The 7 Best Fishing Magazines

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Angling is more than a hobby. It is an art. An art that takes years and countless casts to master. In other words, it takes a lot of trial and error; a lot of practice. But you can speed things up by watching other anglers or asking them their techniques. Watching fishing shows is also a good way to learn new tricks. 

Magazines are another great source of information. There you can learn how to tie knots, how to rig lures to the line, and keep up to date with the latest trends of the fishing world. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good read every now and then? So, for you, who likes to read, here you have the best fishing magazines you can find: 

  • Saltwater Sportsman- Everything you need to know about saltwater fishing
  • Field and Stream- Hunting, nature, fishing, and more
  • Outdoor Life- Fishing, survival tips, and hunting in one place
  • Bassmaster- For tournament and fishing locations 
  • In-Fisherman- Everything for the freshwater angler
  • Florida Sportsman- Saltwater tournaments, fishing guides, locations, and more
  • National Fisherman- Like BBC but for anglers 

Haven’t decided yet about which one you should use? If so, keep reading as we will briefly talk about the general content of each magazine, as well as provide links to their website. Our advice is to check them all. And then decide whether to pay for the subscription or not. 

Saltwater Sportsman

Saltwater Sportsman is one of the most comprehensive fishing magazines you can find. You can find a lot of information on it, ranging from reviews to fishing techniques. This magazine has it all. 

Are you looking for a new boat? You can search for one on Saltwater Sportsman. Do you need saltwater lures? Saltwater Sportsman has some reviews for you. But you can also find articles about target-specific strategies for certain saltwater fishes. As you can see, an all-round fishing magazine. But the best thing is that all articles are quite easy to read and all anglers, regardless of their experience, can understand them. 

The only downside about this magazine is that it is only about saltwater. Still, you may find some of the information useful. For example, there are guides about how to tie knots, which is helpful no matter where you fish. 

You can check some articles online. But if you prefer, you can subscribe to the full version here.

Field and Stream

Field and Stream is more than a fishing magazine. It is a piece of history. It has been around since 1895. You can check it both online or subscribe to the full version here. Alternatively, you can purchase it from amazon. Field and Stream has a lot of articles about hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. 

Field and Stream has a lot of information that will be useful for both beginners and seasoned anglers alike. You can find reviews about saltwater lures, hooks, and guides on how to land more fish! Additionally, you can check their YouTube channel. They have a handful of videos that you might find interesting. 

The good news is that Field and Stream has a lot of information that both saltwater and freshwater will find useful. There is even a section about fly fishing. So, yes, this magazine is for anyone who enjoys, not only fishing, but other outdoor activities as well. 

Outdoor Life

Upon clicking in the link, you may notice that the magazine layout is quite similar to that of Field and Stream. You have pretty much the same information also. Not the same articles, though. And like Field and Stream, Outdoor Life has been in the market for quite a long time.

You can browse the virtual version of the magazine for free. But you can also purchase a premium version if you like full access to its contents. And, if that is not enough, you should check their YouTube channel. They have a lot of interesting videos about wildlife, fishing, and other outdoor activities. 

Fishing tips, stories, reviews, and guides are among the many things that you can find in this amazing fishing magazine. On top of that, you also get survival tips and camping hacks, which might come in handy on your needed fishing trip, or if you enjoy spending time in the wild.


Bassmaster magazines are not like the others we have reviewed thus far. The main difference is this one is more about US fishing tournaments as well as finding the best fishing spot. Particularly, we love their articles about the best fishing lakes for bass fishing in the US. 

But you can still find the occasional rod, line, or fishing kayak review. Additionally, there is a section called ‘Beginner’s Tackle Box’, which might be useful if you are taking your first steps in the angling world. There you can find valuable tips from pro anglers. 

Some of the content is available online. But you must purchase a membership if you wish to have unrestricted access. You can purchase one by clicking here.

Fly Fisherman

Fly fishing is not for everyone. The casting, by itself, is a completely different art. Still, we couldn’t turn our backs against those anglers that love Fly Fishing. That is why we bring you a special magazine, just for you!

The name says it all. Everything that a fly fishing angler needs to know is here. You have guides on how to rig a fly, how to make one from scratch, best places for fly fishing, fly fishing techniques, gear reviews, how to target each fish, tips for beginners, and a section for pro fly fishing anglers. A comprehensive collection, as you can see.

Some content is available for free. But some sections are restricted. You must pay if you wish to have access to them.


In-Fisherman has everything any freshwater anglers needs. For instance, there is a unique tab for each freshwater fish. There you can fish information about fish anatomy, how to fish for them, and which are the best times and places to fish a certain fish. A magnificent source of information. 

Additionally, you have the usual gear tab, where you can find information about the best rods, baits, and accessories. You can also find articles about the best fishing destinations in the US and Canada, as well as how to read solunar calendars. As we said, everything that you should know for your next fishing trip is right here. 

If you wish to subscribe and have unrestricted access to all the content, you can click here

Florida Sportsman

There is no better source of information about Florida’s fishing activity than this magazine. On it, you will find the latest fishing reports along the Florida coast, tournament news, weather forecast, and the standard gear reviews.

Make sure to check the How-To section. There you can find a lot of information about fishing from a boat without scaring the fish, how to rig your gear properly, how to use a fish finder, and how to securely transport your fishing kayak. As you can see, this information is useful to matter where you are fishing. 

Additionally, the Florida Sportsman website has a Forum section where you can ask other fellow anglers for advice. As well as podcasts, radio channels, and videos that you might find helpful. 

You can click here if you wish to subscribe to this magazine.

National Fisherman

National Fisherman is not your average fishing magazine. This one doesn’t have as many guides, gear reviews, and interviews as the other we mentioned before. The main goal of the National Fisherman magazine is to provide information about fishing activity throughout the world. 

Here you can find the latest news regarding the fishing industry, especially small-scale fishing. And you can also enjoy the occasional review about boats, hooks, and the latest fishing electronics. The bad news is that the full version of some articles is not available in the free version. Thus, you will have to upgrade if you wish to read them.

We highly recommend checking the website before acquiring the subscription, as the information here might not be of use to everyone. 

Choosing the Right One

Magazines are a great source of entertainment and information, especially if you like to read more than watching TV shows or something similar. And fishing magazines are not an exception. Inside them, you can find tips that might come in handy on your next fishing trip. 

But that is not all. Magazines such as Field and Stream and Outdoor Life are packed with articles about fishing, hunting, and survival tips. Additionally, both of them have guides on how to rig your equipment, as well as reviews of reel, rods, lines, and hooks. In our humble opinion, these are the best fishing magazines that you can find.

Fly Fisherman is another great source of information, especially for those who love fly fishing. We know that it is quite hard to find guides and help as not too many people practice this peculiar art. Thus, this magazine is like a sight for sore eyes for those looking for this kind of information. 

Still, we recommend checking all of them since some of the content is available for everyone. Then, if you happen to like a particular magazine, you can pay for a subscription to acquire unrestricted access. You can find all the links to the subscription section within each review.

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