Ross Flyrise Fly Reel Review 2018

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Ross brings in a splash when it comes to the world of fly fishing equipment, and some people swear by them. The real question here is if the bargain priced Ross Flyrise can compete well enough to be a worthy addition. It certainly is, despite the slightly cheaper construction it still boasts all of the great features that Ross is known for, including their unique drag system.

Ross Flyrise Fly Reel


These fly reels have a smooth retrieve and work wonderfully right out of the box, but that’s something that we’ve really come to expect with any kind of reel that’s not a $20 Walmart knock-off brand.

The unique part here is the drag system. It’s not only powerful enough that you should never have trouble controlling your hooked fish, but it comes with triple redundancies to make it imminently more reliable. The Ross Flyrise series uses the same drag system as much more expensive reels in Ross’ catalogue, and it’s just as good here.

Reliability Rating: 9/10


The price has to come with some drawbacks, however, and the reel itself is cast and not machined like a lot of higher end reels. This has a tendency to make the metal a bit more brittle than a fully machined option. Whether or not that part of the reel’s nature will ever come into play depends entirely on the user, but you might want to be careful about stepping outside of the weight your reel is rated for.

That said, it still comes with a fantastic anodized coating, so if you pick the appropriate weight you’ll be able to do some marine fishing with it.

The drag system, in addition to being super reliable and easy to use, is also made to last. It boasts Teflon-coating, heat-resistance, and self-lubrication. Apart from a quick wash after you’re done for the day, you’ll find it remarkably maintenance free.

The purchase of one of these reels might not end you up with the absolute highest quality, but treated right it’ll last for years to come.

Durability Rating: 8/10

Ease of Use

These reels are remarkably easy to use. The drag system is smooth and easy to set with incredible precision, and the retrieve comes in without any hint of jerking whatsoever.

You can also change the handedness of the retrieve in just a few minutes, so left handed anglers will have no problems in this arena.

It’s also remarkably lightweight thanks to the skeletonized sides of the reel. Lightweight reels can be essential for the fly fisherman due to the active nature of the sport, and you’ll be able to fish all day while using a Flyrise reel.

Ease of Use Rating: 9/10

Overall Rating

These reels would be great for a reel under $200, and it usually comes in at less than half of that. Taking that into account, the Ross Flyrise series offers you some of the best value for your money available on the marketplace. There’s nothing stopping you from making this cheap investment into your angling future, it’s a cheap purchase that you won’t be able to beat anytime soon.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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