Best Canoe and Kayak Magazines to Follow in 2023

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Boating life doesn’t end as you take your craft from the water. It follows you back home as you patiently wait for the next adventure. Avid boaters typically use this time to maintain their gear, learn new skills, perform DIY modifications to their craft, or plan their next trip. This is especially true for those who also practice the fishing art. 

But, where can you learn new skills? Well, there are several ways. The internet, for instance, is the fastest method to find anything. Paper magazines take a close second place. For some, it remains the preferred method still. 

Luckily for you all, we’ve come to please both worlds. In today’s piece, we will talk about canoe and kayak magazines, both electronic and in paperback. That’s why we’ve pulled 10 of the best canoe and kayak magazines available. 

After a lot of reading, reviewing, and interviewing, we’ve concluded that Paddle World is the best Canoe and Kayak magazine. It is the most expensive option too. But it covers both kayaking and canoeing, as well as customization. It also has a dedicated section for kayak anglers. 

Now, if kayak and fishing are your two favorite words, then Kayak Angler is the best option. But, for those who love boating alone, then On The Water magazine is your best bet. 

Let’s check out the rest of the options.

Best Canoe and Kayak Magazine: Paddle World

Price (US dollars): 

  • From 34.99 per year

Paddle World and Kayak Session are like sister magazines. Each somewhat follows the same structure. The main difference is that Paddle World talks about kayaking and canoeing, while the latter only about kayaking. 

Paddle world also has a dedicated section about kayak fishing. They cover craft reviews, guides on how to customize your kayak, and fishing destinations. Most of them are videos that you can access for free from their website. Naturally, there will be some sections that you won’t be able to read unless you pay the subscription

In terms of subscription, Paddle World retails and offers the same benefits as Kayak Session. So it has the same problem with selling the printed version outside the US. 


  • It covers both kayaking and canoeing
  • It has a dedicated section for kayak anglers
  • DIY videos on how to customize your craft 


  • Expensive
  • The printed version is not available outside the US

Best Kayak Magazine for Anglers: Kayak Angler Magazine

Price (US dollars): 

  • 1 year: $19.95
  • 2 years: $36.95

As the name suggests, this is a kayak fishing magazine. It also talks about fishing from rafts and paddleboards. Sadly, Kayak Angler leaves canoe, thereby canoe fishing, outside the scope of the magazine. But hey! Not everything could be so perfect.

Nevertheless, Kayak Angler covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from Gear and Tackle and Tactics and Skills to fishing hotspots. The DIY section offers lots of customization guides and how-to pieces. Again, you can access some of the content online for free. 

If you like the magazine, you can purchase one of their two subscription plans. The price changes depending on your location. For example, the one-year plan retails around 20 bucks in the US or Canada. It is 40 bucks elsewhere. You get in exchange four printed issues, unrestricted digital access for web, iOS, and Android. 


  • Some of the content is available for free
  • The subscription offers a printed version and unrestricted digital access
  • Lots of fishing-specific pieces


  • A little pricey outside the US and Canada 
  • It doesn’t cover canoes 

Best Boating Magazine: On The Water

Price (US dollars): 

  • $19 per year

On The Water offers everything regarding the water, ranging from fishing reports and cooking to salt and freshwater angling. It also has a section where you can learn how to make your own fish-specific lures, making it a great deal for DIY anglers. But the Boating section is the one thing that we liked the most about On The Water magazine. 

In that section, you will find kayak and canoes buyers guides and reviews. But On The Water goes a step beyond. It also reviews bigger boats like yachts. Therefore, it is an ideal magazine for those who love boating life. 

On The Water also offers fishing reports around the US. The information will be of little use if you live outside the US. But hey! At least the cooking section is universal!


  • Boating comprehensive magazine
  • You get real-time fishing reports 
  • Lots of how-to guides 


  • US-only fishing report
  • Limited access for free users 

Men’s Journal

Price (US dollars): 

  • Printed: $30 per year
  • Digital: $9.95 per year

Although it is not a kayak/canoe-only magazine, Men’s Journal dedicates an entire section to this niche. There you can find gear reviews, kayak or canoe destinations, guides, destinations, and many things more. For example, there are a lot of fishing-specific articles like kayak fishing and canoes reviews

However, the core of the Canoe and Kayak section is about stories. You can find pieces about how to paddle on a specific river or which are the most dangerous waters to navigate. 

Men’s Journal comes with several other sections that include grooming, tech, adventure, and food. So, it might not be the best option for those looking for a kayak/canoe-only magazine. 

You can either get a printed version or one for the kindle for slightly less money. First, you’ll need to provide shipping information, select your preferred version, and update your payment information.


  • It is more than a canoe or kayak organize 
  • Fairly cheap 
  • Reputable 


  • Automatic renewal
  • There are not many gear reviews about kayak or canoe extras 

Kayak Session Magazine

Price (US dollars): 

  • From $34.99 per year

Made specifically for whitewater enthusiasts, the Kayak Session magazine has a comprehensive selection of guides, reviews, how-to articles, interviews, kayaking destinations, and more. 

Although it specializes in whitewater kayaking, Kayak Session magazine features fishing and recreational articles as well. The pieces might not dive too deep, but something is better than nothing. 

Kayak Session either comes as a printed or electronic version. You get the second free if you purchase the first. Naturally, the printed version is much more expensive. In fact, Kayak Session is among the most expensive magazines on this list. But the nail in the coffin is that it doesn’t ship outside the States unless you use some sort of freight forwarder company, of course. 


  • It comes with lots of articles about kayaks 
  • You get the digital version free with the printed edition
  • Lots of gear reviews


  • Expensive
  • Printed version is not available outside the US

Paddling Magazine

Price (US dollars): 

  • 1 year: $19.95
  • 2 years: $36.95
  • 3 years: $51.95

Focused on water crafts, Paddling Magazine talks about kayaks, canoes, and even paddleboards! As you would expect, it covers everything in and around paddling sports.

For example, they offer several pieces on DIY projects to customize your kayak or canoe. We particularly love this section. There is also one that’s tailor-made for beginners. They can learn all the useful techniques to master the paddling art. They also offer safety and rescue tips, as well as food and drink planning for trips. Some of the content is available for free. We’ve embedded the links for you to enjoy. 

Naturally, if you want unrestricted access to all the features, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee. There are several plans, ranging from one to three years. They offer discounts if you subscribe for more than one year. Price substantially increases if you want the printed version outside of Canada or the US.


  • Some content is available for free
  • It covers many paddle-specific niches 
  • Cheaper than other options 


  • Not enough fishing-specific pieces 
  • The Price heavily increases outside Canada and the States 


Price (US dollars): 

  • Starting at $25 per year

Paddling is fairly new in the market. However, it has everything you need and more. It covers everything from kayaks to canoes and paddleboards. It even has a section for fishing kayaks alone. Paddling magazine covers pretty much everything here. 

Paddling also offers information about kayak and canoe fishing destinations. Plus, there is also a dedicated section for beginners where they can learn everything regarding canoes or kayaks, such as gear, techniques and safety tips, and camping and survival. All the content is available for free. You can purchase a subscription if you want to enjoy discounts on their apparel. 

Paddling is available as an electronic magazine only. You will be better off elsewhere if you prefer the old-school method. 


  • All the content is available for free
  • They cover all major paddling sports 


  • Subscriptions only get you some discounts on apparel 

Canoe and Kayak UK Magazine

Price (Sterling pounds): 

  • $4 per issue

The main drawback of Canoe and Kayak is that it mostly talks about kayaking and canoeing within the UK. Therefore, people outside won’t unlock the full potential of the magazine. 

Still, Canoe and Kayak UK offer much more than just destinations. Inside its pages, you will find beginner’s guides, articles about sea kayaking, how to train for whitewater, and the best gear for touring with a kayak. In the reviews section, you will find information about gear, kayak models, paddles, accessories, and many more. Thankfully, most of the content is available for free. In short, Canoe and Kayak UK offer plenty of insights into the niche. However, we missed a section for anglers. 

Nevertheless, you can purchase the magazines for 4 sterling pounds apiece. Naturally, the price will increase for those who live outside the UK.


  • It covers all types of kayak
  • Kayak and cone-related guides 
  • Gear reviews 


  • There is no information about subscriptions
  • It only has UK destinations 


Price (US dollars): 

  • $9 per year

At first glance, In-Fisherman has nothing to do with kayaks or canoes. However, upon deeper inspection, you will find several canoe and kayak-related pieces. Naturally, most of them, if not all, are about fishing. Therefore, it might not be the best option for those who aren’t into fishing. 

Nevertheless, things are different if you are an angler. For example, you can check all the gear reviews, how-to guides, best tackle for fishing, and similar pieces. In-Fisherman has plenty of articles on how to fish for panfish or catfish from a kayak as well. You can also find beginner’s guides and kayak reviews, which anyone can enjoy. 

You can enjoy most of the content on the In-Fisherman website. But you can upgrade for 10 bucks a year. This way, you will earn access to all the content both digitally and on paper. 


  • Cheap
  • Ideal for kayak anglers 
  • Plenty of gear reviews, destinations, and guides 


  • Fishing-specific magazine 
  • It doesn’t ship outside the US
  • The magazine focuses more on kayaks than canoes


Price (US dollars): 

  • 11 per year

As In-Fisherman, Fly-Fisherman is a fishing-specific magazine. In this case, it is even more specific than the latter because it mostly talks about fly-fishing. 

However, just as In-Fisherman, Fly-Fisherman magazine offers plenty of kayak-related content. There you can find kayak reviews, how-to guides, and how to customize your kayak for fishing. Sadly, those who prefer a canoe are better elsewhere. 

 The good news is that most of the content is available for free. If you like what you see, you can always upgrade to a printed version for around 11 bucks. This way, you will get access to all sections and articles of the Fly-Fisherman magazine. 


  • It shows fishing destinations from around the globe 
  • Plenty of articles about kayak fishing
  • Fishing gear reviews


  • Tailor-made for fly fishing anglers 
  • Not that affordable for what you get

Best Canoe and Kayaking Magazine: Continue Paddling From the Comfort Of Your Couch 

After reviewing each magazine, we’ve noticed that Paddle World offers everything any paddler might need. You will find craft reviews, DIY guides on how to rig it, canoeing and kayaking apparel, as well as accessories. It also covers a wide range of activities ranging from sea kayaking to touring and whitewater. There is also a dedicated section for kayak anglers. Therefore, it is suitable for a broader audience. The downside is that it doesn’t dive too deep into anything. Plus, it is also quite expensive. 

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