Best Hooks For Wacky Rig

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Most keen bass anglers will have heard of the wacky rig. It’s been around for about twenty-five years. When I don’t have time to go and buy live bait, the wacky rig is my fallback. Sometimes, for no particular reason, fish ignore live bait. I always have some plastic worms in my tackle box. The wacky rig is a skilled technique used for fishing with a soft plastic lure. It often produces bass when other methods fail. You can use any hook for the wacky rig. In this article, we will look at which hook is the best.

The wacky rig hook is the best hook to use with a plastic worm. It has a short shank with a wide gap. These hooks hold the worm in the center of the bait. The worm will be able to flutter as it falls. The action of the worm excites the fish into a strike. I usually use a size 1/0 hook. On some occasions, I will use a 2/0. Keep reading as we investigate which hooks are the best partner for the wacky rig. 

What Are The Best Brand Hooks For The Wacky Rig?

Best Hooks For Wacky Rig

My personal favorite is the Gamakatsu Finesse wide gap hook. I find it excellent when fishing for bass in about ten feet of water. It has a short shank that looks attractive to fish. The hook has plenty of bite for large bass. After trying out this product, I found it to be excellent. 

Another good brand is Lazer Trokar. They also make a nice wide gap hook, perfect for bass. They use Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST) to create a scalpel-sharp hook. These hooks will not let you down. Based on our observations, they are an outstanding product. 

The VMC Ike-approved wacky hooks are another strong contender. They were designed with the help of former Bassmaster Classic champion; Mike Laconelli. They feature an extra wide gap and a rounder hook. The shape allows you to fit your plastic worm easily. The wider bite is excellent for better hookups.   

What Does The Wacky Rig Consist Of?

Do I Need An O Ring For The Wacky Rig?

I like to use an O ring for the wacky rig. Most bait shops will have O rings to suit the plastic worm. The O ring is a small rubber ring that threads onto the plastic worm. The ring is fitted to the center of the bait. Insert the hook parallel to the bait through the O ring. Skim the top layer of the worm to ensure a tight fit. Using an O ring will help to make the bait look natural. It will also help with the longevity of the plastic worm. 

Does The Wacky Rig Hook Catch Weeds?

The Gamakatsu company produces the weedless finesse wide gap hook. It has a built-in weed guard situated at the top of the hook. The guard helps to keep grass, weeds, and debris off the hook and bait. I use this hook when fishing in heavy cover. It is a quality tool, as it prevents my rig from getting snagged. This game-changing hook lets me fish in areas where others don’t.

Do I Need A Weight For The Wacky Rig?

Gamakatsu also produces a quality hook with a jig head. It has a weighted jig head at the top of the hook. The G-finesse series is the one to look for if you are fishing deep water. This hook will get the bait down faster. It also has a weed guard.  

I almost always use a weight with the wacky rig. For a nice, slow fall, use a 1/32-ounce weight. If you want to go deeper, increase the weight size. A 3/16 oz weight should suffice in most situations.  

Some people don’t like to use weights and argue that it is more natural without using the weight. I have experimented with both. If you don’t put weight on, it will take the worm forever to get to the bottom. Adding weight will help your worm to look more natural.

Do You Set The Hook On A Wacky Rig?

I never set the hook when using the wacky rig. The hook is exposed and not buried in the plastic. Your line should always be slack, but not too much. Most bites will occur in the first fall of the bait. Watch the line for movement. Simply take up the slack by lifting into the fish. There will be enough power for the hook to penetrate the side of the fish’s mouth. I never leave the bait in the water for too long. Reel in with small jerks to help the worm look lively. 

Best Worms for Wacky Rigs

There might be hundreds of options available. There is not much difference in terms of shape. However, the scent, colors, and material do change. 

For example, the Berkley PowerBait natural scent drives fish crazy. Plus, they are very resistant. I’ve managed to catch several specimens with a single one. 

Yamamoto also makes superb worms. They might lack scent. But the action is unparalleled. Plus, there are over ten colors to choose from. I usually go for moss green or brown, whichever is available. If you want to keep the price down, I suggest getting the PLUSINNO Wacky Worm kit. However, quality is an issue. The worms are prone to break, and the O rings become stiff after some time.


Do I Need A Tool To Fit The O Ring?

It can be difficult to fit an O ring without the assistance of a tool. Do yourself a favor and buy the tool. They cost about $10. The wacky rig tool will get you back to fishing in a hurry.

Do I Use Action With The Wacky Rig?

Cast the worm as far as you can. Let the bait fall slowly. As it sinks, the worm will have a dual tail movement. The plastic worm was made with precision. There is no need to use action as it falls. If you use an action on the fall, it will not work as it was intended to. When you retrieve the line, use small jerks to make the worm look lively. 

What Are The Best Colors Of Plastic Worms?

I don’t like to get too complicated in my choice of color. I only use a selection of three different colors. I use green pumpkin-colored worms in clear or lightly stained water. If the water is slightly stained- I use watermelon red. In dirty water, I use either a blue or black Junebug.

Final Thoughts

The different varieties of hooks on the market can get confusing. I hope this article may have cleared up some of that confusion. Buying the right hook is important to make the bait work. Any of the three brands we have discussed will work very well. The O ring will assist both the hook and the worm. If you use the wacky rig correctly, it will consistently produce bass. Happy fishing. 

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