Best Lures for Striped Bass

Lure size, shape, action, weight, and color have an impact on your fishing. A lure has to look and move real enough for striped bass to mistake it with a real fish. But it also has to have the right color so they can spot it. On top of that, lure size influences how big your catch may be.

With so many variables, choosing the right lure looks like a challenge. But don’t worry. I’ve taken my time to test some lures for striped bass and ask fellow anglers for their favorite ones to come up with the 10 best lures for striped bass. I found that TRUSCEN Slow Sinking to be the best option. It works during hot and cold months alike. You can either cast or troll it with your boat and with 5.4 inches in length, it is ideal for targeting a wide variety of striped bass sizes. 

But if you like something with better performance; and don’t care about the price, you can go for our Premium Option: The Rapala X-Rap. In contrast, anglers looking to catch some stripers without breaking the bank will find in the Storm WildEye a perfect solution.

Our Top 3

Best Budget Option

Storm WildEye Swim Shad

Best Overall

TRUSCEND Slow Sinking Swimbait

Best Premium Option

Rapala X-Rap


Our Reviews: The 10 Best Lures For Striped Bass


TRUSCEND Slow Sinking Swimbait

Best Overall

  • Size (inches): 5.4
  • Weight (ounces): 1
  • 2x #4 Mustad hooks
  • Multi-jointed ABS plastic body 
  • Built-in rattles 
  • 3D eyes

These swimbaits are a real leap forward compared to other similar lures. TRUSCEND put a lot of effort into these lures, and the results speak for themselves.

First of all, you get three 5.4-inch swimbaits for around 20 dollars. Each lure has 2 #4 treble hooks, which are large enough to handle even the biggest of all striped bass. But to hold a fish, it must bite the lure first. 

Thankfully, that’s not a problem. The s-shaped swim action, realistic design, and catchy 3D eyes prove to be an irresistible combination. But, if that doesn’t attract any fish, then the in-built rattles will. The vibrations will draw the attention of any striped bass lurking around and induce them to strike the lure. This is especially useful in low-visibility situations where fish might have a hard time spotting the lure. 

One thing that sets these lures apart from other swimbaits is that TRUSCEND used a strong woven fabric to join each section together. Hence, allowing the lure to move freely, which in turn makes so a much more natural swim.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lure

Best Premium Option

  • Sizes (inches): 3.9, 4.7, and 5.5
  • Weight (ounces): 0.46, 0.78, and 1.5
  • 2x Stainless Steel Treble hooks 
  • 14 unique colors 
  • 3D holographic eyes

It is hard not to think of the X-Rap when talking about the best jerk baits for striped bass. It is available in three different sizes and 14 eye-catching designs. We were not joking when we said that this is the best-looking bass lure we’ve reviewed thus far.

The 3D holographic eyes, textured translucent body and vivid colors make the X-Rap an irresistible treat. You can either cast or troll it. The wounded minnow action is realistic enough to draw the attention of any nearby striped bass. Here, Rapala is king. They field-test each lure to ensure the best performance possible. 

Regardless of the size you choose, each jerkbait comes with two VMC Perma steel hooks. The anti-corrosion coating protects the hook and keeps it as sharp as the first day. The only thing that changes here is hook size, the larger model pack bigger and thicker hooks. 

As it can reach up to 7.9 feet, the Rapala X-Rap jerkbait is an ideal lure for those looking to target different depths.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 Fishing Lures

Best Budget Option

  • Size (inches): 3
  • Weight (ounces): 0.35
  • Soft plastic body
  • VMC pre-rigged hook
  • 3 pieces per pack
  • Salt-impregnated tails

Talking about deceiving designs, we have the Storm WildEye. It looks so real that you might be tempted to bite it yourself. The soft textured body mimics to perfection the patter of actual baitfish. The eyes look as glossy as a life shad, and the salt-impregnated tail will deliver a catchy scent right to the striped bass nose. 

There are eight different colors to choose from. Use the darker one when fishing during overcast days and clear colors when fishing in crystal clear shallows. We don’t know why, but the price changes depending on the color. For example, pearl color is the cheapest, while bunker green is the most expensive. 

Each plastic lure comes pre-rigged with a VMC needlepoint hook and a lead head. Thus, no need for using a lead-headed hook to fix the Storm WildEye to the line. 

Use a slow retrieve to make the most of the straight paddle tail. Plus, it is also the best method for this lure as you want to mimic the behavior of disoriented baitfish.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper Topwater Fishing Lure

  • Size (inches): 6 and 7 
  • Weight (ounces): 1 and 2
  • Twelve colors available
  • 2x Treble hooks

Spring striped bass fishing and topwater lures are always together. And the Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper doesn’t disappoint. 

You can choose between twelve unique colors and two different sizes. Go for the 7-inch version if you are after some massive striped bass. The extra weight also makes it more suitable for long casts. 

Regardless of the size you purchase, you will get two treble hooks and the same minnow-like design. The hooks are so sharp that they will pierce the fish month as soon as you pull the rod, increasing the success rate. Apart from weight, hook sizes are the only thing that changes between both models. Naturally, the 7-inch version features bigger hooks. 

Action-wise, the Pencil Popper does it great. It has a deadly walk-the-dog action that will produce plenty of bites, especially when striped bass is feeding. In addition, the flat heat produces enough splashes to draw attention from afar.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Acme Kastmaster Lure with Buck Tail Teaser

  • Weight (ounces): 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1
  • Three colors 
  • bucktail
  • Single hook
  • Brass built

Spoons are among the few all-rounder lures. You can target a wide variety of fish with them, including striped bass. 

The KastMaster has a durable brass body that won’t corrode in the presence of water. On the other hand, the stainless steel split ring and treble hook are sturdy and strong enough to handle any medium-sized fish.

The KastMaster stays true to its name as it casts like a bullet. You simply need to point and the spoon will go there. That’s why many surf anglers love it.  On the other hand, the chromed body reflects light, making it more appealing to any striped bass around. But if that fails, the bucktail movement will definitely trigger a bite.  

You can choose between six different weights. We think that the 1-ounce model yields the best performance for striped bass. One thing though, the KastMaster BuckTail Spoon won’t catch any giants. It is simply too small. So, look elsewhere if you want to land a massive striped bass.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Fishing Vault Fully Rigged 5 Arms 8 Bladed Umbrella Rig Bass Lure

  • 5 arms 
  • 8 Willow leaf blades 
  • 5 long swimbaits
  • 5 0.18 ounces jig heads
  • 7.9 inches long
  • Single, shad-like color

I know, I know. You might be thinking. Wait, this wasn’t a striped bass lure review? Why am I reading about an umbrella rig? Well, the answer is simple. This bad boy comes fully rigged with 5 long minnow-like baits and 5 jig-head hooks. 

For around 20 bucks, you will be getting a 7.9 inches long umbrella rig with 5 arms. Each arm, except for the one in the middle, has 2 willow leaf blades. In addition, each comes with a swivel to attach the jig head hook and the plastic shad. 

All shad have a straight paddle-like tail, which is a standard in this kind of rig. In addition, all of them have the same grey, white, and black body. While it doesn’t look too attractive outside the water, the action and flashes from the leaves will produce bites from hungry striped bass. 

Like all umbrella rigs, the Fishing Vault rig is more suitable for trolling. It is not uncommon to catch more than one striped bass with it. However, check your local regulations before casting. Some states don’t allow fishing with more than one hook per line.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Cotton Cordell C.C. Spoon Spinner-Bait Fishing Lure

  • Sizes (inches): 1.5, 2, and 3
  • Weight (ounces): 0.5, 3/4, and 3/8
  • Colors: Chromed and gold 
  • Hammered body 
  • Single treble hook 
  • Two spoons per package 

Another option for spoons lovers: The Cotton Cordell Spoon. This time, we have a hammered body that comes in two different colors: Gold and chrome. We think that the latter is a better option as it produces more flashes. 

Each package comes with two identical spoons with one treble hook. Sadly this time, there is no bucktail to cover it. Still, there is no need for it as the Cotton Cordell spoon has an erratic action that will deceive any striped bass around. On the other hand, the hammered body increases light reflection and simulates the scales of a tiny baitfish. Both movement and flashes result in a deadly combination. 

Those anglers looking for a trolling or casting spool for striped bass should go for the larger 3 inches long model. It is heavy enough to be cast with ease from the shore or boat, and it sinks a little deeper than the rest. In contrast, anglers who want a spoon for inshore striped bass fishing should go for the smaller ones.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Creek Chub Striper Strike Fishing Lure

  • Size (inches): 3.5, 4, and 5
  • Weight (ounces): 1.5, 2, and 3/4
  • 9 unique colors 
  • 2x treble hooks 
  • Bucktail

Poppers are productive with all bass species, including striped bass, especially when they are actively feeding. Besides, poppers are the casting kings. Anglers looking to blend with a fast-moving school of baitfish.

This loud popper is available in three different sizes. Weight and length are the only things that change between them. Naturally, the larger the lure, the heavier it gets. 

Each popper comes with two stainless steel treble hooks and a bucktail that enhances the lure action. Once cast, the Creek Chub popper will sink slowly and will stay near the surface. It will move a lot of water as soon as you start reeling it. This will produce both sound and vibrations that will make it stand out in front of the rest of the baitfish. But if you think you need more action, you can always go with the joined version. Here the head and the body are two separate parts, allowing more movement. the mouth section is different also.

You have an impressive color section, which allows you to carefully choose the lure color that blends the most with the environment. In short, a perfect addition to your tackle box.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Bay State Tackle – Trolling Tube Fishing Lure

  • Size (inches): 12, 15, and 18
  • Solid red
  • 6/0 stainless steel hook
  • Synthetic Yak Hair bucktail
  • Front and back internal weights

Beginners always look at trolling tubes with skeptical eyes. Who could blame them? It is just an oversized soft plastic tube. It doesn’t have the realistic looks for other lures. But the truth is that it works! Especially if you add a worm at the end of it. 

The Bay State striped bass trolling lure is one of the best tubes you can find. It comes in three different sizes: 12, 15, and 18 inches. The last one is most suitable for massive striped bass. 

Although flexible, the plastic body is thick and strong. Besides, the 135-pound wire will be the one handling all the strain. So, don’t worry. It won’t break. 

The synthetic bucktail increases the tube appeals. You can also add a worm at the end of the tube for a classic Tube-and-Worm rig. 

Bay State Tackle added two weights, one at the front and one at the rear to increase the tube castability and sinking rate.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Segment Multi Jointed Swimbaits Bass Slow Sinking Hard Lure

  • Size (inches): 4
  • Three different colors 
  • 7 sections
  • 3D eyes 
  • 2x Treble hooks 
  • ABS plastic body

A deadly swimbait is only one possible result if you combine life-like action with an intricate design. And this is just what this lure is. 

SZJP managed to cut this 4-inch swimbait into seven smaller sections, using a small metallic piece as the sole link between each one. The result is clear: A hassle-free movement. 

The aesthetics of this lure cannot be overstated. The textured gills, fins, and eyes make the lure difficult to resist. Additionally, each color proves to be productive in most situations. We recommend going for the 3-pack if you don’t know which color to choose. 

Each lure has two sharp Mustad treble hooks, which are suitable for both fresh and saltwater.

The Good
The Not-So-Good

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Lures for Striped Bass

Each angler has a different option about which lure works best with a certain fish or setup. It will take a lifetime to find a common answer to support your decision. So, it is best to learn what features you should look into when buying a striped bass lure. This way, you can make an educated decision on which is the best option for you. Let’s get on to it.

When To Use Each Striped Bass Lure

Knowing when to use a topwater lure and when you should use a trolling tube is the most important thing when looking for a striped bass lure. Here we will take some time to talk about each type and share some bits of advice on when and how you should use them. 

Topwater Lures

Topwater lures, as the name suggests, stay on or near the surface. Poppers, plugs, and soft plastic lures are some examples of topwater lures. They prove to be the most productive during warmer months when striped bass are actively feeding. 

Use bigger and more disruptive topwater lures, like the Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper, during low-light situations. Change to subtle colors and quieter lures as daylight breaks in. 

Spoons and Blades 

Spoons and blades are simple in design but highly effective. The metallic body reflects light, drawing the attention of any nearby fish, while the treble hook secures anything that bites it. 

Spoons come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Which is the best size for you depends on the fish you are after. Game fishes require bigger spoons. 

Spoons work best on deep water and are great for covering large areas. 


Crankbaits are the workhorse when it comes to exploring deep water. They have a single-piece body, and some of them come with a lip at the front, like de Rapala X-Rap. It allows the lure to sink as you retrieve it. Naturally, the shape and size of the lip influence the depth the crankbait can reach.

Crankbaits, especially shallow divers, work like a charm during fall and spring. Change to medium and deep drivers as the water temperature starts to rise. 


Some anglers think that swimbaits are the best lures for bass fishing. They either have a soft body like the Storm WildEye or a hard plastic one like the TRUSCEND. The first option is less durable but makes fish hold longer, giving you more time to set the hook. 

A swimbait construction resembles the color, shape, and size of small baitfish. Most models available today already come with hooks. You can always replace them if you feel the need. 

The colorful bodies and erratic action combination make swimbaits the best lure for cold months. But they also prove to be productive during low-light conditions. 

Trolling Tubes

Trolling tubes have an uncomplicated design. They consist of a soft rubber tube wrapped around a wire or a thick piece of monofilament fishing line with a hook at the end. Some have in-built weights that help the tube reach where it needs to go: The depths. Others feature bucktails that increase the tube’s appeals.

Trolling tubes are the best option for summer striped bass trolling as it looks just like striper’s favorite meal: eels. 

Umbrella Rigs 

Also known as Alabama rigs, they consist of several wire arms, usually five. Each arm has a hook where you can strap a soft plastic lure, and some of them have willow leaf blades. 

Umbrella rigs work best when schools of baitfish are patrolling the waters as they perfectly imitate their movement. 

Having several hooks inside the water at the same time is the main advantage of Alabama Rigs. However, make sure that you comply with local regulations as some stated don’t allow using more than one or two hooks per line.  

What Color Lures for Striped Bass?

This is, hands-down, the most common question regardless of the fish type. While there is no silver bullet to solve this problem, the general knowledge agrees that dark colors tend to work best on deep and stained waters. In contrast, light shades often produce more bites on clear waters.

White, black, chartreuse, and yellow are, in our opinion, the best color lures for striped bass. White-colored lures work because most baitfish bellies are of this color. On the other hand, black is the best option for those looking to fish for striped bass at night.

Chartreuse and yellow lures are always a good option, especially during low-light conditions and mild-stained waters.  

Striped Bass Lure Size

Striped bass, like all bass species, are voracious predators. They will eat almost anything that fits inside their cavernous mouths. Therefore, using large lures, say 5-inch and bigger, are more suitable for targeting giants. However, smaller stripers won’t be able to bite it. 

So, it depends on what you want. If you are only after massive striped bass, then go for something big like a bunker spoon or a 5-inch plus lure. 

Best Lure for Striped Bass: TRUSCEND Slow Sinking

The TRUSCEND slow sinking swimbait is not only the best lure for striped bass on this list. It is also a company’s best seller. It moves and looks like an actual baitfish. Plus, the in-built rattles help striped bass to detect the lure when visibility is low. 

On the other hand, the hard ABS plastic body guarantees durability on both salt and fresh water, making it a long-time investment. Besides, at 20 bucks per 3-pack, it is an awesome deal. 

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