Top 3 Best Saltwater Fishing Rods 2021

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Deciding on the Best Saltwater Rod

Marine fishing is where a lot of anglers dream of cutting their teeth. The excitement and perceived danger of the sport is a huge draw, in addition to their being a larger variety of fish in a bewildering array of shapes and sizes to cast out for.

The different conditions which take place in saltwater mean that a lot of freshwater tackle simply isn’t going to cut it here. In addition to the fact that many simply aren’t strong enough to take on even mid-sized marine fish, there’s the additional factor of more corrosion coming from the ion-filled water.

Indeed, the different varieties of marine fishing pretty much call for different rods, but overall you’ll want to be equipped to take on fish ranging up to a hundred pounds or so for your average offshore trip.

The biggest concern for a marine angler is the durability of a rod without a doubt. It’s pretty rare that you’ll hear about a largemouth bass breaking a rod, but almost every marine angler has a story of snapped rods and burnt-out reels. A saltwater rod needs to be tough, both to the chemical corrosion of the sea and to the occasional hits of those pelagic monsters we weren’t expecting. Most serious marine anglers come to understand the necessity of having a sharp knife available at a moment’s notice to cut the line, it’s just part of the sport.

If you’re looking at getting into marine fishing, your equipment is a very serious matter though. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of finding three of the best saltwater rods on the market and giving you a closer look at them. There should be something here to meet almost anyone’s saltwater fishing needs, and we’re excited to help you get started on your path to the amazing world of saltwater fishing.



Okiaya Composite

If you’re going out for the big ones but want a rod that meets a smaller budget, this offering from Okiaya was practically made for you. While it might not boast the quality of some of the higher end brands, this one isn’t going to leave you high and dry.

This is a shorter rod, coming in at only five feet, six inches. This makes it ideal for boat fishing, and since it’s stout enough it’s probably the cheapest entry into fishing for blue water species you’ll be able to find.

Even better, this design boasts a roller guide. These are absolutely invaluable when you’re going after bigger oceanic species since their design will make your line much less likely to snap. A snapped line can mean a lost fish, lost tackle, and possible injury to the unfortunate holder of the pole and almost any high-quality fishing rod for this kind of usage will have one.

If you’re a beginner and aren’t sure exactly what you want to do you couldn’t go wrong with this bargain priced rod. The high-quality is surprising considering the low price, and it might just be the rod that pushes open the door to a whole new world of angling adventures for you.

Okuma Fishing Tackle CZ-C-701MH Cortez Saltwater Carbon Casting Rods

 Okuma Cortez Saltwater Carbon Casting RodsThe Okuma Cortez is a fantastic option for those who are getting serious about their marine angling. This model is seven feet long and comes with medium power right from the factory, making it perfect for overall saltwater use.

The rod blank is composed of a high-quality composite of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Composites are often quite expensive since they readily combine the sensitivity of a carbon rod with the longevity of the old fiberglass technology, but the Cortez comes in at a low price which beats out a lot of the competition.

The guides are polished stainless steel with titanium oxide inserts to both increase the strength and reduce the friction felt on your line. Those who make an investment into this pole for true blue water fishing, however, may want to consider the addition of a roller tip guide as a “just in case” measure.

While it’s not a professional quality rod, this Okuma offering is quite respectable for any type of marine angling, and since it’s seven feet long this one is appropriate for near-shore fishing from rocks and piers as well as going out on the boat. The quality of this one is hard to beat, and you simply won’t within the same price point.

Penn Rampage Boat Rod

Penn Rampage Boat Rod

Penn makes some of the hardiest rods and reels on the market, so it’s not surprising that they’re a favorite of saltwater anglers the world over. This is one of their more bargain-priced offerings, and if you read the description you’ll find out it was built for durability.

This rod is meant to be a workhorse, and in that context, it’s absolutely superior to anything that costs remotely the same. These rods are commonly used by charter boats to lend to less experienced anglers who are often hard on equipment, and they often work just fine for years even in that worst-case scenario.

One slight disadvantage here is that the Penn Rampage is quite stout, and as a consequence, quite stiff. This can make it a bit harder to use if you’re going out for lighter fish, but you shouldn’t notice any real handicap for most fish.

If you want a strong, high-quality rod that’s sure to last for a long time to come, try out the Penn Rampage. It comes in at a bargain price, and it just might be one of the best purchases you can make for marine fishermen of any experience level.


All three of these rods are fantastic, but their actual ideal use differs a little bit.

The Okiaya “Slayer” is probably the best one here for the biggest fish. The roller guides are a fantastic option that isn’t normally found in any kind of sane price range.

For the angler looking to dip his toes into the depths of the ocean, we’d recommend the Okuma Cortez. It’s cheap for the quality and great for a beginner.

For the more experienced angler who’ll be able to compensate for the lack of sensitivity, we come to the Penn Rampage. These sturdy rods make great workhorses, and whether it’s your primary set-up or a back-up you’re sure to be pleased.


Saltwater fishing has a mystique to it that makes the act almost irresistible. Once you’re on the waves and fighting with monsters you’ll know personally why the sport is so huge around the world. With one of these fishing rods by your side, you’ll be able to confront all but the largest species of fish that inhabit the mysterious depths. Give it a shot, it’s sure to be the most fun you’ve had in a long time.


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