Penn Clash Spinning Reels Review

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Penn Clash Spinning Reel

The Penn Clash Spinning Reels are the latest reels packed with full features and technology with a flawless performance from cast to landing. Penn Clash Spinning Reels are lightweight and specialized specifically intended for fishermen who want to angle artificial with braided line.


Models & Sizes

Penn clash spinning reels are available in 2000 – 8000 models. These models are available in various sizes that suit all styles of saltwater fishing. They are categorized into two groups;

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  • Lightweight models -2000-5000 (strong and lightweight ridged “Techno-Balanced™ RR30” carbon rotor and main aluminum gears).
  • Heavyweight models-6000-8000(have aluminum rotors and fully machined brass gears)

Main Selling Points/ Stand Out Features

  • Full Metal Body

    The body of the reel is made up of anodized aluminum that prevents corrosion, and the ultra-light smaller reels (2000-5000) are made of light Rigid Resin 30 which makes it even lighter and rigid at the same time

  • Techno-Balanced rotor

    The assemblies of Techno-balanced rotor guarantee smooth, wobble free execution and eliminates the issue of heavy duty, aluminum bail banging shut while casting.

  • CNC GEAR Technology

    Exact tolerance and smoothness are achieved by the computer-controlled “CNC gear technology system utilized to cut the pinion, drive and oscillation gears.

  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers

    Durable and strong and can endure high temperature and pressure.Penn Clash Spinning Reel

  • 8 Sealed stainless steel ball bearing

    This prevents salt and moisture from penetrating, noise reduction and enhances smoothness hence making it more durable.

  • Instant Anti-Reverse bearingThis solved the famous problem of bearing Failure in saltwater reels and has added the Penn Clash setting ability of instant hook.
  • Braid ready spool

    The braid-ready spool is intended to keep the line from spinning around the arbor, and a progression of lines within the spool give a gage to guaranteeing that it is filled correctly.

  • “Level-line” Oscillation System

    Penn clash has a gentle system of oscillation which produces tight, solid flawless line lay for enhanced distance casting and minimized incidences of wind knots.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire

    All Clash reels are made of a strong tubular aluminum bail for durability and a rotor break to avert unwanted bail trip while casting.


More details about the Penn Clash Reels

The Penn Clash 2000 and 2500 models are suitable for freshwater applications and light saltwater use. The 3000 and 4000 are suitable apparatuses for various light handle applications in the salty environment. The 5000 model, on the other hand, can cover multiple tasks such as snag and drop bunker duties, plugging for bass and blues from a boat or measuring up to an 8-or 9-foot surf stick. The other bigger models, (6000 – 8000), have the ability to handle any heavy duty work in the sea. They are best suited for surf casters since they can withstand a workload of plugs tossing, buck tails and tins on 10- and 11-foot surf sticks.

The Penn Clash 8000 makes a suitable tool for tossing the heaviest baits and sinkers beyond past the wash. Boatmen who are into jigging or throwing to pelagic with spinning gear should find the 8000 model up to the task, and without having to spend a lot of energy.


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