Lowrance Mark-5x Pro Fish Finder, Owner’s Reivew

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You just might find the Lowrance Mark-5x Pro to be an invaluable addition to your fishing trips, especially if you use a kayak. This finder comes in at a great price, and those who might end up wet will be glad to know that it’s tightly sealed to keep the electronics impermeable to water. It isn’t the fanciest fish finder on the market, but it’s full of great features which will surely aid you on your trek.

Lowrance Mark-5x Pro Waterproof


The Mark-5X Pro has a hefty five-inch screen that comes in with 480 x 480 pixels. Unfortunately, however, this unit lacks a color display, instead of coming in with a black and white display.

Fortunately, however, this isn’t just an LCD panel, the display is still remarkably accurate despite the lack of coloration and fairly low resolution.

Display Rating: 6/10

Finder System


The Mark-5X Pro comes in with fairly modest, but perfectly functioning sonar capabilities. It produces an 83/200 kHz dual-frequency cone which can read down to about 1000’ feet. It’s perfectly serviceable, but it isn’t loaded with a lot of the advanced technology you’ll find in most modern units.

The transducer itself is a Skimmer, however, which makes it suitable for easy use on smaller vessels.

Finder Rating: 8/10


Additional Functions


It also comes with all the standard features we demand from a quality fish finder, it has a built in thermometer to tell you the water’s temperature and alarms for both fish and to inform you when you’re entering too shallow of an area. The grayscale screen is backlit with LEDs to make it easy to read no matter your surroundings as well.

It also has a unique function called TrackBack which will allow you to go through some of your previous sonar readings in case you missed something.

The biggest draw here that isn’t directly related to the finder is the fact that it’s sealed and waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally destroying it on your trek.

Once you add in the one year warranty available for the Mark-5x Pro you have a winner coming in for less than two hundred dollars.

Extras Rating: 7/10


Ease of Use


The Mark-5X Pro is remarkably user-friendly, especially for a Lowrance project. It features an easy-to-use menu system which will let you use it like a pro in a short time.

It also features an “Advanced User” feature for those who already know their way around a finder. With this addition, those who know exactly what they’re trying to do will be able to rapidly and easily customize the finder to their exact specifications.

Ease of Use Rating: 7/10



The Lowrance Mark-5X Pro comes in strongly recommended for anyone who might find themselves wanting a quality finder for their smaller vessels. Those who fish from kayaks will find it particularly useful on their adventures since an accident won’t destroy the device.

If you frequently find yourself fishing from small vessels and want to step up your ability to read the depths, making the small investment in the Lowrance Mark-5X Pro is a game-changer you’ll love.

Overall Rating: 7/10


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