Shimano Sellus Spinning Rod Review 2022

Fishing Rod Background Information

The Shimano Sellus spinning rod is an affordable and value-oriented fishing rod for a variety of uses. Beginning anglers will find exceptional value in these rods, as they offer Shimano quality craftsmanship and technology at a price that even the most budget-minded anglers won’t feel guilty about. Available in a multitude of powers, actions, lengths, and even technique specific configurations, you can be sure to find a Sellus rod that will accommodate your style of fishing.

Shimano Sellus Spinning Rod

The spinning rod used in this review has been tested over the course of six months. It is a drop-shot specific rod in a medium-fast build, 6’8” in length. To showcase its versatility, this rod has been used for more than just a drop-shot rig. I have used light crankbaits, shaky head jigs, downsized texas rigs, and other soft plastic finesse applications.

Line variations include the use of 10# P-Line Fluorocarbon, 8# P-Line Fluoroclear Copolymer, and even 30# Sufix braid for a strength test.


As with all of the other equipment I have reviewed, this rod has been tossed into the back of a car countless numbers of times and has come into contact with more obstacles than I care to mention. The rod blank is constructed of 24-ton graphite, which makes for a very lightweight and sensitive rod, although still relatively fragile compared to more expensive 30+ ton graphite rods. Despite this, the rod has held up surprisingly well considering the abuse it has been through. I have climbed trees with this rod and fished heavy cover that would turn most anglers away when fishing a drop-shot.

The dense EVA foam grips are comfortable and provide a nice smooth feeling that doesn’t dampen the rod’s sensitivity at all.

The reel seat is a Shimano proprietary aluminum hooded seat which locks the reel in solid, disallowing any play in the reel/rod interface and giving you confidence that it won’t be damaged in a way that a polymer reel seat would.

The aluminum oxide guides are nicely fastened to the blank with a strong wrap and a clean resin, and provide a very smooth casting experience, even when using braid!

Durability Rating: 10/10



The tested fishing rod is a 6’8” medium fast action rod rated for a lure weight of 1/8 to 3/8oz, and a line weight of 5-10# mono or 5-30# braid. Within these weight ranges, the Sellus absolutely shines as a finesse fishing rod. I was surprised that a Shimano brand fishing rod of this quality at only $60 was even available. It has the perfect backbone for setting the hook with a drop shot rig, shaky head jig, or any other light wire finesse hook.

The rod’s sensitivity is unbelieveable for the price point. I was able to pick up every minor detail on the lake’s floor, as well as detect even the smallest of nibbles from little bluegill.

When I had used this rod with 30# braid, I had gotten a lure stuck on an anchor chain holding a floating dock to the shore. The rod didn’t snap despite all of my pulling and yanking – a testament to its strength to weight ratio, which is just unreal for a rod of this price.

Strength Rating: 10/10

Ease of Use

The rod was excellent for just about any finesse technique in the water, but how about casting accuracy and distance? The Sellus’ tip bends at an extremely intuitive point allowing you enough flex to load the rod before a long distance pitch or a hard overhead cast, and the fast action brings the rod back to neutral quickly to make your pitch pinpoint accurate.

Castability was easy regardless of line choice as the lightweight aluminum oxide guides allowed the line to slip through its rings with minimal resistance.

The rod feels extremely well balanced even with a 1500 series reel attached to the end of it. The Shimano Sellus feels like a truly drop-shot dedicated rod in terms of weight and sensitivity, but as already evidenced, it can be used for a variety of finesse applications.

Ease of Use Rating: 10/10


Overall Rating and Closing Comments

The Sellus lineup from Shimano is offered in a variety of technique specific powers and actions, and the same level of quality and consistency is built in to all of these rods; which, by the way, also come in a baitcasting format.

At a price of just under $60, it is my opinion that the value and quality of these spinning fishing rods just can’t be beat by others in the same price range. If you are a first time angler or an avid fisherman on a budget, the Shimano Sellus would be an excellent choice for your first fishing rod or another rod to add to your line-up.

Overall Rating: 10/10




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