20 Best Fishing Spots in America

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In the United States, fishing is seen as a field sporting activity, so it is important to enjoy the “fishing” and enjoy the fishing itself, not the last “fish”.

California Man Steve Wozniak, after 10 years, ran 63 countries and caught 1,000 different fish, setting a limit for fishing. For the fish caught and will release 90% of the fish, is more concerned about the process of fishing.Winter is still a good season to try new fishing spots and new fish species. A few years ago, a fish guide to catch trout in Florida. His dream is to go fishing in the sea. This idea is very confusing for, because there is a great sea fishing spot 60 miles away.

Don’t let this inertia tie your hands and feet. Whether you are a young and talented young fisherman or a seasoned senior fisherman, the fishing trip is a one-way street. “If you like fishing, go fishing, because maybe tomorrow is too late.”

The top 20 winter fishing spots are in the lower 48 states of the United States. Of course, there are more good fishing spots that will become a regret for the bead. However, believing that everyone can find a fishing spot that is far from your home and can ease your fishing itch.

Washington State

Recommended for fishing in the United States

Ordinary fishing licenses can be used for fishing in freshwater and seawater. Generally, they are fishing in ordinary freshwater. The best choice is the surrounding parks. There are three reasons: First, the park equipment will be relatively complete, and the infrastructure required by the anglers will be available. Second, there will be people around the park patrolling, relatively safe.

American fishing sacred place:

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay

The steel head of the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland (the rainbow trout/Rainbow Trout that swims to the ocean) is probably one of the most challenging species on the planet. These fish are large, beautiful, and awkward. Their migration has been increasingly affected by encroachment and overfishing in the past few decades. In the sport of catching freshwater fish, the steel head is the most passionate. You are like a strong enemy in a bad environment, only expecting to have a chance, a violent and violent pull from the end of the line.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outer Banks

One of the best place to get good fish, is at outer banks in north Carolina. I have a friend who told me about his anecdote: once he went fishing, he didn’t catch it for a long time, and he was embarrassed to go home empty-handed, so he started to play the idea of ​​the fisherman next to him. When he saw someone else’s fish hooked, he used to help others, and then when others were going to throw fish into the water, they asked if they could give the fish to him. After a few rounds of processing, the fish in his bucket was the most people. Finally, I can finally explain to my family and take three big fish back.Under the blue sky and white clouds, fishing on the clear water is indeed a good way to relax.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard of Massachusetts has tons of opportunities. The basic method here is to throw out from the top of the head, pour the fish to the back, throw it from the top of the head, do not need too much force, wait for the fish to exceed the top of the head, the index finger to loosen the hanging wire, pay attention not to hurt Behind and next to people.


According to Bassmaster magazine, 22 of the 25 largest bigmouth basses were caught in small reservoirs in Southern California. The highest temperature in December and January is almost 70�F, and the weather is cool, at least not cold. If you come here to fish here, it is very likely to harvest giants!

Montauk, NY


A small city in New York State’s best sea fishing, Montauk Point Light, the easternmost point of Montauk, is the first lighthouse in New York State and the fourth longest in the history of the United States. Near the lighthouse, it is also the best place to catch the striped crickets in the early autumn and winter. The best beach fishing spot in New York State, the best battlefield for tough fishermen!

Key West, FL

Therefore, there are many people in the United States who do not eat fish, but will travel to Key west for fishing. I have seen many Americans pick up the fish after catching the fish, then gently put the harvest into the water and continue to fish. Some people will kiss the fish before they put it. I don’t know if they hope that they will come to the “fish princess” or “fish prince”. It is recommended that the novice choose to hand twist, because it is not necessary to replace the left and right hands, it is the most common and best used. It is necessary to select the left and right sides in advance, for experienced veterans; mainly used to prey on predatory fish such as squid. The third option is the Cordy Rebel Combos. Fly fishing reel is a fish wheel used for fly fishing, which is the hardest to get started.

Homer, AK


This small town in Alaska is said to be the city with the most private yachts per capita. In addition, Homer is also the most accessible place in the United States for the American national white-headed sea eagle. The capital of the world halibut (Halibut)

Kona, Hawaii


Steve Jurvetson

Amazing tuna and other breeds of fish can be found on Hawaii islands, where kona also have reserves of fresh water. Extra charges apply for trout and salmon. Even if you do not plan to fish these two types of fish, fishing in the waters of these two types of fish also requires registration or additional fees. Some states are not restricted to these two types of fish, but also include teelhead, Sturgeon and halibut.

Virginia Beach, VA

Stay at the estuary of Chesapeake Bay and the other side is the Atlantic Ocean. It’s really “into the exam, and you can move back the bricks”. Chesapeake Bay is a haven for a variety of fish winter cat winters (including the eastern shore of the United States). The fish species are very rich and there are fish fishing all year round (up to board the sea or the inner bay). In addition, Virginia Beach itself is also a very popular tourist attraction, the sand of the beach is good, and the summer visitors are like beautiful women. Winter can catch stripes

Bighorn River, Montana

Bighorn River

Loren Kerns

River fishing is good in the state of Montana, as here you can also choose to throw it. This method is not too far away. It is not commonly used. The trick is to first send the fish to the front and back, swing it from bottom to top, and then release the index finger line. After falling into the predetermined punctuation, the left hand will reverse the line.

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Thousand Islands, New York

Thousand Islands

Some deleicious in taste fishes can be found here also in Thousands islands in New York. Mostly here in retracting method used, after seeing the floating wave violently swinging, the force is recovered. The external factors such as weather, water wave and wind direction may become factors that affect the swing of the floating wave. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone feel the tow being dragged. When the range is large, the pole will be closed.

Kobuk River, Alaska

Kobuk River

National Park Service

Grip type fishing is more popular in Kobuk River of Alaska. Avoid tying the fish line around your fingers and fishing rods. Just use your fingers to fasten the thread. The tension of the rubber plug will keep the fishing line stable.

SeaWolf Park TX

SeaWolf Park

Patrick Feller

The Seawolf Park was named after the Seawolf-class submarine USS Seawolf (SS-197). During World War II (1945), a submarine sank in the north of the Sea Wolf Park (the cause of the accident is unknown).
This is the best place for fish lovers to catch leucorrhea and yellow croaker!

Lake St. Clair, Michigan

Lake St. Clair

Lake fishing is favorite for some people, where Michigan has lake St. Clair as favored destination for fishing. This lake is more calm for fishing as compared to any other places in USA.

Puget Sound

Puget Sound


Puget Sound is in the west of Seattle and is connected to the Pacific Ocean via the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the north. There are 5 kinds of salmon trails that pass through Puget Sound. Seattle, fishing for salmon in winter.” Scenery, you can catch salmon all year round.

Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

Lake of the Woods

The return is 5 to 10 pounds of steel head, up to 20 pounds. Brown trout and lake trout are also about the same size. This area is located near Buffalo, the second largest city in New York. There are many captains to choose from. Please note that the winter here is very cold, especially in the lake area, which makes the body temperature cooler than the temperature. Please keep warm.


Little Arkansas River

Usually in February, the water temperature drops low enough, and then a large number of bait fish are frozen. These dead or dying bait fish will flow out of the dam and into the tail water. The squid gathered in the tail water and frantically preyed. This is also the best window to catch a 5-pound (or larger) Brown trout in a year.

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Although only about 10 miles long, it is probably the best river in the world to catch steel. The lower Niagara river, which brings water from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, is a dangerous river with wide waters and deep and deep water. But it attracts the steel heads of Lake Ontario, as well as brown trout and lake trout, especially in winter.

Bristol Bay Alaska

Bristol Bay

Before you leave for fishing here, please understand that most of the fishing here is boat fishing. In addition, the river in winter is more clear, hey, winter fishing in the clear water, the difficulty can be imagined? Boat fishing basically depends on the captain, the captain is reliable, basically there is fish fishing. The cost is about $300/2 people.

Charlotte Harbor, Florida

Charlotte Harbor
The key is fishing in Charlotte harbor of Florida is in the winter, One will throw a lot of winter fishing equipment on the pickup truck and go to a river with a steel head (mature rainbow trout). Swinging on the edge of the ice will make me happy for hours. Sometimes there will be catches, but most of the time is to satisfy the desire to fish.

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