Bass vs. Trout Fishing: What’s the Difference?

bass vs trout fishing

Bass and trout are two of the most popular species to fish for. Both fish are mostly found in freshwater and can tend to be around the same size as each other. While it’s possible to catch both types of fish with similar techniques, it’s much more effective to specialize for each species. Knowing how […]

The Complete Guide to Catching Bass with a Jig

fish for bass with a jig

If you’re wondering about catching bass with a jig, then you’ve come to the right place. When fishing for bass, the jig-head and rubber skirt method is something that’s been used for decades mainly because it’s such a successful method. So, how do you catch bass with a jig? Since the technology behind jigs has […]

How to Catch Bass with a Bobber: A Step-By-Step Guide

Catch Bass with a Bobber

Chances are if you’ve landed here, you probably love the taste of bass. Whether you are new to bass fishing as a sport or you have years of experience, you’re looking at this page because you enjoy the art of catching bass. And chances are, no matter what level you are at, you want to […]

Can Bass See Your Fishing Line? What Color is Best?

can bass see fishing line

If you love bass fishing, at one point or another, you might have considered whether or not bass can see your fishing line, and whether the color of your line matters. While there are plenty of different sources out there discussing this topic, this article will provide you with a definite answer based on facts […]

Can You Fish for Bass out of Season?

fish for bass out of season

Bass fishing is a favorite with anglers in the US. According to a 2013 survey by the US Fishing and Wildlife Service, we spend 170 million days a year on bass fishing. Amazing, right? Considering these figures, it is important to ask, “Can you fish for bass out of season?” Considering the statistics, one would […]

Your Guide to Using Plastic Worms for Bass Fishing

There is nothing more versatile than luring with soft plastic worms when it comes to fishing for bass. You can find these rubber worms in different sizes, colors, and shapes. The choices are great, but they can be quite overwhelming especially if it is your first time to use these lures. Add to that the […]