Is Kayak Fishing Dangerous? Safety Tips For Newbies

Kayak fishing popularity has grown in recent years. But this is not a surprise at all. Fishing is fun on its own, and many people enjoy paddling on a kayak. Thus, kayak fishing is merely a combination of two great hobbies. However, not everything is fun and games. With the rising popularity of kayak, there […]

What Are the Best Fishing Spots in the Bay Area?

San Francisco Bay Area offers a wide range of top-notch fishing spots for both freshwater and saltwater anglers! And some of them are ideal for a weekend getaway with the whole family. But there are also a couple of fishing spots for lone wolves. The Bay Area has everything, and more, to entertain all kinds […]

Fishing Kayak vs Regular Kayak: What are the Differences?

People have long used kayaks to travel the water, fish, hunt, or the three at the same type. While the general structure is the same, ancient kayaks don’t look anything like the modern-day models. First, the material has changed from wood to lighter plastics. Yes, you still might find some wooden kayaks in the market. […]

Canoe Vs Kayak Fishing: The Endless Discussion

I’m planning a fishing trip; should I buy a kayak or a canoe? There is no wrong answer to that question. So helpful, right? Well, the decision of which one you should buy depends on your specific plan. For instance, to name a few, the place, how many people will be fishing at the same […]

Best Fishing Apps For Your Fishing Trips

Nowadays, smartphones help us with almost everything. There are apps for cooking recipes, working out routines,  and learning new languages. But, are there any apps for fishing? Yes, of course!  In both the Google Play and Apps Store, you will find a handful of fishing apps. For instance, either store has apps for knot tying, […]

Best Fishing Knots For Any Situation

There are a couple of things you must take care of before casting your rod. You should have a fishing line, rod, hooks, lures, sinkers, and knots. That’s right; knowing how to tie a knot is a must-have ability for any angler. Fishing knots are different from conventional knots. They must be strong enough to […]