Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel Review 2018

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Penn Fierce II Spinning Reels

The Penn Fierce II Spinning reel is simply an amazing reel, like all of Penn’s products. This particular reel comes in a great diversity of sizes, and there’s definitely one to fit your needs. Within the price range you absolutely will not be able to beat this reel. If you’re looking for a piece that stands head and shoulders over the competition, this is exactly what you need.


Models: FRCII1000, FRCII2000, FRCII2500, FRCII3000, FRCII4000, FRCII5000, FRCII6000, FRCII8000

Gear Ratio: 5:2:1, 6:2:1, 6:2:1, 6:2:1, 6:2:1, 5:6:1, 5:6:1, 5:3:1

Monofilament Capacity: 275yds/2lb for the FRCII1000 to 340yds/20lbs for the FRCII8000

Drag Material: Oil Felt

Bearings: 5

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A Fierce Competitor across a Wide Range of Sizes

These reels come in such a wide variety of sizes that one is sure to meet anything you might want to do with your purchase. This isn’t the highest end reel that Penn produces, but at the price point you simply aren’t going to be able to beat it.

The reel itself is well constructed and extremely durable, and it’s a perfect everyday reel for the avid angler. With its shielded bearings, this reel is made for heavy use and is sure to last you for years to come.

The action on the Penn Fierce II series of reels is extremely smooth. They boast a pretty impressive retrieve as well, to make sure that you’ll be able to get your fish when it comes time. The drag system can be set so lightly that a fish will barely notice it’s there, allowing you to make the ultimate decision on when and where to begin your battle.

The reel itself is a gorgeous piece of equipment, coming in red and black but still maintaining the pragmatic, no frill look that you’ve come to expect from Penn’s equipment. It also features concentric rings on the base to tell you how quickly you’re running out of line. You’ll be glad you made the purchase as soon as you make your first cast with this reel and will soon find yourself making excuses to get on the water just to make that perfect cast.

Product Conclusion

Coming in at a great price, especially for a high-quality name like Penn, this reel won’t leave you hanging. It’s streamlined and might be a bit light on extraneous, gimmicky features, but it’s there for a reel’s real business. The Penn Fierce II series is designed for heavy use by serious fishermen and it won’t break the bank.

Whatever your purpose for purchasing this reel, it’s absolutely sure to deliver in spades. The Penn Fierce II reel won’t disappoint.  With its innovations over its predecessors, it is sure to appeal to long time users of the brand and will quickly make converts for those who consider Penn to be out of their normal price range. You couldn’t ask for more, these reels are simply great. Simple, easy to use, and long lasting, you’ll never be disappointed with your new Penn Fierce II spinning reel.



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