Penn Squall Level Wind Reel SQL50LW Review

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Penn is an almost legendary name for most fishermen. Their name has been synonymous with high quality since their inception. Penn Squall Level Wind Reel SQL50LW reel lives up to that name if you need something for a big oceanic game you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the Penn Squall series of reels. Whether you’re going out for the big pelagic fish, sharks, or king salmon this baitcasting reel is a must-have.


Material: Graphite frame, forged aluminum spool

Gear Ratio: 4:1

Monofilament Capacity: 435yd/40lb to 285yd/60lb

Braided Capacity: 900yd/65lb to 665yd/100lb

Braking System: Mechanical

Bearings: 3

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Go for the Big Ones

The Penn Squall Level Wind Reel SQL50LW is a wonder of engineering. This brute of a reel is an amazing addition to any ocean angler’s tackle box. It is designed to take on the big ones, and it won’t disappoint.

The majority of records in the ocean angling world have been set with Penn reels, and this reel is a proud addition to that highly esteemed lineage. You don’t have to take my word for it, a quick search on the internet readily shows the kinds of enormous fish brought in with the Penn Squall Level Wind series.

The reel itself is imposing-looking, its black and yellow coloring and no-nonsense look shows off its more pragmatic design elements. There’s no need for extra frills or novelty features here when you’re going for a big oceanic game you’re playing for keeps and you deserve only the highest quality reel you can find. The SQL50LW delivers on that front.


The gears in this hefty piece of equipment are made of heavy, machined bronze and feature a stainless steel pinion, meaning an impressive lifespan for the innards of your new reel. The drag can be set up to an impressive 20lb and is easily adjusted with the durable star drag lever. The handle is also a massive, solid piece that is sure to remain in your grip the next time you decide to hook a shark or marlin.

As far as features go, possibly the most useful non-standard feature on this great fishing reel is the Capacity Lines which let you know exactly how much line you have left as you battle your newest prey.


 Product Conclusion

The Penn SQL50LW is an amazing piece of equipment for your oceanic adventures. It is suitable for a wide variety of enormous marine game, and if you dare to venture inland it will deftly handle trophy winning catfish and fierce alligator gar with the same ease as it brings in tuna and shark. When you’re looking for that Penn quality, and you absolutely want to go for the biggest game you can find this is the reel you’re looking for.

Solid and brutally pragmatic, this is a serious reel for a serious job. Once mounted this reel is sure to impress you with its performance and sheer durability for years to come. The Penn Squall Level Wind Reel SQL50LW is a must-have addition for anyone serious about catching the big ones.


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