Lowrance Fish Finders Buying Guide 2021

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Lowrance is a big name in fishfinders, and with good reason. They put out a variety of finders, from cheap and portable black and white units which are great to use off the dock to units fit for the vessels of experienced marine anglers.

Lowrance is one of the oldest and most highly regarded brands when it comes to fish finders, and it’s easy to see why since pretty much all of their offerings are a solid choice. They started off in 1957 and to this day, they still crank out new fish finders regularly, as well as a huge amount of additional electronics suitable for use on a boat.

The big draw of Lowrance’s higher end units is definitely the modular capabilities, though. You won’t be limited to just your fish finder’s capabilities with this brand, you’ll easily be able to install and utilize a wide variety of different marine electronics with Lowrance’s products, making for a centralized and high-tech electronics system for your boat.

Top 5 Best Lowrance Fish Finders

Lowrance Elite-3X Fishfinder

Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite-3X FishfinderFrequency: 83/200 kHz

Transducer Type: Transom mount

Power: 2100W peak to peak

Extra Features: n/a

Cost: $89

The Lowrance Elite 3X is the perfect no frills fish finder for the angler on a budget. It boasts a dual-frequency cone, and good enough power to see to most lake and pond bottoms with ease. It also comes with a 256 color, three-inch screen which makes it much handier than those finders in the same price range that come with a black and white LCD. It’s pragmatic, simple, and affordable all in one great package.

 Lowrance Hook-4X Mid/High Fishfinder

Lowrance Hook-4XFrequency: 455/800 kHz or 83/200 kHz

Transducer Type: Transom mount

Power: 4000W peak to peak

Extra Features: none

Cost: $169

This is another great option for the angler on a budget, and it weighs in heavy despite lacking the features of many more sophisticated sonar systems. The main draw of the Hook 4X is that it boasts CHIRP sonar technology in the 83/200 kHz range, which makes for the best possible 2D scanning. You’ll find yourself easily able to read the lake bottom with this device, although it’s still not quite suited for marine fishing treks. If you’re a lake fisherman though and want to get the benefits of the most advanced SONAR technology on the market, the Hook 4X may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Lowrance Elite-5 HDI

Lowrance 000-11146-001 Elite-5 HDIFrequency: 50/200 kHz or 455/800 kHz

Transducer Type: Transom mount

Power: 30,000W peak to peak

Extra Features: GPS, SD-card compatibility

Cost: $380

The Lowrance Elite 5 is a bit higher priced than the others we’ve covered this far, but it stands out with its two dual-frequency modes, easy to use interface, and amazing peak to peak power. The five inch screen boasts a 480×480 pixel display, so it’s not exactly the sharpest finder on the market. You might just find that it beats out nearly every fish finder within its price range though, and it’s suitable for waters up to 1000 feet deep so you’ll find some use for it whether you’re fishing a bit off the ocean shore or taking it out for a weekend on the lake.

Lowrance Hook 7 Combo

Lowrance Hook 7 ComboFrequency: 83/200 kHz or 455/800kHz

Transducer Type: Transom mount

Power: 30000W peak to peak

Extra Features: GPS, SD-card compatibility, CHIRP and Downscan

Cost: $515

We haven’t quite gotten to the highest end of Lowrance yet, but the Hook 7 is another fantastic fish finder. It has an absolutely enormous screen at 7 inches, GPS capabilities, and even a micro-SD slot so you can save and transfer your waypoints quickly and easily. For the price, this advanced fish finder simply can’t be beat and you’ll be overjoyed that you made the decision to attach it to your vessel.

 Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 2 Touchscreen Chartplotter

Lowrance HDS-9Frequency: 83/200 kHz

Transducer Type: Skimmer mount

Power: 30000W peak to peak

Extra Features: GPS, multiple sonar views, SD-card compatibility, touch screen

Cost: $1,710

Standing above the competition here, you’ll find that the Lowrance HDS-9 is simply one of the greatest finders available period. It uses a variety of high-tech innovations to make it a useful and versatile device for every part of your journey on the waters, and with the touch screen, you have an easy, intuitive, and tactile experience which will keep you in easy control the entire time you’re using it.

If you’re looking for the very best that Lowrance has to offer, this device is exactly what you need and you’ll be glad that you made the hefty investment.

Many of Lowrance fish finder are a perfect fit for the casual angler on a budget. These low-cost units are sure to please any angler and are often of the portable variety so you won’t even need a boat to use them. Depending on your own skills and needs the wide variety of finders at a low price point is a big draw of the brand.

That isn’t to say their top-end products aren’t also fantastic. Lowrance is a big name, and has been for a long time, and the quality of their sonar units easily shows why this is the case. If you’re willing to make room in your budget for it, you’ll soon find yourself with an amazing system for your boat.

They’ve also recently come out with displays with touch screen capabilities, integrating modern technology into their already fantastic place in the market. With one of these high-tech units, you won’t have to worry about touchy buttons and you’ll love the simple and intuitive user interface.

As a bonus, nearly all Lowrance products are covered by a two-year warranty. If your unit begins to malfunction after regular use you’ll be able to get it replaced quickly and easily.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap finder for shallow water fishing off the dock or a great unit to take on your marine journeys, Lowrance undoubtedly has a product which you’ll find perfect. The freshwater fisherman in particular will be massively impressed with their selection.

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