10 Best Fish Lip Grippers Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2023

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Now that you have the fish almost in, it is time to remove the hook and for the obligatory trophy picture. But removing the hook is not an easy task. Plus, grabbing the fish by the gills is not the safest way to do it. 

But don’t despair, fish lip grippers solve both problems. You will have better control of the fish with them. And, you are less likely to hurt yourself or the fish during the process. 

Here, we bring you a selection of the best fish lip grippers you can find in the market today. 

Comparison Table

ProductConstructionWeight (Oz)TypeExtras
Berkley Big Game Lip gripStainless steel body with rubber handle12.8T-styleLanyard
Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper With ScaleAluminum body with rubber handle9.4T-style with single-finger actionLanyardMechanical scaleRotating handle
Rapala 9’’ Floating Fish GripperPlastic5.1Floating plastic gripperLanyard
Entsport Fish Lip GripperStainless steel body with EVA handle7T-styleLanyardRotating handleMechanical scale
Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital ScaleStainless steel body with rubber handle10.2T-styleLanyardRotating handleDigital scale
Kastking Floating Fish Lip GripperPlastic8.8Floating plastic gripperLanyardExternal digital scale
Fiblink Portable Fish Lip GrabberAluminum body with rubber handle8T-style with single-finger actionLanyardNylon bagRotating handleMechanical scale
HJJS Fish Gripper and Pliers ComboStainless steel body with EVA handle710.5 (With the pliers)T-styleLanyardNylon bagMechanical scaleMeasuring tapeAluminum pliers
Mounchain Portable Fish Lip Gripper Stainless steel body with plastic handle4.32Pistol lip gripperLanyardBagFloats
Yak-Gear Plastic Fish Lip GripperPlastic4.2Floating plastic gripperLanyard

10 Best Fish Lip Grippers Reviewed

In this section, we’ll be reviewing the top 10 fish lip grippers on the market, highlighting their key features and specifications, and providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on which one is right for you. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the best fish lip grippers available today.

Berkley Big Game Lip Grip

Berkley Big Game Lip Grip
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel body
  • Positive locking jaw action holds catch until you...
  • Comfort handle provides a nonslip grip

This basic fish lip gripper is an affordable option for those anglers looking for lip pliers and nothing more. We said nothing more because the Berkley big game lip grip has neither measuring tape nor scale. But it is extremely good at its job: handling fish. 

The gripper has a full stainless steel body. Thus, you can use it in fresh and saltwater alike. Plus, the Berkley big game lip grip has a rubber studded grip. It provides a secure grip even when wet. 

You have an adjustable wrist lanyard at the top of the handle. It fits nicely into your arm and prevents the grip from sinking in the water. 

In the middle, you will find the T-style trigger mechanism. It is very responsive. Thus, there is no need to apply too much pressure to open the positive locking jaws. 

There is no weight limit for this gripper. So, as long as you can handle the weight, you can use the Berkley big game lip grip. However, we find out that there is a little gap between the jaws. As a consequence, it might not be useful for small fish. 

The feature that we dislike the most is that its jaws don’t rotate. Keep this present if you think to target aggressive fish. 

Key Features

  • Stainless steel body.
  • Wrist lanyard.
  • Studded rubber handle. 
  • T-style gripper. 
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces.


  • Sensitive mechanism. 
  • Corrosion-resistant. 
  • Good grip.


  • The Head doesn’t rotate. 
  • Doesn’t have a scale or measuring tape. 
  • Not suitable for small fish.

Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Scale

Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Scale 28lb Camouflage Fish...
  • The rotatable handle makes more convenient to...
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy body; great...
  • The retractable lanyard, the hook and the...

If you are looking for a fish lip gripper with a scale, but you don’t want to pay top dollar for it, this option is for you. With a full aluminum body, this gripper is a lighter option than the one we reviewed before. Plus, Piscifun added a protective coating against corrosion, which is especially useful for saltwater. 

The gripper has a mechanical scale. The mechanism consists of a cylinder with weight markings attached to a calibrated spring. The tension will stretch the spring, and you can read the weight marking. Logically, the farther the stretch, the heavier the fish is. The gripper can handle up to 28 pounds. Don’t try to use it on bigger fish as it will only damage the spring.

The handle looks like it won’t offer too much grip. But looks are deceiving. The tiny studs increase the friction between the rubber and your hand. Thus, it is quite unlikely to slip.

A remarkable difference from the previous gripper is that this one has a rotating handle. Therefore, it will move as the fish moves, which reduces the damage to the lower jaw. 

Piscifun replaced the T-shaped trigger with a lever-like one. You only need a single finger to operate it, which is an advantage to the conventional T-style gripper. We find out that the trigger is very sensitive, and you should face any trouble while using it.

At the top of the handle, you will find a retractable lanyard with a carabiner. But if you don’t like it, you can tie a cord to the ring. 

Key Features

  • Aluminum body.
  • Rotating handle. 
  • Retractable lanyard.
  • Studded rubber handle.  
  • Weight: 9.4 ounces.
  • Trigger-like action. 
  • Maximum weight: 28 pounds.


  • Corrosion-resistance.
  • In-built scale. 
  • Rotating head.
  • You can add a lanyard at any time. 


  • The scale is not as precise as a digital one. 
  • It takes time to get used to the mechanism. 
  • The screws tend to get loose over time. 

Rapala 9″ Floating Fish Gripper

Rapala 9" Floating Fish Gripper 9", white/black
  • Land and release your catch without harm to you or...
  • Securely hold fish with one-hand
  • Quick release mechanism holds strong and releases...

Here we present you a fish lip gripper for under 20 bucks! Yes, the Rapala  9” gripper is among the most affordable grippers that you can find. 

It is easy to associate price with quality. But in this case, you are buying a superb gripper at a remarkably low price. Made entirely with heavy-duty plastic, it is amazingly light. Yet, it is quite durable as well. Therefore, this set of pliers is perfect for those anglers on the go.

The plastic construction makes the gripper resistant to the corrosive nature of salty water. And, since plastic is smoother than metal, the lip gripper is less likely to hurt the fish. 

But this plastic gripper has a hidden feature; it floats! So, don’t worry if you happen to drop it in the water. Plus, it has a wrist lanyard. 

The Rapala 9” looks like a pair of locking pliers. And, it has a similar close/release mechanism. Therefore, by pressing the handle, you will open the jaws and stick them. The downside is that the jaws don’t rotate. Bear in mind that they are quite bulky. So, you might have a hard time trying to squeeze the gripper inside a small fish jaw. 

But Rapala has the answer to this! They also offer a smaller 6” version with shorter jaws that has the same features as the Rapala 9” floating fish gripper. 

Key Features

  • Plastic body.
  • Lanyard.
  • Weight: 5.1 ounces.
  • Locking pliers mechanism. 
  • Maximum weight: 25 pounds.


  • Corrosion-resistance.
  • Affordable.
  • Compact. 


  • The jaws don’t fit on small mouths. 
  • Not suitable for massive fish. 
  • Its head doesn’t rotate. 

Entsport Fish Lip Gripper 

ENTSPORT Fish Lip Gripper Fish Scales Professional Fish...
  • High quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel...
  • Extra wide opening, easy grip handle and quick...
  • Non-slip comfortable EVA handle with adjustable...

Talking about affordable fish lip grippers is talking about the Entsport fish lip gripper. This T-style has a full stainless steel body and features an EVA foam grip. 

The construction makes the lip gripper resistant to corrosion. Still, we suggest rinsing it with some freshwater to increase its endurance. In the middle of the device, you will find a mechanical scale that works similarly to the previous lip gripper we reviewed. However, in this case, the cylinder has the readings engraved. It is very easy to read them. Plus, they won’t fade away with use. 

The scale has a maximum measure of 33 pounds, which is more than enough for most anglers. But if you are looking for big game fishes, you are better off with something else. 

A clear disadvantage in comparison with the former gripper is that this one doesn’t have a rotating head. Still, you will hardly find something better for the price. 

The EVA handle adapts nicely to your hand. Still, it gets slippery while handling larger fishes. But nothing to worry about since the gripper has an adjustable wrist lanyard. 

As we said before, this gripper has a T-style jaw opener. It might not be as sensible as other grippers. But then again, it is hard to find something better at this price tag. We notice that the jaws don’t open as wide as other grippers. So, it could be hard to secure large fishes. 

Entspore also offers another version, for a slightly higher price, that has a measuring tape near the jaws. 

Key Features

  • Stainless steel body.
  • EVA foam handles.
  • Rotating head. 
  • Lanyard.
  • Weight: 7 ounces.
  • T-style 
  • Maximum weight: 33 pounds.


  • Corrosion-resistance. 
  • Fish lip gripper with scale. 
  • Lightweight.
  • Long and comfortable handle. 


  • The head doesn’t rotate. 
  • It is quite hard to secure large species. 
  • The scale is not as accurate as advertised. 

Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale 

Piscifun Fish Gripper with Digital Fish Scale, Memory...
  • 【Note】Scale and LCD are powered by (2) AAA...
  • 【Unmatched Durability】Crafted from high-grade...
  • 【All-Weather Performance】Our fish gripper is...

Keeping track of the fish’s weight is necessary for some anglers. Plus, some mechanical scales are quite hard to read, and sometimes the markings fade away with time. So, the solution is simple: a fish lip gripper with a digital scale. 

Thus, we bring you the Piscifun fish lip gripper with a digital scale. It has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel body. The jaws are remarkably durable and do a superb job grabbing the fish. Besides, thanks to the 1.57 inches opening, you can easily fit the jaws in almost any fish. 

This gripper has a traditional T-style. It is quite hard to reach the lever, especially if you have small hands. Apart from that fact, the gripper is easy to operate.

The gripper features a textured non-slip handle. Plus, the 360 degrees handle rotation makes everything easier. At its top, you will see an LCD digital scale, which is powered by two AAA batteries. It is not extremely accurate, especially with higher weights. But Piscifun added a table with the deviation depending on the scale lecture. 

The scale can measure up to 60 pounds, and it is water-resistant. However, we don’t recommend soaking it in water for more than five minutes, as it might damage the screen. The digital display is movable, so you can easily read the numbers. And, it can store up to 10 readings! 

Key Features

  • Stainless steel body.
  • Rubber handle.
  • Rotating head. 
  • Digital scale.
  • Lanyard.
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces.
  • T-style 
  • Maximum weight: 60 pounds.


  • It has a water-resistant digital scale that stores up to 10 readings. 
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Easy to operate. 
  • Suitable for a wide range of fish and weights. 
  • Rotating handle. 


  • The scale drains the batteries quite fast.
  • The cord can slip out of the gripper. 

KastKing Floating Fish Lip Gripper

KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale with...
  • Waterproof/Floating Digital Scale – The KastKing...
  • Lightweight, Durable handle – High strength ABS...
  • Dual Mode Digital Weight Measurements – Quickly...

Kastking has anything you need for your next fishing trip. And, each one of its products comes at an affordable price. Yet, they do not sacrifice quality. Proof of that is this floating plastic fish lip gripper. 

They use low-density plastic to keep the lip grip lightweight. Like most plastic lip grippers, the KastKing Madbite lip gripper floats in water. Yet, it is sturdy and more than capable of handling big fish. 

This one has the same locking mechanism as the Rapala 9” we reviewed before. The difference is that the jaws are quite small. Thus, you might have trouble securing massive fish. Additionally, the jaws have a non-puncture end. So, it won’t damage the fish’s lower jaw as you hold it. 

The KastKing floating fish lip gripper comes with an external digital scale. You can use the metal ring in the handle to hook the gripper to the scale. The lectures are true, and the device can store up to 9 readings. Plus, it is waterproof and floats! So, don’t worry if you accidentally drop the scale in the water. 

Key Features

  • Plastic body.
  • External digital scale.
  • Lanyard.
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces (including the digital scale).
  • Locking pliers mechanism. 
  • Maximum weight: 50 pounds.


  • You can use the gripper in both salt and freshwater. 
  • It has an accurate digital scale. 
  • Both the lip gripper and scale float.
  • It comes with a battery. 


  • The head doesn’t spin.
  • Not suitable for massive fishes. 
  • Some anglers could have a hard time pairing the scale with the gripper. 

Fiblink Portable Fish Lip Grabber 

Fiblink Portable Fish Lip Grabber Gripper Grip Tool Aluminum...
  • Anti-Corrosion Aluminum Alloy - The aircraft-grade...
  • Scales - The rotatable handle makes more...
  • Skid Proof & Ergonomic Handle - The anti-slip...

With full aircraft-grade aluminum construction, the Fiblink fish lip gripper is resistant to corrosion and very strong. So strong that it can handle up to 40 pounds of weight. 

Even though the gripper is resistant to corrosion, the springs tend to rust after some time. You should always rinse it with some water. 

The best thing is that it has an in-built mechanical scale. The numbers are easily visible, making it easy to measure the fish’s weight. Plus, the handle is free to rotate. So, you can spin the tool without damaging the fish. 

The locking jaws leave a 1.3-inch gap when open, which is plenty of room for most fishes. Additionally, they leave no space when closed, and the jaws aren’t too bulky, making it easy to fit the tool inside a small fish mouth

All you need to do to open the gripper jaw is to pull the small lever in the middle. You can do it using only one finger.

You will have a tight grasp on the lip gripper thanks to its ergonomic non-slip rubber handle. At its top, you will see a retractable steel cord with a carabiner. 

The Fiblink fish lip gripper with scale comes with a nylon sheath. You can put the gripper inside it while you are not using it. 

Key Features

  • Aluminum body.
  • Rotating handle. 
  • Retractable steel lanyard.
  • Rubber handle.  
  • Weight: 8 ounces.
  • Trigger-like action. 
  • Maximum weight: 40 pounds.
  • Nylon bag. 


  • You can use it on saltwater. 
  • In-built scale. 
  • Comes with a sheath. 
  • The scale numbers are readable. 


  • Springs get rusty. 
  • The handle is quite slippery.

HJJS Fish Gripper and Pliers Combo

HJJS Fishing Pliers (Air-Craft Grade Aluminum) and Fish...
  • Durable and Multi-functional Usages - The pliers...
  • Multi-functional Usages - The pliers completes...
  • Protective Shield - Each pliers is provided and...

Having everything in one place is a huge advantage when fishing. Thankfully, HJJS has your back with this fish lip gripper and pliers combo.

The gripper has the classical stainless steel construction of a T-style lip grabber. Plus, it already comes with a measuring tape and an in-built mechanical scale. With 7 ounces of weight, HJJS managed to keep the lip gripper as lightweight as possible. 

At the top of the gripper, you will find an EVA foam handle. It is big enough to fit your entire hand, and it has a super grip, even under wet conditions. 

The aircraft-grade aluminum pliers will come in handy to remove the hook from the fish’s mouth. Plus, it has a line cutter and a split ring opener. Overall, it is a useful tool to have around. 

The combo comes with a nylon holster to keep the pliers while you are not using them. 

Key Features

  • Stainless steel body.
  • Wrist lanyard.
  • EVA handle.  
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces (including the pliers).
  • T-style. 
  • Maximum weight: 40 pounds.
  • Nylon bag.
  • Aluminum pliers.  
  • In-built scale and measuring tape. 


  • Affordable all-in-one package. 
  • Both the pliers and the gripper are durable and corrosion resistance


  • The lip gripper is more suitable for big species. 
  • Inaccurate scale. 

Mounchain Portable Fish Lip Gripper

It is fairly uncommon to see pistol lip grippers in the market. Even less common to find one reliable piece. Nevertheless, here we bring you the Mounchain fish lip gripper, which is a decent pistol gripper that comes at an affordable price. 

The gripper is remarkably small. Plus, the 4.32 ounces of weight make this fish gripper extremely portable. You get a small bag with your purchase. You can use it to holster the gripper while you are not using it. 

The stainless steel upper body and jaws are durable and rust-proof. However, the tiny jaws work better on small fishes rather than massive ones. Keep that in mind before your purchase. 

Thanks to the plastic handle and trigger, the lip gripper can float in water. This is a feature that you don’t find in the other metal grippers we reviewed before. Still, it is quite unlikely to drop the gripper since it has a pistol-like construction, and a wrist lanyard. 

Key Features

  • Stainless steel and plastic body.
  • Wrist lanyard.
  • Plastic handle.  
  • Weight: 4.32 ounces (including the pliers).
  • Pistol lip gripper. 
  • Maximum weight: 30 pounds.
  • Bag.


  • It floats in water.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Comfortable shape.


  • It doesn’t have a rotating head.
  • Works better on small fish. 

Yak-Gear Plastic Fish Lip Gripper

Yak-Gear The Fish Grip Blue 10"
  • We strongly believe QUALITY is key to all...
  • We will not settle for basic equipment and hope to...
  • We believe fellow anglers come together because of...

The Yak-Gear is not the best plastic gripper in this review. But the affordable price tag and portability make this an ideal option for occasional anglers.

As the name suggests, the gripper has a full plastic body. Plus, it has stainless steel screws to secure everything in place. Like the other plastic grippers we’ve reviewed thus far, this one has the same locking pliers mechanism. It is notably easy to use. But you won’t be able to handle 20+ pound fish with it.

The gripper comes in 6 different colors. All of them are easily visible during the day and night. Thus, the grippers are easy to find if you ever happen to drop them. Plus, they float in water. 

Key Features

  • Plastic body.
  • Wrist lanyard.
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Locking pliers mechanism. 
  • Maximum weight: 20 pounds.


  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Floats.
  • Corrosion-resistance.


  • Not suitable for massive fish.
  • The jaws tend to wear down with use. 

Our Winners

Best Overall 

The Entsport fish lip gripper is our winner. It is the only fish gripper with a scale under 15 bucks on this list. But it also has superb built quality! It has a stainless steel body and a comfortable EVA foam handle. 

It is lighter than the other full metal body grippers in this review. Plus, the jaw mechanism works flawlessly. 

The mechanical scale is not as accurate as high-end models. Still, it is easier to read this scale than that found in the Piscifun and Fiblink grippers.  

You can also buy a tape-and-scale version for less than a dollar! Which is less than HJJS fishing grippers. Although, the former doesn’t come with pliers. 

As you can see, the Entsport fish lip gripper with scale has a high value for the money. 

Best Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale

The Piscifun fish lip gripper with a digital scale is our clear winner in this section. Firstly, it has an in-built digital scale. Whereas the KastKing has a separate scale that you must pair with the plastic grippers.

Additionally, the Piscifun is suitable for a wider range of weights. Plus, the scale can store the last 10 measures, which is one more than the number that you can store in the KastKing. And, if that isn’t enough, the display is adjustable. 

Lastly, the Piscifun has a rotating head. Therefore, it is easier to handle the fish and see the scale reading. 

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Fish Lip Gripper

If you haven’t decided which fish lip gripper you should buy, you should read our buyer’s guide. Here you will find what to look for when buying a fish lip gripper. We expect that, after reading it, you will have all the tools you need to purchase the best fish lip gripper for you. 

But first, we will address some common questions that buyers commonly have. 

What are fish lip grippers? 

Lip grippers are specialized tools that you can use to secure the fish by the mouth. How do they do it? Well, the tip of the gripper has two claws on either side that face each other. So, when open, they leave enough space for the fish lip to pass through the gap. Once the claws close, you will have the fish secure. 

The mechanism resembles the one found in locking pliers or claw machines. 

How to use a fish lip gripper?

The process is the same regardless of the fish lip gripper you are using. Of course, some of them are easier to handle than others. Still, each one has some kind of trigger near the handle. Once you pull it, the gripper jaws will open.

Now, you have to squeeze the gripper through the fish’s lower jaw, and the fish is secure. To release the fish, just apply pressure again, and the jaws will automatically open. 

Why should you use a lip gripper? 

Once you have the fish in the boat of land, without the hook in its mouth, you can say you have a successful catch. So, after you reel the fish in, you must take the hook off its mouth. 

It might not look like a difficult task. Yet, it is. Many anglers get hooked while trying to take the hook off the fish’s mouth. We don’t have to tell you how painful this is. Therefore, by using a lip grip, you will have a firm hold of the fish, and you can remove the hook with your free hand. 

Additionally, as fish are naturally slippery, using a lip gripper helps you to prevent the fish from escaping your grasp. 

Do lip grips hurt fish? 

Many anglers debate whether or not holding the fish by its lower jaw with a lip gripper is the right way to handle it. It all depends on the fish’s weight and how careful you are with the fish. The short and easy answer is no, the fish lip gripper doesn’t do irreparable damage to the fish, as long as you know how to handle it. 

So, we will take some lines to explain this matter. No jaws are capable of supporting too much weight. So, if you are practicing catch-and-release fishing, it is not advisable to hold the fish vertically by its mouth for a prolonged time. The internal structure of the fish is designed in a way that the water supports the fish horizontally. Thus, by removing it from the water and holding it in a vertical position, all the internal organs will be unsupported. Plus, it adds unnecessary strain to the spine and jaws. However, this isn’t important if you are planning to keep the fish. 

Another way that anglers secure the fish is by grabbing it by the gills. But this technique is more invasive and harmful to the fish. You can damage the tissue, depleting the fish’s ability to breathe underwater. So, you should avoid securing it by the gills. Besides, the same principle discussed before applies to this case. 

In conclusion, the lip gripper itself doesn’t hurt the fish. It is the technique and the way you handle the fish that damages it. Our recommendation when using fish lip grippers is to avoid holding the fish vertically for a prolonged time. And if you want to take a picture of your trophy, you should carry the fish belly with your spare hand. Alternatively, you can place the fish on your thighs.


Plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel are the most common materials found in fish lip grippers. Each one has its advantages and limitations. Thus, it is crucial to know them before your purchase. 

Plastic fish lip grippers 

Let’s start with the most basic and affordable of all options: plastic. Plastic fish lip grippers are lightweight, quite durable, and are resistant to corrosion. Most times, it is also the most affordable option in the market. Thus, if you are low on budget, you can always go for a heavy-duty plastic fish lip gripper. 

However, plastic is not as sturdy as metal. As a result, plastic grippers have a lower lifting capacity. Additionally, even though plastic is resistant to corrosion, the internal mechanism might not be. 

Furthermore, plastic is quite fragile. Any hit could damage the lip gripper. Plus, sun exposure wears down the plastic, reducing its strength. 

Aluminum fish lip grippers

It is the next step after plastic. Aluminum keeps the lip gripper lightweight and strong enough to handle bigger fishes. Typically, aluminum fish lip grippers last longer than plastic ones. However, it comes at a higher price. 

The downside with aluminum is that it doesn’t handle saltwater like stainless steel or even plastic. Unless, of course, the supplier adds a protective coating against corrosion. In this case, you don’t have to worry about corrosion so much.

Still, you should rinse the gripper with freshwater after using it. You will remove salt and any debris; thereby, increasing its life cycle. 

Stainless steel fish lip grippers

Now we are talking about premium fish lip grippers here. The bad part is that they are also the most expensive. But you get a handful of features that justify the price. 

For instance, stainless steel is sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and durable. But, it is heavier than the other two options we reviewed before. 

Most aluminum or stainless steel grippers have an EVA foam or plastic handle. Commonly, this is the section that wears out first. But there is nothing to worry about, provided that the mechanism still works. 

You can also find fish lip grippers with composite construction. 

Grip area 

It is essential to choose a fish lip gripper with an anti-slip handle. Otherwise, you are quite likely to lose the fish with grippers and all. 

We suggest buying a fish lip gripper with a rubber textured handle. These are durable and capable of withstanding the elements. Plus, the textured rubber allows you to have a tight and secure on both the lip gripper and the fish. 

Plastic fish lip grippers usually don’t come with a textured plastic grip rather than a rubber one. The layout is not as secure as the latter. Still, it is the next best option.

The Different Types of Grippers 

There are three different types of fish lip grippers: plastic, traditional T-style, and plastic grippers. Some are easier to handle than others. But all of them have the same purpose; hold the fish, so you don’t have to handle it with your bare hands. Let’s review some of the features and differences between them. 

Floating plastic grippers

As the name suggests, these are plastic grippers that float when you drop them in water. It is quite useful, especially if you are fishing from a small boat or kayak. Plus, they are very light. Thus, it is a perfect option for anglers on the go. 

However, they can’t handle massive fish. Plus, the claws can’t rotate. 

Floating plastic fish grippers operate like a locking prier. As a fact, some models look precisely like it. Thus, by pressing the handle, the claws will open, and you can secure the fish. 

Traditional T-style grippers

These are the most common grippers that you can find in the market, mainly made with either stainless steel or aluminum. They are remarkably durable and capable of handling massive fish. 

Because these are heavier than plastic grippers, traditional T-style grippers do sink in water. However, they have a piece of cord to wrap around your wrist. Therefore, if you happen to drop the tool, it will hang off your arm. 

Traditional T-style grippers have a plastic handle that you can pull with two fingers. By doing it, the claws will open, and you can put the grippers inside the fish’s mouth. 

Pistol grippers 

Pistol grippers are ergonomic. Plus, using them is quite simple. In the handle area, you will find a trigger. When engaged, the claws will open; and that’s all. 

Metal and plastic are the most common materials used in this type of fish lip gripper. And, as you might have suggested, the construction looks like a handgun. 

Extra Features

You should always look for a fish lip gripper with as many extra features as possible. Of course, this depends on the type of fish you are expecting to catch. For instance, if you are targeting small fish like walleye or sunfish, you can go with a basic plastic lip gripper. It will be ideal if it comes with a wrist lanyard.

Now, for more aggressive fishes, you should purchase a fish lip gripper with 360 degrees rotation claws. It will protect both you and the fish if it decides to spin. Static head grippers could rip the fish’s mouth or twist your wrist. Make sure that the gripper has a wrist lanyard as well. 

Another feature that is quite attractive for avid anglers is a mechanical or digital scale and measuring tape. With them, you can easily keep track of the weight of your catches. It adds a couple of bucks to the price. But as we said, it is a cool feature to have around, especially if you like to keep a fish log. 

Of all of them, the only must-have feature is a wrist lanyard. Then, in order of importance, you have the 360 degrees rotation claws and the scale and tape.  


Does Lipping Fish Hurt?

Naturally, holding the fish by the lip will do some harm to the fish. But not much more than hooking and then fighting the fish. 
The important thing here is not to hold the fish vertically by the lip. In other words, use the lip as the sole contact point. So, nothing will happen as long as you support the weight of the fish with your other hand.

Why do People Grab Fish by the Mouth?

Well, it is the only logical place to secure it. Fish don’t have legs or arms. So, the only other place to hold the fish is by the tail or the gills. The first is a slippery place, and the second could kill the fish.

Do Fish Lip Grippers Work?

It depends on the situation. If the fish is too small or too large, the lip gripper won’t cut it. But it is a great tool to have if you are fishing for bass or other species of similar size.

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