primarily based around the spool size. You’ll want to make sure to purchase the size which is most suitable for your purposes since the largest of them has double the line capacity of the smallest.

Anglers with a sinister bent will be pleased to note that all three sizes of this reel come in a left handed variation. No need to sit out on the largest size with this one just because of your preferred hand.

This reel also boasts a considerable weight for drag, and with Abu Garcia’s Carbon Matrix drag system you can be sure it’s smooth and easily controllable. It features a six pin centrifugal brake, making your casts easily controllable and silky smooth, although some anglers have complained that the brake needs to be set with a screwdriver in the event that conditions change drastically.

The 5.3:1 gearing might be a bit low depending on what your intentions are, but the reel still has a fairly impressive retrieve rate of 26”. The synchronized level-wind will also make for an amazingly easy cast, reducing the risk of those troublesome backlashes.

Like a lot of Abu Garcia’s reels, you’ll find that the ergonomic design makes it fit easily in your hands. With a comfortable grip on this lightweight reel, you won’t need to worry about your wrists giving out during a hard fight. The drag system is easily controlled with the star, making for a great and easy way to keep the pressure on during your time after hooking the fish.

The reel also features a bait clicker. You’ll be able to make sure that you never miss that first hit and with the well-engineered anti-reverse as well, you’ll be setting your hooks in a timely manner like a pro in no time.

The reel’s solid construction also means that it will last you a long time. There’s no need to worry about it breaking down anytime soon, and you’ll be able to enjoy your purchase for years to come.


If you’re into freshwater fishing you’ll want to give these reels a try. It’s simple, durable, and cheap, making a perfect combination for the weekend angler. The left-handed models make this series accessible to everyone, and since they’re all built tough and to the same specifications except for spool size there are fewer variables to take into account. Abu Garcia Classic Baitcast Reel is a great choice, plain and simple.

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