Best Drop Shot Fishing Rods in 2022

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Are you planning on doing some drop-shot fishing? If so, then you need to grab some thin lines, small hooks, sinkers, swivels, and your drop shot fishing rod, of course. Among all these pieces of tackle, fishing poles are arguably the most important. But it is not as easy walking to the local fishing shop and picking the first rod you see.

It will take you some time to narrow the search down to a couple of candidates. Thankfully for you, we’ve already made that shortlist. 

Here the KastKing Speed Demon drop shot spinning rod is king. It packs a lot of premium features such as a Fuji reel seat, Fuji line guides, carbon fiber blank, and rubber handles. 

But if you want something more affordable, then the Cadence CR5-30 would be the best bet. It is sensible and strong enough to handle any freshwater fish. But if none of them are available, then a Dobyns Rod Fury is another suitable option. 

Now, if any of these options is of your liking, then you should check the other seven rods we’ve to offer.

Let’s take a peek at them. 

10 Best Drop Shot Fishing Rods Reviewed

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Bass Fishing Rods, Spin-Drop...
  • 【Elite Carbon Blanks & Nano Resin Technology】...
  • 【Fuji Guides/Reel Seats 】 - Only the finest...
  • 【20 Technique Specific Actions & Lengths】 -...


  • Lengths: 6’10”
  • Power ratings: Medium-light
  • Action: Fast
  • Single piece pole
  • Carbon fiber blank
  • Rubber golf-style handles 
  • Fuji line guides with alconite rings
  • Fuji reel seat

The Speed Demon drop shot spinning rod is something else. It packs a lot of premium features but somehow managed to sell it at around 120 bucks. Let’s check it out.

There are several Seep Demon models available. But here, we will talk about the 6’10” fast action and medium-light power drop shot spinning rod. Why? Well, KastKing put a lot of effort into creating something tailor-made for this technique. 

With 4.15 ounces, the rod is remarkably light. The carbon resin nanotubes keep the weight down while increasing the overall strength by 30% compared with standard graphite. Thankfully, this doesn’t temper with sensibility, as the Speed Demon is like a highway for vibrations. Every movement travels from the line to the Fuji guides with Alconite rings, to the Fuji reel seat, and into your hand.

Like all KastKing rods, the Speed Demon comes with golf-like handles. While they are comfortable and offer a secure grip in any situation, we find them to be too short. You can’t move your hands in any way. 


  • Very light 
  • Remarkably sensitive 
  • Cast great
  • Great grips


  • Some units might come with misaligned guides 
  • It gets easily scratched
  • Small handles 

Cadence CR5-30 Drop Shot Spinning Rod

Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods | 30 Ton Carbon | Fuji...
  • What You Get From Cadence: Cadence fishing poles...
  • Ultra-High Quality 30-TON Carbon Fiber Blank: All...
  • Ultra-High Quality 30-TON Carbon Fiber Blank: All...


  • Lengths: 6′, 6’6”, and 7′
  • Power ratings: Light and medium-light
  • Action: Fast
  • 30-Ton graphite blank
  • Stainless steel guides with SiC rings 
  • Composite split handle
  • Fuji reel seat

Now a little something for those looking for affordable. The CR5-30 offers many lengths, action, and power combinations. But we recommend choosing the 6′, 6’6” or 7′ poles with light and medium-light power. Either model comes with a fast action rating. Cadence also offers breakable spinning rods for better transportation. 

The 30-Ton graphite blank is strong enough to handle bass and trout without breaking a sweat. Plus, since the rod has a fast action, the tip will bend easily, allowing you to react quicker. On the other hand, the stainless steel guides with SiC rings offer superb abrasion resistance. While they minimize friction, we notice that it wasn’t as good as with other rods. However, the CR5-30 retails for around 50 bucks, much cheaper than the other options. 

Having a Fuji reel seat at this price point is a welcome surprise. It helps to transmit vibrations from the rod to your hand. It is sturdy as well; no worries on this end either. 


  • The CR5-30 offers superb value for your money
  • Many options to choose from
  • Comfortable split composite handles
  • Very light 


  • Not as smooth as other rods 
  • There is some play where the sections meet 
  • The upper section is not as strong as the lower portion of the rod

Fenwick Eagle Spinning Fishing Rod

Fenwick Eagle Spinning
  • Features like B2 burled cork and stainless steel...
  • 2 piece graphite blanks sport responsive,...
  • Fenwicks Eagle 2-Piece Spinning Rod is...


  • Lengths: 5′, 5’6”, 6′, 6’6”, and 7′
  • Power ratings: Ultralight, light, medium, medium-light, and medium-heavy. 
  • Single and 2-piece models
  • 24-Ton carbon fiber blank
  • Cork handles
  • Stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts
  • Graphite reel seat

Starting today, we have the Fenwick Eagle. It is available in five different lengths across five power ratings. You can also choose between a single-piece pole or a 2-piece model. 

In our opinion, the 7-feet long, ultralight, light, and medium-light are the best options for drop shot fishing.  

As it couldn’t be any other way, the pole is graphite. The 24-Ton carbon shards mean that the rod has enough backbone to leverage almost any freshwater fish. Nevertheless, the rod is flexible and sensible enough to perform those finesse tactics. 

The stainless steel line guides with aluminum oxide inserts offer a buttery-smooth cast. Plus, they are exceptional for transferring vibrations from the line to the rod. 

Down the rod, we find the oversized cork handle. The two-color design looks pleasant to the eyes. And it is as comfortable as it looks. Our only complaint is that the 2-piece models need constant readjusting. Keep an eye on the last line guides, as they are prone to come off. 


  • Smooth casting
  • Highly sensitive
  • Many options to choose from
  • Comfortable oversized handles


  • The last line guides are prone to come off
  • 2-piece models need readjusting 

Dobyns Fury Drop Shot Spinning Rod

Dobyns Rods Fury Series 7’0” Spinning Fishing Rod |...
  • BUILT FOR: Dartheads, Dropshots, Shaky Heads,...
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Dobyns Rods are designed and...
  • PINPOINT ACCURACY: Constructed by anglers, this...


  • Lengths: 7′
  • Power ratings: Medium-light
  • Action: Fast
  • Graphite blank
  • Composite split handles
  • Fuji reel seat

Although it is not a famous brand, Dobyns managed to create a light, manageable, and long-lasting drop-shotting rod. Naturally, this also means that it is expensive. 

The high-modulus graphite is strong enough to handle 12-pounds fishing lines and up to 1/2 ounce lures. Nevertheless, the rod is highly sensitive. The line guides are key here. They are thin, which is ideal for transmitting vibrations. But not so much for durability. So, make sure not to hit them as you transport the rod.

The split composite handle is comfortable yet small. Still, it will easily accommodate your hands. Sadly, you won’t have enough room to move them. 

The Fuji reel seat is compatible with most drop shot spinning reels. Just beneath it, you find a handy hook keeper. Use it to keep your rod rigged while not in use. 

Although you only get one option: A 7-feet medium-light fast action spinning rod, it is the perfect combination for drop-shot fishing. So, no worries on this end. 


  • Sensitive rod
  • It comes with a hook keeper
  • Strong backbone


  • The handle could be larger 
  • It looks more like a light than a medium-light rod
  • Fragile tip

Lew’s Custom Lite HM85 Drop Shot Spinning Rod


  • Lengths: 6’10’; and 7′
  • Power ratings: Medium-light and medium
  • Action: Extra fast
  • Graphite blank
  • Titanium oxide rings 
  • Rubber handle
  • Skeletal reel seat

The Custom Lite is another suitable option for those willing to pay for it. It is not the cheapest drop shot fishing rod on this list, so you might well skip it if you don’t have the cash. 

HM85 stands for 85 million modulus graphite. According to Lew’s, the Custom Lite strikes the sweet spot between sensitivity and strength. While it is true for most small to medium-sized freshwater fish, we notice that it lacks the backbone to cope with anything bigger. 

On the other hand, the titanium oxide rings do a superb job with heat and friction reduction. Thus, protecting your line and reducing the chances of it snapping. Plus, it offers a smooth surface for the like to squeeze through; thereby, increasing casting distance. 

The handles are quite different from what we’ve seen until now. The rubberized grip offers a secure hold even when your hands are soaked wet. Plus, they are pleasantly comfortable. 

The Custom Lite is available in two lengths: 6’10” and 7′ with medium light and medium power ratings, respectively. Both are extra fast actions. Therefore, you are unlikely to miss those tiny nibbles. Besides, the low-profile reel seat has no edges, making it more comfortable and sensible. 


  • Lightweight
  • Titanium oxide inserts 
  • Comfortable and secure handles 
  • Strong blank


  • Not the best option for beginners 
  • Line guides are not as strong as the pole 

St. Croix Rods Premier Drop Shot Spinning Rod

St. Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod Classic Black Pearl,...
  • PREMIUM-GRADE CORK HANDLE: Comfortable handle...
  • MORE FEATURES: Kigan Master Hand 3D guides with...


  • Lengths: 6’6”, 7′, and 7’6”
  • Power ratings: Light, medium-light, and medium
  • Single and 2-piece models
  • SCII carbon blank
  • Cork handles
  • Aluminum oxide rings 
  • Fuji DPS reel seat 

St. Croix rods are known for their unparalleled sensitivity and strength. And the Premier spinning rod doesn’t disappoint. 

It is available in several power, lengths, and action combinations. We recommend either getting the 7′ medium-light fast action or the 6’6” light fast action rod, as these are the most suitable for drop shot fishing. Keep in mind that only the first option is available as a 2-piece fishing rod.

Apart from the length, power, and action, all models have the same construction: An SCII graphite pole, slim guides with aluminum-oxide rings, Fuji DPS reel seat, and premium cork handle. The resulting rod is strong, flexible, and fairly light. Nevertheless, we think that the reel seat needs a couple of tweaks, as you need to tighten it constantly. Otherwise, your reel will fall. The handle is another area of concern. Although it says premium cork, we find that it is somewhat cheap. Plus, the cork layer is not that thick. Thus, the rod becomes unbearable after some time. 


  • Kegan hook keeper
  • Buttery smooth inserts 
  • Sensible reel seat


  • The reel seat needs constant tightening
  • The cork handle peels off in time

Fenwick HMG Spinning Fishing Rod

Fenwick HMG Spinning Fishing Rod
  • AAA cork full grip handle
  • Sea-guide soft touch alien reel seat with positive...
  • Carbon bound blanks are spiraled with carbon...


  • Lengths: 6′, 6’6”, and 7′
  • Power ratings: Ultra-light, medium-light, medium, and medium-heavy
  • Single and 2-piece models
  • Graphite pole 
  • Cork handles
  • Fuji guides with alconite rings 

Another option and another Fenwick drop shot rod. This time, we will talk about the HMG spinning fishing pole. 

It has a similar construction to the latter. The graphite pole feels stronger than that of the Eagle model. The HMG is available in three different lengths: 6′, 6’6”, and 7′. All of them are suitable for drop-shot fishing. You can choose between ultra-light, medium light, medium, or medium heavy in terms of power. Any model comes with a fast tip, which is perfect for light lures and fishing lines.

The handle is cork also. This time, however, it is slimmer than on the Eagle model. So, the HMG might be a little more uncomfortable. 

The Fuji guides have a thick stainless steel frame and Alconite rings. Casting is what you would expect with this kind of hardware: Amazing. However, the link between the guides and the blank is somewhat weak. They come off with ease, especially when battling big fish. 


  • Smooth rings increase casting range
  • Oversized handles 
  • It comes with a hook keeper


  • The pole is not as sensible as others 
  • The line guides are prone to fall. 
  • Sits on the heavier side 

Ugly Stik GX2 Drop Shot Fishing Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod
  • UGLY STIK 7’ GX2 SPINNING ROD: The next-gen Ugly...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from graphite...


  • Lengths: 6′, 6’6”, and 7′
  • Power ratings: Ultralight and medium
  • 2 and 4-piece models 
  • Graphite and fiberglass composite construction 
  • EVA Foam handles 
  • Stainless steel guides 

It might not be the first option of anyone for drop-shot fishing. Still, it is the best option in terms of price. That’s why we recommend it, particularly for beginners looking to stay on budget. 

The graphite pole with fiberglass reinforcements helps to keep the price down while also increasing the overall strength. Sadly, this also affects sensibility, which is essential for drop shot fishing. Thankfully, they used their proprietary Clear Tip design, which allegedly is stronger and more sensible than regular tips.

The EVA foam grips are large and comfortable. It easily accommodates both hands but also gives you enough room to move them. They are also very durable. We notice no peeling after a couple of months. The only flaw here is that they are not that good when the rod is soaking wet.

The single-piece stainless steel guides eliminate insert pop-outs, which is better for beginners. But it reduces sensibility and casting range due to friction. 

There is a wide range of lengths available. But then again, we recommend sticking to the 6′, 6’6” or 7′ models. These are the only ones with either medium and ultralight power. You can also choose between 2 or 4-piece poles. 


  • Strong backbone
  • Easy to pack
  • Broad handles 


  • Not that sensitive 
  • The section doesn’t 

Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod

Abu Garcia 1430476 Veritas Spinning 1Piece Rod, 7' Length,...
  • 30 ton graphite for a lightweight balanced design
  • Sublayer armor with high strength fibers for...
  • UP locking ratcheting reel seat for a comfortable...


  • Lengths: 6’6”
  • Power ratings: Medium
  • Action: Fast
  • Single piece pole
  • 30-Ton graphite pole
  • EVA foam handles  
  • Titanium guides with zirconium rings 

Abu Garcia rods have always been great options for any fishing technique, including drop shot fishing. Let’s take a look at the Abu Garcia Veritas drop shot fishing rod.

It is a 6’6” 30-Ton graphite pole, with medium power and fast action. There are other options available. But we think that this is the best combination for drop shot fishing. The all-white exterior makes it stand from the rest. 

The titanium guides have zirconium inserts for better heat dissipation and friction reduction. Thus, yielding great casts every time. 

The handles look like those found on KastKing Rods. The closed-cell EVA foam is comfortable but doesn’t provide the grip of rubber. But a couple of extra dollars, you can get the WINN version. It packs rubber handles, which perform better when wet. 


  • Great action
  • The reel seat holds the reel tightly 
  • Easy to control 
  • Light 
  • Sensitive reel seat


  • The guides are smaller than the average 
  • Small handles 

KastKing Crixus Drop Shot Spinning Rods

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods, Spinning Rod 5ft 6in-Light - M...
  • 【KastFlex IM6 Graphite Blanks】 - Fish like a...
  • 【Golf Style SuperPolymer Handle 】– Crixus...
  • 【Stainless Steel Guides w/Zirconium Oxide...


  • Lengths: 6′, 6’6”, and 7′
  • Power ratings: Light, medium-light, and medium
  • Action: Moderate fast, fast 
  • 2-piece rods 
  • Rubber handles
  • Stainless steel guides with zirconium oxide

Last but not least, the Crixus spinning rod. It is another option for those looking for an affordable drop shot fishing rod without compromising quality too much. 

The Crixus has an IM6 graphite blank that keeps the weight down and sensible. Plus, the stainless steel guides with zirconium oxide inserts are durable, rust-resistant, and smooth. They reduce friction, which is ideal for braided fishing lines. Still, It is not anything near top-notch spinning rods. But hey. At this price point, you can’t complain. 

The golf-like handles are what you would expect from KastKing. The rubber is comfortable and offers a secure grip in every situation. Sadly, it is not large enough to move your hands while fishing. 

Regardless of the models you pick, all poles comprise 2 pieces. The good news is that they fit tightly into each other. But beware. the joints feel flimsier than they should. 


  • Sections fit tightly into each other 
  • Secure grips 
  • Good value for your money


  • Short handles 
  • Fragile tip 

Drop Shot Fishing Rods Buying Guide

You first need to learn the crucial aspects of drop shot fishing rods before choosing the right one for you. Here we will talk about rod power, action, material of construction, guides, and handles. In short, we will review every aspect of fishing rods so you can make the best decision. Let’s get started.

Spinning Rods or Casting Rods?

While both fishing rods get the job done, spinning rods are better for light tackle. Therefore, they are the rods that you should use for drop shot fishing. 

In contrast, casting rods are more suitable with heavier tackle. Thus, making them incompatible with this finesse technique. 

Thankfully, this narrows the search down a little. So, let’s talk about spinning rods features thoroughly. 

Drop Shot Action

Action determines which portion of the rod bends when it is under load. There are three standard ratings: Fast, moderate, and slow. Fast action rods bend near the tip. Conversely, moderate action rods bend along the upper half. Lastly, slow-action rods bend from the handle to the tip. Some brands offer in-between action levels such as moderate fast or extra fast. 

Some anglers understand action as to how quickly the rod gets back to its rested state. Fast action rods get back quicker than moderate action poles and so on. 

Fast action rods store a lot of power in the tip of the rod. Thus, they allow better hooksets and make them ideal for light tackle. That’s why you want them for drop shot fishing. 

Drop Shot Power Rating

Power is another crucial feature to look at. It refers to how much weight the rod can handle before bending. Like action, there are three standard power ratings: Light, medium, and heavy.

Light action rods bend with the slightest pressure. In contrast, medium action rods can hold more weight before flexing and so on. Again, as happens with action, some brands offer medium-light, medium-heavy, and extra heavy fishing rods. 

Medium-light drop shot rods are suitable for light tackle. They also hit the sweet spot between strength, sensibility, and flexibility. All desirable features in any drop shot fishing rods. 

Drop Shot Length

Pole lengths influence casting range and the amount of weight it can handle. Longer poles cast farther and can lift more weight. However, they are less maneuverable and accurate than shorter poles. 

Anything between 6’6” to 7’11” will do nicely for drop shot fishing. Go for a shorter fishing pole if you fish around streams and rivers mostly. In contrast, a larger one will be better for those fishing on lakes. 

Drop Shot Rod Material 

All fishing rods either have graphite, fiberglass, or composite core. Graphite makes lighter and more sensible rods. However, they handle less weight. Conversely, fiberglass poles are stiffer, and carry more weight. But they are fragile also. 

Some brands offer composite construction that gives the best of both worlds. 

Nevertheless, since having something light and sensible is preferred for drop shot fishing, most rods are made out of graphite. 

Rod Handle

Cork and EVA foam are the most common materials for handling construction. Some brands also offer WINN rubber grips. Each one has its pros and cons, as we will see shortly: 

  • Cork: Cork offers a secure surface to hold the rod in any situation. The pole won’t get slippery if the handle gets wet, something that will happen while you fish. Nevertheless, they aren’t as comfortable as EVA foam handles and tend to be less durable. 
  • EVA Foam: EVA offers a much more comfortable experience than cork while being more durable too. 
  • Rubber: Although fairly new, some brands like KastKing and Abu Garcia offer drop shot spinning rods with rubber handles. They are comfortable, durable, and offer superior grip in any condition. Sadly, this substantially increases the price. 

Line Guides

Line guides play a crucial role in any drop shot spinning rod. Stainless steel line guides are the most common among this type of rods. Some brands offer titanium hardware instead, which is sturdier but more expensive than stainless steel. 

To smooth things, some brands add zirconium, SIC, alconite, or ceramic rings. All of them reduce friction and heat buildup. Sadly, this also increases the price of the rod. 

What is Drop Shot Fishing?

Drop shot fishing is a finesse approach that uses light tackle. That’s why spinning rods are the best ones for drop shot fishing. 

The main difference between drop shot fishing and other finesse tactics is that the hook sits above the sinker. Therefore, it is less likely to get caught in the weeds. 

How to Tie a Drop Shot Rig?

Tying this finesse rig is very simple. You only need a thin line, hook, and sinker. It also pays to know how to tie a Palomar Knot.  

Now, all that is left is to tie a regular hook using the aforementioned knot. Keep at least 12 inches of tag end to fix the sinker, and you are ready to go. If you don’t know how to tie a Palomar Knot, then you need to get a drop shot fishing hook. The built-in swivel allows you to tie the hook and the leader at the other end. 

Read here for more information!

What is the Best Line for Drop Fishing?

Finesse fishing is all about presenting the lure as naturally as possible. Therefore, it is crucial to use thin lines that are barely visible in the water. Here, fluorocarbon is king. Sadly, it is expensive. So, you can use monofilament lines instead. 

What is The Best Drop Shot Fishing Rod?

The KastKing Speed Demon is the best drop shot rod on this list. Although, it is not the most affordable option. It isn’t the most expensive either. Plus, it packs features that you only see on much more high-priced rods. Therefore, it is a wise option for people looking to make a long-lasting investment. 

Its 6’10” durable carbon blank is sensible enough for you not to miss anything. Plus, the smooth guides yield long casts with almost no friction. In addition, the golf-style rubber handles provide a secure grip in any situation. In short, everything you need to start drop-shot fishing. The pole is of the right length to be maneuverable and allow you to cast far too. 

Click here to get yours now!

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