Can You Catch Trout with a Regular Rod and Reel?

trout fishing

As one of the most popular fish anglers seek out, trout are a beautiful fish to both catches and eat. Not only are they pretty fish, but they also fight hard when you capture them, making them well worth the chase. Compared to other freshwater species of fish, most anglers will tell you that there’s […]

How to Fish for Trout Without Fly Fishing: 26 Tips & Tricks

how to fish for trout without fly fishing

Fishing for wild trout can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as an angler. Trout fishing can also be some of the most fun you can have on the water. Trout can be found in lakes and rivers, but my favorite way to fish for trout is on a stream. Some […]

How to Choose a Tapered Fly Line Leader

Although most people tend to take fly line leaders for granted, they are actually a very important part of the fly casting system. Thus, it is useful to be aware that not only do fly line leaders come in different lengths ranging from 6 ft. to 15 ft. with different tippet sizes ranging from 0X […]

An In-Depth Guide to Choose a Fly Reel: Everything You Need To Know

how to choose a fly reel

Fortunately for fly fishermen, the process of choosing a fly reel is not nearly as complicated as the process of choosing a fly rod is since fly reels are not nearly as purpose-specific fly rods are. However, choosing an appropriate fly reel for any given type of fly fishing does involve a bit of consideration […]

How to Choose a Fly Rod

how to choose a fly rod

To those who are experienced at the ancient art of fly fishing, it may be somewhat difficult to understand that fly rods are all very purpose-specific. Therefore, when choosing a fly rod for any given purpose, it is imperative that you choose the right one. However, to a novice fly fisherman, the many different aspects […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Fly Fishing

fly fishing beginner's guide

Unknown to many fly fishermen, the ancient art of fly fishing actually began with the Greeks and was continued by the Romans according to historical writings. However, fly fishing as we know it today was actually developed by English anglers who observed their native Brown Trout feeding on May and Caddis flies in their local […]

The Fly Fishing for Largemouth bass, Tips For Beginners

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  Fishing is not only a great source of nutritious food, but it can be an exciting way to have fun. The anticipation and thrill that comes when you are fishing are sometimes apprehensive but quite fulfilling at the sight of your catch. In fact, you feel like a winner (of course you are!) and […]