Understanding Different Types of Fishing Rods and How to Use Them

types of fishing rods

Whether it’s done on a lake, a river, a pond, a stream, or even the ocean, fishing is one of the most popular outdoor recreation activities around the world. In order to get out there and start fishing, it’s important to know the basics – like the different types of fishing rods and how to […]

How to Catch Rainbow Trout in a Lake from Shore

How to Catch Rainbow Trout in a Lake from Shore

There are so many different types of habitats that rainbow trout inhabit, and numerous subspecies that all behave slightly differently from one another. Still, there are some general guidelines for fishing for the overall group of rainbow trout, no matter what shore you may be fishing from. For those of you that prefer to get […]

How to Catch Bass with Worms (Live or Plastic)

How to Catch Bass with Worms

One bait type that many bass fishermen swear by is worms, either live worms or plastic lures. Every individual angler has their own preference for what they believe is the most effective bait for catching smallmouth, largemouth, and striped bass. So how do you catch bass with worms? The process is simple: Source your worms […]

Four Best Surf Fishing Rigs

fish finder rig

When someone thinks about fishing in the ocean, they are likely thinking about heading off on a boat to either try their luck in shallow waters or head out to tread in the deep seas. Either way, a boat is almost always included in the thought process. But does it have to be? A lot […]

12 Best Catfish Rigs For Any Situation

best catfish rigs

Catfish are especially good at hiding and can be tricky to reel in, which is why skilled fishers often use rigs designed for catching them. Choosing the right kind of rig for the catfish you are after can be difficult, though. What are the 12 best catfish rigs? Your choice depends on several variables, such […]