Best Fishing Rods for Crankbait

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Crankbaits is one of the most specialized methods of fishing, especially in freshwater. You use a hard-bodied lure and attempt to mimic natural motion in order to lead the fish to bite on the lure, it’s a fairly simple but continuous method of fishing.

Because of the continuous motion, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the rod blank’s construction, lighter materials are definitely the winners in this case. Rods made of graphite are probably the most commonly used, the increased sensitivity of these rods is also a great feature.

Something with a slower action is preferable while you’re using crankbaits as well. A slower action rod will bend farther down the blank when pressure is applied, and something in the range of a “moderate” rating is what you’re looking for.

The length of the rod is also a consideration, most people recommend rods that range from 6 ½’ to 8’ depending on where you’re fishing from. When fishing from shore it’s often a good idea to go for a longer rod since you’ll be able to cast farther and more accurately, but on a boat, space is more essential so try something on the lower end of the range for that purpose.

You’ll also want a great amount of sensitivity at the tip. There’s a distinctive motion that is present at the tip when you’re using the lure properly and, especially for the beginner, it’s vital that you be able to tell if you’re getting the proper motion out of your lure.

We’re here to take some of the guesswork out of selecting the proper rod for your angling experience. With any of these three, you can rest assured you’re in good hands, and we’ll be sure to tell you what each of them is best suited for.

St. Croix Premier Crankbait Rods

This rod made by the esteemed producer St. Croix is a simple one of the best around for crankbaits. It’s made of high-quality graphite as well, lending the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity that makes it ideal for crankbaits.

These rods are made for baitcasting reels, so keep that in mind when it comes time for reel selection. The rod has cork handles as well, guaranteeing comfort. The main problem that arises with cork is that it doesn’t age really well and is prone to cracking when it’s been around for a while, but with proper maintenance, it’s the preferred grip material of many anglers.

The line guides are high quality as well, being made of aluminum oxide which keeps the weight of the rod down. Paired with an ergonomic, light-weight reel you won’t have to worry about your arms and wrists getting tired only a few short hours into your trip.

The price tag might be a bit discouraging for those who are just getting started, but if you’re serious about this type of angling you should be aware that it offers incredible value for the price. This line of St. Croix rods is great for the angler of any experience level.

Okuma Scott Martin Concept TCS Casting Rods

These tournament quality rods are a bargain for the price, and sure to become one of your favored companions on your angling adventures.

They’re made of extremely high-quality graphite, the designer behind this product is big on sensitivity. The more you can feel, the more you’ll know, and the easier it will be to reel in fish. These super-sensitive rods can be a bit much for the amateur angler, though, not every twitch of the pole means that your fish is ready for the hook to be set.

This is another rod suited best for baitcasting reels. The reel seat itself is also made of high-quality graphite, even further reducing the wait to allow for a rod that you’ll be able to handle all day without fatigue ruining your fishing.

There is one drawback to this rod though, it’s seven feet long and is a single-piece design. This can make it something of a pain to transport depending on how you decide to get to your fishing destination.

Overall, though, this offering from Okuma is simply fantastic. The quality and engineering put into it are impressive, and it comes out as a superior rod even for the price. If you’re looking to invest in the best quality right from the start, take a closer look at this pole and see if you can fit it into your budget. You won’t be let down.

Quantum Fishing Kevin Vandam KVD Cranking Rod

Not every angler is willing, or able, to invest over a hundred dollars on a fantastic rod blank. This is the best option here for the angler on a budget. It comes in at under a hundred dollars but has high enough quality to get you into the water without cutting corners.

This rod is of an almost optimal length, coming in at seven feet and four inches. This adds a level of versatility to the pole, it’ll easily be able to be used both from the shore and from a boat.

Even better, this rod is super light despite not using quite as high-quality materials as the others on this list. The continuous action of an experienced crankbaiter can get tiring even for those who are used to the effort, and the lightness of the pole is a primary consideration.

One of the best things about today’s varied markets for fishing tackle is the knowledge that a great rod doesn’t always have to come with an astronomical price tag. This rod from Quantum Fishing can compete with rods twice its price quite easily, and if you’re just getting started it’s almost guaranteed to offer you a smooth experience.


The clear winner for the sheer quality of these rods is definitely the Okuma. It’s fantastically well engineered, light and durable. The initial investment is paltry compared to the quality and longevity you’ll receive from this pole.

The angler with more traditional tastes in aesthetic and feel will probably fall in love with the St. Croix Premier Crankbait rods. Which of these two suits you best is definitely a matter of personal opinion.

The Quantum Fishing cranking rod is best for the amateur or angler with a tight budget. It’s not quite as amazing as the other two, but the lower price makes it a great buy for the financially challenged.


One of these three rods is almost certain to meet your needs. We hope that we’ve helped you come to an informed decision on what you’re looking for. With these three rods, you simply won’t be able to go wrong, and if you pair one with the right reel you’ll find that your fishing has just graduated to a whole new level.

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