Best Fishing Games for All Platforms

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Nothing compares to the thrill and excitement that real-life fishing brings. Sadly, you can’t go fishing all the time. You have to work, go to school, and tend to your everyday tasks.

And when you finally go fishing, you can never have enough. You always leave the water with a sense of loss and sadness, even if you have a bag full of fishes. 

Occasionally, so much time passes between fishing trips that your hands start to itch. Or you start getting flashbacks of your latest catch.

That’s why we bring you a little selection of the best fishing games you can play on PC, phone, Wii, PlayStation, or Xbox.

These games will help you to quench your thirst for action, at least for a moment. 

The Fisherman: Fishing Planet.

  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox, and PC

With this great simulator, you will be able to enjoy an almost real fishing experience. We are not kidding. It is astonishing how the developers put so much effort into making this game as real as it can be. 

For example, the waters have weeds, trees, and other structures where fish can hide. But be careful! Your line can get tangled, and you might end up losing your hook or other tackle. Believe us; you don’t want this!

Setting up your gear and choosing your strategy is as important as in real life. The bait, reel, fishing line, rod, and other tackle combinations can make the difference between landing a fish or not. Even the specific location of your cast has an impact on the catch. 

You must buy all your tackle with in-game money. So, the question emerges. How do I get money to buy the tackle? Well, all fishes yield money as you harvest them. The prize depends on the fish rarity. Common fish yield less coins than big-game fish.

But as good as it might sound, farming in this game is extremely tedious and time-consuming. So, if you happen to lose tackle, you must buy it again. You also need money for licenses, trips, and to fix your equipment. 

The gear performance depends on where and what you are fishing. Whether or not you land the fish depends on your set up as well.  For example, landing a big fish with inappropriate gear is almost impossible. 

We believe that this is one of the aspects where this game falls short. Whether or not you land the fish largely depends on the fish weight and your gear, not on your technique. 

Still, the way you muscle the fish is very realistic. You can release line to tire the fish, reel the fish, pull the line, or try to move it to open water. And everything you do, or don’t, has an impact on the outcome of the fight.

The Fisherman: Fishing Planet graphic won’t blow your brains out. Trees, weeds, rocks, and ground require more work to bring a more authentic experience. And, as one of the great things, about fishing, is the landscape. A poorly-made one could make the game a little tedious.

The best feature, graphic-wise, is the fish. You can easily recognize the different species that inhabit these virtual waters; kudos!

The game requires dedication and a strategic mind. Otherwise, you won’t be able to catch anything. 

Here, you can check the game price for PS4, Xbox, and PC

Closing Thoughts.

The Fisherman: Fishing Planet offers a real-life fishing experience. It requires dedication and a strategic mind. Otherwise, you won’t be able to catch anything. 

Ultimate Fishing Simulator.

  • Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox One, and Switch. 

We love real-life fishing. The hours of preparation, the casting, and the thrill of the fight is what fishing is all about. However, the realism of the Ultimate Fishing Simulator made us like in-house fishing too!

As happens with real fishing, choosing the appropriate approach is crucial to land a virtual fish. So, if you are new to the angling world, you will have to do some research before casting. Don’t worry; the game has an in-built encyclopedia. Where you can check which lures, bait and tactics are the best for a specific fish. Who knows? You might end up learning a couple of things to improve your real-life fishing.

The Ultimate Fishing Simulator has dynamic weather. Which means that it changes over time. Therefore, you must modify your approach accordingly. Additionally, we recommend keeping an eye on the clock. Some species are more active during the night. 

You will find all you need to start your virtual fishing career in the in-game shop. But don’t buy something just because you have the money. As happens in real life, all pieces of tackle have a use. Thus, if you don’t know how to use it, don’t buy it! Mainly because the game has a weird inflated economy. We hope this changed for Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2. 

As you might think, most big-game fish require expensive equipment. You earn in-game money by catching and selling the fish. Alternatively, releasing the fish will grant you additional experience. Fortunately, money-making is not as tedious as The Fisherman: Fishing Planet. So, there is no need to quit your real job to be able to afford that virtual rod. 

On Ultimate Fishing Simulator, you can fish from the shore, boat, and ice. Yes, you read that right. You can go ice fishing here, making it a subtle addition compared with other games. But beware, you need a specific skill to do so. Ice-fishing is quite realistic too, but not as good as normal-water fishing. Still, it is a nice and enjoyable touch. 

As you level up, you will gain access to new skills and fishing locations. For example, the hunter perk allows you to see fishes from afar. For us, the fishing from a boat and the ice-fishing license are both a must.  

The first version of the game is quite old. But it has decent graphics. The landscape looks beautiful, and the in-water camera is right on point. The only down-side is the fish movement. Almost all species move in the same awkward way. And bite in the same slow-motion way. According to the developers, this doesn’t happen on the second version of the game. 

In Ultimate Fishing Simulator, you can play online with friends and other people around the globe. And if you are up to the challenge, you can compete against them in a tournament and see who’s the best angler. 

Sadly, the first version of the game, and currently the unique version, is only available on PC. Here, you can check the price on steam. But don’t worry, if you aren’t part of the PC master race, you can wait until the release of Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2. It will be available for all major consoles. 

Closing Thoughts. 

With Ultimate Fishing Simulator, you will enjoy a real-life fishing experience from the comfort of your couch. However, fish movement requires some modifications to make it more realistic. 

Fishing Clash.

  • Platforms: iOS and Android.

Imagine that you want to cast your rod so bad that your hands are itching. But you are stuck at work and far away from the closest body of water. And the worst part is, you are merely beginning the day! But don’t worry, open the apps store from your phone and type Fishing Clash. You won’t regret it. 

Fishing Clash is a grossing game available in both google play and apple store. It is a fun way to kill time when you are on the go. Or during those dead hours at work. Just make sure that your boss isn’t around. 

The game lacks the graphic and gameplay of the other two. But this doesn’t mean that Fishing Clash is boring to play. Of course, this isn’t a game to play throughout the entire day.

Fishing Clash mechanics and gameplay are simple. There is no major strategy involved. All that you need to do is cast the rod and reel once the fish bites. Just be careful not to reel too fast or too slow. Otherwise, you will lose the fish. 

The only sense of tactic that the game has is the rods and lures. You will unlock them as you play and level up. As you combine and upgrade them, you will be able to catch bigger and exotic fishes. 

Loch Ness, Florida Coast, Great Barrier Reef, and Greenland are some of the places where you can cast your rod. However, you only have access to the Florida Coast at the early stages of the game. As you earn experience, you will be able to unlock new locations. 

Overall, this game is a great time killer. Of course, it has its limitations. You can’t ask for the same experience and performance of console/PC games. Still, the game does its job and is very enjoyable.

The downside is that leveling up and unlocking new gear and places is hard. Unless you are willing to spend a couple of bucks to speed things up. We like to play it without paying real money. It is more challenging this way. 

Closing Thoughts.

Fishing Clash is an excellent option for on the go anglers. It’s fun, easy-to-play, and enjoyable. Still, in the long road, the game can become tedious due to the difficulty of acquiring new gear. 

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dovetail Games specializes in making simulators. So, you would expect a real-life fishing experience with Fishing Sim World. And guess what? You are right! 

You can cast your rod on ten real-life lakes, participate in online tournaments against other players, upgrade your gear, and choose the right fishing approach. And the fishes look authentic enough to be easily recognizable. 

The man versus fish battle is as real as it can be. The line tension and fighting time depend on the fish species, weight, and your fishing gear. You could even see how the rod bent according to the fish weight! Each one of the 29 species behave differently. Some tend to fight more than others. 

However, nothing is perfect. There are two significant downsides with Fishing Sim World. The first is your character, and the second is the unnecessary long tutorials. 

Thankfully, the second problem only lasts a couple of minutes. You can alternatively skip all the video tutorials. But beware, don’t do this is you are new to simulators or fishing. Otherwise, your virtual fishing career will sink as soon as you cast.

The dull character graphics could be a deal-breaker if you are all about graphics and display. However, if you focus more on realism and gameplay, you won’t even notice this. 

Talking about the gameplay, it will take you some time to get acquainted with the game mechanics. But as soon as you do, everything will go swimmingly. Leveling up and upgrading your gear is not as hard as on other fishing simulators, which is excellent if you ask us.

Once you are up to the challenge, you can compete against real-life anglers to see who’s best! But the road to the top is slow. To get a shot of defeating an elite angler, you must first make a name for yourself. Winning tournaments and landing trophy fishes will draw sponsors’ attention. Thus, increase your popularity! 

So, what are you waiting for casting your rod on Fishing Sim World waters? You can check out the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 prices here.

Closing Thoughts.

Immerse yourself in the real-like fishing experience that Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour has to offer. Pay attention to every detail as you fight your way to the top of the ranking. 

Fishing Resort.

  • Platforms: Wii.

This game lacks the graphics and strategic mind of fishing simulators. Still, it is an excellent option for those looking for a less intensive experience.

There are a lot of lures and rods combinations on Fishing Resort. You might catch different fishes depending on which combination you are using. Just like Fishing Clash, this all the sense of strategy this game has.

The great thing about Fishing Resort is its simplicity. All that you need to do is to cast and reel once you hook a fish. The control layout is also great and simple. You reel the fish in by spinning the num-chuk, and sometimes you have to move the remote in the direction pinpointed on the screen. 

Fishing Resort offers some side-activities such as exploring the resort, customizing your avatar with in-game apparel, and looking at your past battles in the aquarium. 

The graphics are quite pleasing for a Wii game. However, it is very far away from triple-A standards. But then again, you can’t expect anything more from a Wii game. 

Closing Thoughts. 

Fishing Resort is not the best game graphics-wise. Still, like most Wii games, it is surely enjoyable.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch.

  • Platforms: Android and iOS

Lastly, we bring you another mobile game. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is available for both Android and Apple users. It might not be the greatest fishing game. But it is a great and fun way to kill time. 

In the game, you will be both Capitan and angler. As you keep landing fishes, you will earn money that you can use to upgrade your ship and tackle, allowing you to pursue rarer fish, which in turn yields more cash!

Like Fishing Clash, this game doesn’t have amazing graphics. Still, they are decent enough for a mobile game. The best of all is that both the mechanics and gameplay are very simple; all is about the catch. Thus, no need to search for a place to cast or to wait countless hours before a bite. 

The only thing that you have to take care of is the tension on the line. Too much tension will cause the line to snap. In contrast, too little tension will result in the fish getting away. But don’t worry, the game is very intuitive, and you will get familiar with the mechanics in no time. 

You can participate in different events. Complete then whenever you can, as they are an easy way to get more gear.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is a free game. Still, if you want to speed things up, you will have to pay real-life money. 

Closing Thoughts.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is a great on-the-go fishing game. But it lacks the graphics and realism of console/PC simulators. 

Best Fishing Games for any Platform. 

You can also fish on other games such as Far Cry 5, The Sims 4, Ark: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Persona 5. However, in these games, fishing is much more like a side activity rather than the main attraction. Thus, don’t set your stakes too high. 

Here it ends this Best Fishing Games review. We hope that you can ease your fishing cravings with any of these games. If you want our opinion, we loved the Ultimate Fishing Simulator for three things:

  1. The second version of the game is available on many different devices. And with exciting updates in comparison with the first version.
  2. The game is very realistic and makes you feel that you are actually fishing.
  3. The in-built encyclopedia provides you with enough information to catch that elusive fish! So, no need to browse the web or ask a friend to find out which is the right approach. 

However, because everyone has a different taste, you might like another game better. So, tell us, which is your favorite fishing game?

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