The Catch of a Lifetime: Best Fishing Shows You Can’t Miss

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For anglers, there is nothing better than casting the rod and muscle the fish to the shore or boat. Sadly, only professional anglers fish all the time since they make a living out of it.

For most of us, fishing is relegated to the occasional weekend. However, there are a couple of things that you can do to enjoy some action from the comfort of your couch. For example, you can turn on your TV and browse until you find a good fishing show. 

Here, you have some of the best fishing show you can see:

  • River Monsters- If you are onto mysteries and strange-looking beasts
  • Deadliest Catch- This is a crabbing show, but very enjoyable 
  • Wicked Tuna- Drama, action, and massive tuna; what else you need?
  • Wired2Fish- A great YouTube channel to learn how to fish 
  • Chasing Monsters-Arguably the best fishing show on Netflix
  • Battlefish- Raw fishing action on Netflix 
  • Mike’s Ike Live Fishing- One of the best fishing show on YouTube
  • Catching Monsters- Like Wicked Tuna

Do you wanna know more about these shows? If so, we make sure to keep reading a little longer. We will talk a bit about the plot of each show. Don’t worry, this review is spoiler-free. 

River Monsters 

Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters is one of those shows that you just don’t get tired of watching. It is interesting, simple, and quite exciting. 

In the show, Jeremy investigates mysterious deaths along the world’s rivers and lakes. Each episode is about a different case, in a different lake or river, with a different culprit. However, in this case, it is not a person who commits the crime, but a fish. 

So, the show is like a freshwater crime scene investigation. In fact, Jeremy often refers to himself as a freshwater detective. All episodes end with the struggle between Jeremy and a huge fish. Sadly, Animal Planet is not currently producing more seasons. But you can always enjoy all of them on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or from your network supplier.

During his time as a freshwater detective, Jeremy has caught a wide variety of fish, such as arapaimas, catfish, and even stingrays. All of them absurdly huge, of course.  

If you like River Monsters, make sure to check Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters, which is his new show. In this one, Jeremy unveils the mystery behind some of the world’s most famous saltwater legends.  

Deadliest Catch

Although there are no fishes involved, only crabs, it is still a great show. You might think that the name is a little too much. But these anglers fish under unthinkable conditions. 

The show takes place in the Bering Sea during the snow crab season. Each episode shows you the struggle of both captains and crew while fishing for the pricy Alaskan king crab. The cold, stormy weather and darkness make everything harder and twice as dangerous. 

According to some captains, people do die fishing these waters. But usually, crew members get thrown off-board, slip and fall, get hit by a cage, or lose a finger or two, nothing to worry about. Now, you see where the show gets its name. 

If extreme fishing is your thing, this is a superb show for you. Alternatively, you watch it on either Hulu or Amazon Prime. 

Wicked Tuna

The great thing about Wicked Tuna is that the only small fish that you see are the ones they use as bait. Because the tunas that these anglers reel in are truly giants. Most of them have well over 200 pounds. 

All the anglers in the show are after the Atlantic bluefin tuna. Each pound of fish is worth between 20 to 40 dollars, which means that an angler could get up to eight thousand dollars for a 200 pounds bluefin. It sounds like easy money. But the fact is that it is not. 

Bluefins hide in the depths. Thus, when they take the bait, they rapidly swim down. Anglers have to muscle the massive tuna for hours, hoping that the line doesn’t snap in the process. But the fight doesn’t end there, for that each angler must secure the fish and let it cool down properly. If not, the precious meat will be worthless. 

You can watch Wicked Tuna episodes on Amazon Prime or from the National Geographic channel, provided that your TV subscription has it. 


Wired2Fish is an amazing YouTube fishing channel. You can watch videos about which are the best fishing knots (and how to tie them), soft plastic lures (and how to rig them), fishing electronics, and more. It is quite an interesting channel if you ask us. 

On Wired2Fish, you can also watch some tutorials about kayak fishing and how to pick the right tackle combination for you, which is very useful, especially for beginners. They post videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thus, make sure to take a peek into it. 

Chasing Monsters

Did you like River Monsters, but dislike all the drama? If so, Chasing monsters is the show for you. Here, Cyril Chauquet travels through the world’s waters in the pursuit of huge beasts. It doesn’t matter if they are hiding on salt or freshwater, Cyril’s rod will get them. 

The show is quite straightforward and focuses more on the fishing experience as a whole. You get to see Cyril traveling great lengths, through treacherous terrains and endure harsh fights against massive beasts. This truly epic experience makes Chasing monsters a treat for those who enjoy fishing and adventure. But even if you haven’t touched a rod in your life, you will still have a blast watching it. 

Chasing Monsters is one of the best fishing shows on Netflix. Sadly, you can’t watch it elsewhere. 


Battlefish is an amazing fishing show. However, since it is quite raw, it is not for everyone. But that is how life is for these anglers. And that, we think, is the beauty of it. Fishing isn’t always about photos and beautiful passages. It is also about blood, sweat, and struggle. 

The show is a mixture between Deadliest Catch and Wicked Tuna. For instance, the anglers fish for the albacore tuna from the deck of a yacht, which is smaller from the huge fishing boats we get to see on Deadliest Catch. Still, the concept is pretty much the same, just with fewer people and no crabs.  

Unfortunately, the show only has one season, and we don’t know whether or nor Netflix will make a second. We hope so, as Battlefish is quite an amazing show. 

Like Wicked Tuna, Battelfish is only available on Netflix.

Ike Live Fishing

If you are into a fishing podcast or that sort of thing, you should consider watching this YouTube channel. Mike Laconelli will take you to all his adventures. Yes, the same Mike who has won the professional bass fishing tournament. So, yes, he is a pro. Thus, you can learn a lot by watching him catch different fish with different lures and techniques. He also teaches how to rig lures and which are the best baits for certain situations. In short, we think that the show is great. It has great music, good transitions, and the best of all is that it is fun to watch. 

But Ike Live fishing is not only about watching Mike fish. He also has a list of videos in which he teaches how to build your own custom boat. In his channel, you can also find reviews about the professional bass tournament, and interviews with other anglers. 

Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel. You won’t regret it. 

Catching Monsters 

This one is very similar to Wicked Tuna. Both shows focus on the struggle of some brave anglers that leave their jobs as lobstermen for almost two months to pursue the valuable Atlantic bluefin tuna.

The main difference between Wicked Tuna and Catching Monsters is that the latter has more confrontation between anglers. It is available on most TV service providers.

Fishing From the Comfort of Your Couch

We know that it is better to go fishing to the local lake or river than watching someone else doing it. But sometimes, you don’t have a choice. That is why we bring this selection of fishing shows. So, you can entertain yourself during those times when you can’t go fishing. Besides, there are so many things that you can learn by looking at how other people fish. You can discover new techniques, which could prove to be useful someday. 

Our favorite shows are River Monsters, Chasing Monsters, and Battlefish. The latter two are the best fishing shows on Netflix. Sadly, you can’t watch them elsewhere. But River Monsters you can. 

Both River Monsters and Chasing Monsters are quite similar shows. But they are great in their own way. The main difference is that the first one is more like a crime scene investigation, and the latter is more about the fishing experience. 

But if you are looking to learn the basics of fishing, or learn new techniques, we recommend Wired2Fish and Ike Live Fishing. Both are superb YouTube fishing channels where you can learn a lot by watching how pro anglers do things. 

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