10 Best Bass Fishing Rods In 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Bass is a good spice to fish year-round. Thus, it is not a surprise that many people spend a great deal of money gathering the right tackle to catch them. Naturally, a rod is one of such pieces of gear. You can find many options. But getting the best fishing rod or bass takes some doing. 

Don’t worry, though. We’ve taken the time to browse the market to find some of the best rods for bass fishing. Let’s begin: 

Our Reviews Of 10 Best Bass Rods

Entsport E Series Camo Legend 2-Piece Casting Rod

Entsport E Series - Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod...
  • Unique and Professional Design - It comes with 2...
  • 24 Ton Carbon Fiber - Light weight with tremendous...
  • Extreme Exposure Reel Seat - Enhanced reel seat...


  • 7-Feet pole
  • Casting rod
  • 24-ton carbon fiber construction 
  • Hook keeper
  • Two interchangeable tips 
  • 7 line guides 
  • EVA foam handles 
  • 2-Piece rod

Superb performance does not always mean expensive. The Entsport E series proves this fact with this Camo legend 2-piece casting rod. 

It has a full 24-ton carbon fiber construction. The 7-Feet breakable design favors portability. Plus, it comes with two tips. Each one has a different power; medium and medium-heavy. Use the first when fishing on waters with some cover or no cover at all. The second tip is more suitable for heavier lures and waters with more cover. Thus, it is like having two fishing rods instead of one. 

The rod has seven line guides with ceramic inlets, which means friction-free casts all the time. It also helps to dissipate heat when the rod is working under heavy load. 

The high-density EVA foam makes the split handle comfortable and provides a good grip on the rod. In between them, you have the graphite reel seat. Plus, it has a stainless steel hook keeper above the handle. 

The Entsport E Series Camo Legend 2-Piece casting rod has a strong overall construction, which is more than enough for bass fishing. It is a great starting point for beginners, especially those looking for a bass fishing rod under 50 dollars.  


  • 2 rods in one 
  • Smooth casting
  • Comfortable EVA foam handles 
  • Corrosion-resistant construction 


  • The upper section is not as sturdy as the bottom. Thus, it is prone to break 

St. Croix Mojo Bass Graphite Spinning Rod

St. Croix Rods Mojo Bass Spinning Rod
  • FEATURES: Slim-profile ferrules; Kigan Master Hand...


  • Graphite construction 
  • Three actions: Moderate, fast, and extra fast
  • Three power levels: Medium, medium-light, and medium-heavy
  • Cork handles 
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Aluminum-oxide line guides 
  • Spinning and casting versions 
  • Six different lengths: From 6’8” to 9’6”

Any angler who has been fishing for a couple of years has heard about this brand. St. Croix produces some of the best fishing rods in the market. Thus, it is not a surprise to find one candidate to take the trophy of the best fishing rod for bass. 

The Mojo series come in both spinning and casting versions. Both of them have the same overall built. Thus, you can choose whichever you feel comfortable with. 

As expected, the St. Croix Mojo Bass fishing rod features a single piece of high-modulus carbon fiber construction. The graphite keeps the rod strong yet light. You can choose from six different lengths ranging from 6’8” to 9’6”. Naturally, the longer poles are more suitable for longer casting. Their IPC technology makes the pole bend evenly, reducing stress and increasing strength. 

The St.Croix Mojo comes at three power levels ranging from medium-light to medium-heavy. Plus, you can choose between three actions: Moderate, fast, and extra-fast 

The rod comes with corrosion-resistant aluminum-oxide line guides. They make a superb job at reducing friction; thereby, increasing casting distance. Going down, we find the hooded Fuji reel seat and the cork handles. 

In short, this is one of the best fishing rods for bass. However, it has one major drawback: Its price. Depending on the specific model, you can end up paying up to 150 dollars for a single rod. Thus, this might not be the best option for beginners or anglers with a tight budget. 


  • Many different options to choose from
  • Durable and reliable rod
  • Beautiful design
  • Great sensitivity


  • Expensive rod
  • The cork handles are prone to peel off

Abu Garcia Veritas LTD Spinning Fishing Rod

Abu Garcia VTSS63-5 Veritas Spinning Fishing Reel
  • 30 ton graphite for a lightweight balanced design
  • Sublayer armor with high strength fibers for...
  • UP locking ratcheting reel seat for a comfortable...


  • Graphite construction 
  • Three actions: Moderate, fast, and extra fast
  • Three power levels: Medium, medium-light, and medium-heavy
  • Eva foam handles 
  • Graphite reel seat
  • Titanium alloy line guides 
  • Spinning and casting versions 
  • Six different lengths: From 6’3” to 9’6”

Abu Garcia has extensive experience in the fishing rod industry. They produce poles of proven quality. The only problem is that they are not as affordable as other brands. 

The Veritas LTD spinning rod has a full graphite blank. Surprisingly, it is white instead of black, which is the common color among carbon fiber rods. It comes at five different lengths, starting at 6’3”. Plus, you can choose between single or 2-piece poles, three actions, and three different power levels. So, you can be sure that you will find the right spinning rod for you. 

The black EVA foam handles are rather small. Still, they are comfortable and provide a firm grip. You can firmly hold the rod thanks to the ergonomic graphite reel seat. A couple of inches above it, you will find a stainless steel hook keeper. Use it to keep the rod always ready to cast. 

The Abu Garcia Veritas LTD comes with titanium alloy line guides. Their impressive friction reduction abilities are ideal for long casts. 

It is not as expensive as the last option. However, it might still be outside the reach of beginners and anglers looking for a bass fishing rod under 100 dollars. 


  • Great sensitivity 
  • Smooth casting 
  • Wide variety of options to choose from 
  • Lightweight 


  • Slightly expensive 
  • The tip is rather fragile 

Enigma Fishing IPPON Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rod

Enigma Fishing IPPON Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing...
  • TEN MODELS - This non-collapsible 1-piece rod...
  • JAPANESE TORAY GRAPHITE - Proprietary 30/40 Ton...
  • ALPS GUIDES – Titanium coated frames with...


  • 30/40-ton graphite blank with 50-ton carbon fiber reinforcements 
  • Casting rod
  • Fast action
  • Five power levels: Light to medium-heavy
  • Titanium with zirconium coating line guides 
  • Graphite reel seat
  • Five different lengths: 6’6’’ to 7’6”
  • Golf-like textured handles 

The Enigma IPPOM Tournament series does not look like your average casting rod. It has a unique yet beautiful design. The black and white construction makes it stand out from the rest. 

But not this bass fishing rod is more than just looks. It has a 30 and 40-ton graphite construction with 50-ton carbon fiber reinforcements. The rod yields exceptional sensitivity and durability. You will be able to set those hooks with enough power, and the rod won’t even blink. 

The titanium with zirconium coating line guides favor long cast by reducing friction between the line and the ring. The golf-like handle is remarkably comfortable and adapts well to your hand. The textured exterior allows you to hold it firmly, even when wet. 

The Enigma IPPON bass casting rod is available in six different lengths ranging from 6’6” to 7’6”. Plus, you can choose between five powers starting at light power up to medium-heavy. All of them come with the same fast action, though. 

This is an ideal option for those looking for a bass fishing rod under 150 dollars. It packs quality features, and you will be getting a lifetime warranty with your purchase. 


  • Great casting distance 
  • Lightweight and sensitive 
  • Durable blank 
  • Great looks 


  • Since all the version have the same price, the sorter poles seem a little expensive
  • The bag only protects the rod from scratches 

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rods

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Bass Fishing Rods, Cast-Spinner...
  • 【Elite Carbon Blanks & Nano Resin Technology】...
  • 【Fuji Guides/Reel Seats 】 - Only the finest...
  • 【20 Technique Specific Actions & Lengths】 -...


  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Casting and spinning models
  • Three action configurations: Moderate, fast, and moderate fast
  • Five power levels: medium-light to extra-heavy
  • Fuji line guides with Alconite rings 
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Eight different lengths: 6’10” up to 8’0”
  • Golf-like rubber textured handles 
  • Hook keeper

Only a handful of companies are able to deliver quality products at an affordable price. KastKing is one of such companies. They are continuously making some of the best fishing gear you can find. Naturally, they would have a candidate to take the best bass fishing rod trophy: The Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series. 

It features a strong multi-layer carbon fiber blank. The nano resin technology increases both flexibility and sensitivity while keeping the pole light. Kastking offers this amazing fishing rod in both casting and spinning models.

The KastKing Speed Demon bass fishing rod is available in eight different lengths, starting at 6’10” up to 8’0”. You can also choose from three action configurations: Moderate, fast, and moderate fast. Plus, five power configurations ranging from medium to extra-heavy. However, an extra-heavy rod for bass fishing is not the best bet. 

Like most KastKing fishing rods, the Speed Demon comes with their classic golf-like WINN grips. They feel comfortable and allow superb control for better hook sets. 

The Fuji line guides with Alconite rigs yield superior casting distance. They reduce friction; thereby, reducing the likelihood of snaps. Like the line guides, the rod also features a Fuji hooded reel seat. 

The KastKing Speed Demon bass fishing rod is a great alternative for those anglers looking for a fishing rod for bass under 120 dollars. 


  • Variety of models 
  • Great value for your money 
  • Smooth casting
  • Comfortable handle 


  • The tip guide is not as strong as the others 
  • Some people might find it unappealing 

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik 7’ Elite Spinning Rod, Two Piece...
  • UGLY STIK 7’ ELITE SPINNING ROD: 35% more...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from graphite...


  • Carbon fiber construction with fiberglass reinforcements
  • Spinning rod
  • Fast action
  • Four power levels: Ultra-light to medium-heavy 
  • Stainless steel line guides and reel seat
  • Five different lengths: 4’6” to 7′
  • Oversized cork handles 

Now something for the budget-conscious angler. The Ugly Stik Elite is among the best bass fishing rods under 50 bucks that you can find in the market. It has 35% more graphite than the Ugly Stik GX2, increasing both flexibility and sensitivity. 

But that is not all. The Ugly Stik keeps the classic clear-tip design with fiberglass reinforcement. This composite construction makes the tip less likely to break under load. The stainless steel line guides are not the best in terms of casting and friction reduction. But they are durable, at least.

You can choose between five different lengths ranging from 4’6” to 7′. The rod is available as both 1-piece and 2-piece models for better portability. Plus, the Ugly Stik Elite is available with four power configurations: Ultralight, medium-light, medium, and medium-heavy. All these options come with the same fast action. 

The oversized cork handle is ideal for long fishing sessions. It keeps the rod comfortable and ensures that it won’t slip. 

As you can see, the Ugly Stik doesn’t have an impressive construction. But it works. In the end, this is the only thing that matters. However, seasoned anglers might miss some high-end features such as smoother line guides, hook keeper, and better reel seat. However, you will hardly find anything better at this price point.


  • Affordable, perfect for beginners 
  • Big and comfortable handle
  • Great for topwater lures 


  • Not suitable for large bass or waters with heavy cover
  • Not as flexible as other graphite spinning rods 
  • Poor casting

Cadence CR7B Baitcasting Fishing Rods:

Cadence CR7B Baitcasting Rods Fast Action Fishing Rods Super...
  • 【Amazing Quality Graphite Blank】: All CR7B...
  • 【Ergonomic Design】: Fuji reel seat and premium...
  • 【Smooth Power】: Stainless steel guides with...


  • 40-ton carbon fiber blank
  • Casting rod
  • Three actions: Moderate, fast, and extra-fast
  • Three power levels: Medium to heavy
  • Stainless steel line guides with SiC inlets
  • Fuji Reel seat
  • Five different lengths: 6’10” to 7’6”
  • Eva foam handles 

CR series is Cadence’s line of bass fishing rods. This time, we are talking about one of the newer releases, the Cadence CR7B.

It features a three-layer, 40-ton carbon fiber construction, which makes the rod sensible, light, and powerful. Plus, as it has stainless steel with SiC rings, the rod is able to transmit even the slightest of bites. A feature that makes this rod perfect for beginners and seasoned anglers alike. 

The Cadence CR7B comes in five different lengths, from 6’10” to 7’6”. Three power levels: Medium, medium-heavy, and heavy. And three action configurations: Moderate, fast, and extra-fast.

Going down to the butt section you have an EVA foam handle. It looks like the ones found on KastKing rods. But without the rubber or textures. Yet, it is comfortable and provides a secure grip. 

The reel sits on the CR7B premium Fuji seat. It has a perfect-fir design that transmits all vibrations to your hand, something truly useful for bass fishing. 

The Cadence CR7B is slightly more expensive than the Ugly Stik that we reviewed earlier. But the SiC inlets, Fuji reel seats, and EVA foam handles are nice additions. 


  • Friendly price tag
  • Decent sensitivity 
  • Available in different power/length/action combinations 
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for long casting
  • Handles could be more comfortable 

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod

Piscifun Torrent Baitcaster Rod Portable One Piece Casting...
  • 【Feature Material】The Piscifun Torrent...
  • 【Sensitive】The Tip is design for extra...
  • 【Lightweight】The lightweight design feels...


  • 30-ton multi-layer carbon fiber blank
  • Casting rod
  • Two actions: Moderate-fast and fast
  • Three power levels: Medium to heavy
  • Titanium oxide line guides
  • Graphite Reel seat
  • Six different lengths: 6’8” to 7’6”
  • Eva foam handles 
  • Hook Keeper

Are you looking for an entry-level baitcasting fishing rod for bass? If so, make sure to check the Piscifun Torrent. It is a solid choice that comes at a friendly price. 

It has a multi-layer IM6 carbon fiber construction, which, according to Piscifun, increases rod sensitivity. Plus, the shards have a tensile strength of 30 tonnes, plenty of power for bass fishing. The Torrent Baitcasting bass fishing rod is available in six different lengths, starting at 6’8” up to 7’6”.

Fast and moderate fast are the only action configurations available. On the other hand, you may choose between medium, medium-heavy, or heavy power. 

The rod comes with titanium oxide guides. The inlets are smooth enough to decrease friction; thereby, increasing casting distance. You get between 8 to 10 line guides depending on the pole length. They are more than enough to ensure an even weight distribution, making the line less likely to snap.

Going down, we find the high strength graphite reel seat. Below, you have the split EVA foam handles. It seems like they lack enough cushioning. Hence, your hands might hurt after long fishing sessions. 


  • Great for beginners 
  • Smooth line guides 
  • Affordable 


  • Uncomfortable handles
  • Line guides are quite fragile 
  • The first guide should be closer to the reel to prevent the line from coiling 

Okuma Tournament Concept TCS Lightweight Carbon Bass Rods

Okuma Tournament Concept TCS Lightweight Carbon Bass Rods-...
  • Product Type: Fishing Equipment
  • Package Dimensions: 2.54 L x 2.54 W x 219.71 H...
  • Country of Origin: China


  • 30-ton multi-layer carbon fiber blank
  • Casting rod
  • Two actions: Moderate-fast and fast
  • Five power levels: Medium-light to extra-heavy
  • Fuji line guides
  • Graphite Reel seat
  • Six different lengths: 6’9” to 7’11”
  • EVA foam and cork composite handles 
  • Hook Keeper

This might not be the best option for those anglers looking for a budget-friendly bass fishing rod. The Okuma Tournament Concept has such a price tag that only people planning on fishing a lot should pay. Still, you get what you are paying for, a premium bass baitcasting rod. 

Like most, if not all, bass fishing rods, the Okuma Tournament Concept has a 30-ton graphite blank. The moderate-fast or fast action options make this rod extremely sensitive. Thus, it bends as soon as the fish bites the lure. Yet, the pole is remarkably strong and capable of delivering the necessary strength to set the hook. 

There are five power levels for the Okuma Tournament Concept, ranging from medium-light to extra-heavy. Plus, you can choose between six unique lengths: From 6’9” to 7’11”. 

The rod features EVA foam and cork split handles. On the other hand, the graphite reel seat has two designs. The first, model A, is the classic trigger reel seat. In contrast, model B doesn’t have a trigger to place your finger. 

The Fuji K-Concept line guides are ideal for friction reduction when using a braid fishing line. Plus, up to 12 line guides are responsible for preventing wind knots while casting or retrieving the line. 


  • Lightweight
  • Superior sensitivity 
  • Wide variety of options to choose from 
  • Sturdy construction 


  • Expensive 
  • Line guides are smaller than average, which might temper with casting 

Falcon Rods Bucoo SR Bass Baitcasting Rod

Falcon Rods BuCoo BRC-5-172 Swim Jig Medium-Heavy Casting...
  • Item Package Dimensions: 3.8 L X 3.8 W X 221 H...
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Weight: 0.136 kgs


  • Graphite blank
  • Baitcasting rod
  • Two actions: Moderate-fast and fast
  • Four power levels: Medium to extra-heavy
  • Fuji line guides and reel seat
  • Eight different lengths: 6’6” to 7’5”
  • EVA foam handles
  • Hook Keeper

Closing this guide, we have the Falcon Bucco baitcasting rod for bass. It might not be the most famous brand around. But the Bucco SR makes a strong candidate for those anglers looking for a mid-range bass fishing rod without breaking the bank. 

It packs decent features for the price. For example, it has Fuji line guides and reel seats. Both are durable and strong. Plus, the lines guides do a decent job keeping the line straight as you cast. The blank, on the other hand, has a flexible graphite construction. It might not be as sensible as high-end bass fishing rods. But it is more than ok for the price. 

You can choose between eight different lengths, ranging from 6’6” to 7’5”. Four power options: Medium, medium-heavy, heavy, and extra-heavy, with either moderate-fast or fast actions.  

The oversized EVA foam handle makes the rod comfortable even after prolonged fishing sessions. Lastly, just above the reel seat, you have a handy hook keeper, a classic feature in this price range. 


  • Large handle area 
  • Good value for your money
  • Strong carbon fiber spine


  • Not as sensitive as other rods in the same price range
  • Power levels fall short. For example, heavy power feels as if you were using a moderate power rod, and so on 

Our Winners

Because we know that choosing one rod is quite hard, even after reading this guide, we will give you our opinion of which is the best fishing rod for bass. 

Best Fishing Rod for Bass: KastKing Speed Demon Tournament Series 

Only on a few rare occasions, you can go wrong when choosing a product from Kastking. Fortunately, this is not one of such times. 

Any of the Speed Demon versions retails for about 110 dollars. We know. It is not a friendly price tag for some. But it is packed with great features that you only find on other, more expensive models. For instance, the rod is very sensible and is available on a wide range of power/action/length combinations. Plus, you choose between spinning and casting rods! Thus, if you are a beginner looking for an all-round spinning rod for bass fishing, this is your best bet. 

It gives you a hook keeper, durable graphite construction, Fuji line guides with Alconite rings, Fuji reel seat, and a comfortable sleek handle. Features that you only find on the Okuma Tournament Concept, Enigma Ippon,. Abu Garcia Veritas, and St. Croix Mojo. But at a higher price.

Best Bass Fishing Rod for Beginners: Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

If you are just taking your first steps in the angling world, you are most likely looking for something good, cheap, and easy to use. And let us tell you that the Ugly Stik Elite is the answer from above. 

It has a light carbon fiber construction, oversized handles, which are perfect for the uninitiated. Plus, since it is a spinning rod, bird nests are less likely to happen. Casting is not as sleek as other rods. The stainless steel line guides are not as smooth as the one found on more expensive models. Still, it is a great rod to start your journey. 

Best Bass Fishing Rod Selection Guide: Everything You Should Know

The market is thriving with options of different sizes, power, actions, styles, and materials. But what does it take for a rod to be the best fishing rod for bass? It depends on your needs and your budget, of course. For instance, there are many reliable options for those willing to pay top dollar for a bass fishing rod. But things get complicated when the budget is tight. Don’t worry. We are here to help you. Here you have some things that you should consider before making your purchase. 

Casting or Spinning? 

You might have noticed that most bass fishing rods are either casting or spinning rods. But, which one is the best for bass? Which are the differences between them? Let’s see.

Casting Rods for Bass

Also known as baitcasting fishing rod, these are the prime choice of pro anglers. First, it favors casting distance, hence the name. Also, you can use heavier lures and thicker lines with it, making this rod perfect for fishing on heavily-covered waters. Furthermore, many fishing techniques and lures for bass fishing are only suitable if you use a casting rod. Plus, the reel allows for faster line retrieval. 

In terms of construction, Casting reels and line guides go on top of the casting rod. Thus, when the rod bends, both the reel and the line stay on top of the curve. 

Spinning Rods for Bass

Spinning rods are easier to cast with. There are fewer chances of bird nests. Thus, it is an ideal choice for novice anglers. In this case, the reel, as well as the line guides, go beneath the rod. Hence, when it bends, both of them stay inside the bend. 

Spinning rods are more suitable for light lures and thin lines. Plus, if you are using live bait, using one of these is your best bet. However, we don’t recommend using them on waters with many weeds. 

Bass Fishing Rods Materials 

Fishing rods have either graphite, fiberglass, or composite construction. Carbon fiber fishing rods are more flexible, sensible, and lighter than fiberglass is. But it is not as strong. 

However, you don’t need too much power for this application. That is why most, if not all, bass fishing rods available have a graphite blank. Plus, you won’t get tired after long fishing sessions, and you will have a better feeling of what is underneath the water. Thus, there is no reason to purchase a fiberglass rod for bass fishing. 

Rod Action for Bass Fishing

The action is a measure of the rod’s stiffness. There are three standard action levels: Fast, moderate, and slow. 

Still, you can also find moderate-fast or extra-fast action fishing rods. So, what is the difference between actions? As we said before, this measures the rod stiffness. Fast action rods typically bend around the tip as soon as you apply pressure. Conversely, a moderate action bed around the middle, and it takes more tension to do so. Thus, they are stiffer than fast action fishing rods, and so on.

The advantage of fast action rods is that they have the fastest response of all actions. Therefore, you will be able to set the hook with greater strength and faster than with a moderate or slow action rod. For bass fishing, we recommend using moderate-to-fast action rods. Anything below moderate is close to useless. 

Make sure to check our article to know more about rod actions!

Rod Power for Bass Fishing

Anglers often confuse power and action. We now know that the action is a measure of the rod’s stiffness. But what about power? 

The rod power measures the strength of the fishing pole. Several brands offer the same rod over a wide range of powers ranging from light to extra-heavy. Naturally, the rod power increases from light to heavy. 

Anything from medium to heavy is more than enough for bass fishing. With it, you will cover all bass fishing lures and most fishing styles. Again, if you wish to know more about fishing rod power, we invite you to check this article of ours. 

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