Are Bluegills Edible? A Guide to Catch, Clean and Cook

Bluegills are a freshwater fish that are native to North American and fairly easy to catch.  If you enjoy fresh fish and the excitement of catching your own dinner, then fishing for bluegills might become one of your new hobbies. Can You Eat Bluegills? Yes, you can eat Bluegill fish.  Bluegills are often times referred […]

What is a Wacky Rig for Fishing?

I wanted to start learning about fishing for my upcoming vacation. In order to fish productively, I started looking for quality equipment, including fishing poles, bait, and tackle boxes. I came across some information on wacky rigs and wanted to know how they could improve my experience. What is Wacky Rig for Fishing? A wacky […]

Can You Eat Tarpon or Saltwater Catfish? How to Catch & Eat Them?

Can You Eat Tarpon or Saltwater Catfish?

The mighty tarpon and the “trash fish” are two (technically, three) infamous species that are regarded for the distasteful, smelly, and potentially hazardous experience they present when considering whether to bring your catch to the dinner table or not. Most say no to the idea of eating either of these fish, but is it really […]