How to Clean and Lubricate a Spincast Reel?

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Spincast reels are easy to handle and cheaper than most other options available. It is the starting point for many anglers, especially young ones. 

But, like with any other fishing reel, it needs proper maintenance. Thankfully, there is not much science behind the process. Here you have a short step-by-step outline on how to do you clean and lubricate a spincast reel

  1. Remove the cone by twisting and popping it 
  2. Use the pliers to take the knob out of the handle.
  3. Remove the handle. Beware of washers
  4. Remove the drag wheel. Beware of the spring and washer. 
  5. Remove the grease with WD-40 or soap and scrub the gears with a brush.
  6. Clean the area with the cloth
  7. Apply grease
  8. Assemble the reel

Make sure to stick with us a little longer, as we will discuss each step further. We will also address some questions about which lubricants or greases to use during maintenance. 

What is a Good Degreaser for Fishing Reels?

Regardless of the reel type, you must remove the old oils and grease during maintenance. You can use soap for this. However, we recommend using WD-40.

WD-40 is a well-known product. It is a superb grease and oil remover. It also adds some degree of protection to the cleaned surface. On the other hand, it is safe to use on metal, plastics, grass, and aluminum.

Although soap dissolves grease as well, it is not as effective as WD-40. Plus, you will need to brush the area vigorously and use plenty of water to rinse the gears. 

How Often Should I Perform Maintenance on My Spincast Reel?

There is no fixed frequency for performing maintenance. This applies to any type of fishing reel

However, we suggest performing maintenance after fishing in saltwater, or if the reel was in close contact with sand or dirt. In addition, we recommend cleaning your spincast reel if you are not planning on using it for a long time. 

Similarly, we recommend keeping your reel in a dry place far away from dust. Lastly, if you are engaging on a long saltwater fishing trip, we recommend rinsing the reel with plenty of fresh water. This will prevent salt scale buildup. 

What Oils to Use to Lubricate a Spincast Reel?

You can either use dedicated fishing oils or greases. We recommend it. Fishing oils are ideal to keep the gears lubricated besides granting protection against dirt and general wear as well. In addition, these tiny bottles take up almost no space in our tackle box

However, if you don’t have any at hand, you can use any petrol grease at hand. Just make sure not to apply too much, as you will be making more harm than good. We will explain this further below. 

What Tools Do I Need?

Cleaning and lubricating a spincast reel is a simple process since these reels are not as complex as other models. Here you have a list of must-have items.

  1. Degrasser (WD-40 preferably)
  2. Grease or fishing reel lubricant
  3. Brush (Old toothbrush will be perfect) 
  4. A piece of cloth
  5. Set of pliers

Cleaning a Spincast Reel

Now that we’ve talked about some common questions people have asked us, it is time to move on. Let’s discuss, in detail, how you can clean and lubricate your reel. 

Before starting, make sure to have a table with enough space. This way, you will avoid losing any piece. 

The first step is to remove the front cone. Typically, a simple push and twist will be enough. 

Once done, use the pliers to take the knob securing the handle out. Don’t apply too much pressure, though. Plus, since the knob is tiny, you better get a set of pliers with a slim head. 

Remove the handle and beware of any seal or washer underneath it. Make sure to place everything in reverse order so you can assemble the reel correctly. 

The drag wheel is our next item. Take it out. Again, be mindful of any washer. This is the last piece of this side of the puzzle. Apply some WD-40 to the handle, washers, knob, and drag wheel. Brush and use the cloth to remove any excess. 

Apply WD-40 directly into the gears. Make sure to cover the whole gear by using the spool to rotate the whole mechanism. Now, it is time to brush the gears. Again, don’t apply too much pressure. Rotate the gears to remove all the WD-40. 

Once done, it is time to lubricate. The process is the same regardless of the lubricant you are using. Apply it, and spread with your finger or brush. Again, rotate the gears using the spool. Do the same with the handle shaft. Make sure not to abuse. Applying a thick layer of grease is counterproductive. Use enough to cover the whole surface. 

Now you are ready to put the reel back together. If you are more of a visual guy, then we recommend this video!

How to Clean and Lubricate a Spincast Reel

Spincast reels are easy to use and clean! You only need a piece of cloth, pliers, grease or fishing reel lubricant, WD-40, and space! 

Although there are not many pieces to take care of, some of them are tiny and could be easily misplaced. So, make sure to place all pieces in order as you take them off from the spincast reel. 

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